Also, check out my Transcripts section

MichelleZebian e-mailed me that Michelle was an answer on Wheel of Fortune on March 21, 2003! Michelle was just the subject of the "Who is it?" category. The puzzle's answer was "She Just Won Her Seventh US Figure Skating Championship." Of course the answer is Michelle! Michelle Kwan! The woman who solved the puzzle didn't know the answer. She said she doesn't watch skating! This is the second time Michelle has been part of a puzzle on Wheel of Fortune. (Thanks MichelleZebian!)

Patty e-mailed me about a series PBS is airing later this month about Chinese American history, called Becoming American: The Chinese Experience. Following each episode is Becoming America: Personal Journeys, with Bill Moyers interviewing notable Chinese Americans. In my search, I haven't found Michelle listed to be on either of these shows, but you never know. It's possible she could be mentioned, or even interviewed. The show airs for 3 days, from Tuesday 3/25 to Thursday 3/27, but be sure to check your local PBS station for broadcast information. It was later reported that one of the shows did briefly mention Michelle.
Several people e-mailed me (and posted on the MK Forum) about a Michelle mention on Wed, March 12. On the ABC show, All American Girl, they compared what the finalists had to celebrities, and the second thing they said was "the beauty and athleticism of Michelle Kwan." When they said this, they showed a picture of Michelle waving on the podium at Nationals this year. (Thanks to everyone who e-mailed me about this!)
Michelle was mentioned on the WB show, Everwood. mkmagic posted this tidbit on the MK Forum, and corncake posted exactly what was said:

Ephram comes finds Amy sitting on a bench in front of the skating pond with her skates on. He asks her what she's doing, and she says something like, "just thinking.. sitting.." and Ephram says, "Imagining you're Michelle Kwan?" And (I think) Amy replies with, "How'd you guess?" Ephram then replies w/ something like, "Just had a feeling"...

The show is repeated on Sunday night at 6pm on WB. The Michelle mention is during the last 10-15 minutes of the show. (Thanks mkmagic and corncake!)

Hope you caught the interview with Michelle on Good Morning America on Monday, January 20! She looked great, of course! She almost said whether she was going to compete at the Grand Prix Final or not, but then Robin Roberts, the interviewer, cut her off (argh!) Other than that, it was a nice interview. Check out my transcript of the interview! I also made a few screencaptures, though they aren't great:

Check out amethystbatgirl's screencaptures from the interview (these screencaptures are much better than mine!)

Some non-Nationals news, but fun stuff nonetheless! I was watching VH1's top 20 Video Countdown while I was updating this site, and heard them say they were doing the show from the New York Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum. I wasn't really paying attention (was listening, but not watching), but that made me lift my head up. I turned it on about half way in, so I figured if they showed Michelle's statue, I missed it. So, after they showed the #1 video, they pan the camera, showing Michelle's statue! Cool, huh!? And how appropriate, it was shown after the #1 video! The countdown also airs Sunday, Jan. 19 8a-10a and Tuesday, Jan. 21 9a-11a, on VH1 (obviously!) It also airs Thursday, Jan. 23 2p-4p, but that may be next week's countdown (not sure.) The Michelle statue is shown about a minute or so before the end of the broadcast. As I mentioned, it may also be shown earlier during the show.
A fun Michelle mention. Last night (December 1, 2002), I saw a commercial for our local cable company (Comcast), advertising their cable modem service. They were browsing different sites, to show how fast they pop up. Then they showed a streaming video clip, and I saw it was a man skating (I think it was Brian Boitano)...and then it was Michelle! They showed a small clip of her skating and bowing during Mulan from the COI tour.
Michelle was a question on Jeopardy for the sixth time on Thursday, November 14, 2002! The category was "Famous Asian Americans." The clue was "This ice princess always wears a gold dragon good luck charm." A contestant gave the right answer, which was, of course, Michelle. (Thanks taf2002!)
I hope you caught Michelle on the Today show show on Wednesday, November 13, 2002. Since it was raining, she wasn't able to skate. But, this way, the interview did last longer! Michelle basically confirmed that she will be at Nationals! Check out my transcript of the interview! Finally, check out amethystbatgirl's screencaptures from the interview.

Several members of the MK Forum were at the taping of the Today show. Read graciesfriend's post on the MK Forum for more details! Then, check out liv2tell's pictures from the taping!

Don't forget that Michelle will have another appearance in New York on Thursday, November 14 for Disney: The Times Square Toys "R" Us tree lighting.

Jarrett posted on the MK Forum that Michelle was an answer choice on the show, Friend or Foe in October 2002. This is the second time that Michelle was an answer choice on this show. Here is what Jarrett posted on the forum: (Thanks Jarrett!)

Michelle included on a Friend or Foe question. This is a game show on the game show network. The question was, which is a known figure skating move:

A. Hamill Camel
B. Flemming Lemming
C. Kwan Swan
D. Harding Hammer [:lol]

The correct answer is of course A and none of the three teams go it right. Two of the teams picked Flemming Lemming and one pick Harding Hammer. [:lol] I wonder what a kwan swan would look like?

Michelle was mentioned on 20/20 on Friday, September 20, 2002. Heather (Kwanfan22) e-mailed me the following: (Thanks Kwanfan22!) I was watching 20/20 tonight, and there was a feature on kids who were perfectionists. At the very beginning of the intro, while talking about perfection, they showed a clip of about the last 10 seconds of Michelle's spectacular performance of Scheherazade at Nationals! It was awesome!! I started screaming "Look, its Michelle" and had the rest of my family not known of my admiration for her, they would have thought I was nuts!! It was great to see that the public's opinion of her is still what we think- Perfect!! Thought you may want to add this to your seen and heard recently about michelle!!
On the show Screensavers on TechTV on September 9, 2002 they interviewed Al Michaels and Melissa Stark at the ABC's Primetime Preview Weekend, which Michelle also attended. At the end of the piece, the host said "be sure to go to our website to see a bonus clip of Olympic figure skater Michelle Kwan." Check out the following part of their site: Bit Chat: Al Michaels, Melissa Stark, and Michelle Kwan. Under the title it says, "Two 'Monday Night Football' sportscasters and an Olympic-medal winner talk with Martin about the Internet, instantaneous stats, and sports tech." Check out the windows media video of Michelle chatting about visiting her fansites and interacting with fans. She even mentions the MK Forum! She didn't mention my site (oh well, LOL!), but on techtv's site, they do link to my site!
There was a 5 minute piece about Eva Cassidy on the Today show on Monday, September 2. Towards the beginning of the piece, they said, "...all of this is remarkable because Eva Cassidy, whose music Michelle Kwan skated to in the Olympics, was in her own lifetime a virtual unknown." After saying the part about Michelle, they showed a brief clip of Michelle skating to Fields of Gold at the Olympic gala. A very nice surprise.
On the 2002 Miss Teen USA pageant, which aired Wednesday August 28, 2002 they asked the contestants which female athlete they admire the most...and 58% of them said Michelle!! Venus Williams was ranked 2. Thanks to everyone on MKF for this information!
Hope you caught Michelle on the Teen Choice Awards! Her category was awarded in the first half hour of the show. When they announced the nominees, they showed this picture of Michelle. When her name was announced, she hugged the girl sitting next to her (I think she was a incredibly lucky girl, LOL!), and walked onto the stage, slapping hands with the fans near the stage on the way. Here is Michelle's acceptance speech: Thank you! This is awesome! This is the first time I've been able to wear a bathing suit, I've been in the ice rink for the past 4 months. This is so awesome. Thank you Seventeen. Thank you for everybody who voted!

She was shown a total of 5 times. Along with when she won the award, she was also shown arriving (during the part where they announce who will appear on the show), sitting in her seat early in the show (she waved and winked towards the camera), sitting in her seat later in the show (I missed this one, apparently she was shown talking to the girl next to her), and backstage after getting her award. When she was shown backstage, she said, "This is awesome, you know, to be in this kind of atmosphere. The energy...I wanted to get up and dance and boogie." She then was dancing around.

If you missed it, check out Moyesii's real video clip of Michelle accepting her award and later backstage. The clip is about 4MB and is hosted on Cruella De Kwan's site. (Thanks Moyesii and Cruella De Kwan!)

CaraMora posted the following on the MK Forum on Thursday, August 15, 2002.(Thanks CaraMora!):

Michelle on the TV Guide Channel. They showed Michelle at the Teen Choice Awards backstage talking about how she wasn't going to get out of the car because she saw that nobody else was wearing beach wear it was cute. It was in the Hollywood insider section and I believe they air that once an hour so everyone might be able to catch it again.

Michelle has been shown on Sportscenter recently. On August 25 at 11pm, ESPN will air the 25,000th episode of Sportscenter. On this show, they will air the top 5 Sportscenter commercials. On the 25k Sportscenter site, they list the top 25 Sportscenter commercials, and Michelle's is not one of them. However, when they advertise this segment each day on Sportscenter, they show a piece of Michelle's Sportscenter commercial. I first saw this when I was away, and was excited!

Also, when I was in Las Vegas, I was around the ESPN Sports Zone one day. Outside their store, they have a TV that shows SportsCenter ads on a loop, and I just missed the Michelle one (I caught the very end.)

Michelle was shown on the Today show on July 19, 2002. Sunnyskate posted the following on the MK Forum (Thanks Sunnyskate!):

The set designer from the Today show, Carol Lee Carroll, is retiring and today was her last day. Today showed some clips of her more unique designs and the set that looked kinda like ice when Michelle was interviewed was one of them

The interview that was show in the piece is from February 8, 2001, the one year countdown to the Olympics. Check out a transcript of the interview, and Diane's screencaptures of the interview, where you can see the set in question.

On July 9, 2002, Michelle and Elvis Stojko were the KRON 4 Morning News, the local news for the Bay Area in California. Check out a video clip of the interview!
Michelle was on ESPN show, "Mohr Sports" on Tuesday, July 2. At least, I think she was. I got an e-mail from that at the very end of the show, the following was said, "I'm Michelle Kwan and I love Mohr Sports." The show will be repeated on ESPN2 on Friday, July 5 from 11:30pm-midnight and again on Monday, July 8 from 2:30am-3am. Michelle was on at the very end (I think the e-mail said about 2 minutes before the end of the show.) I guess we'll see Friday!

OK, so I watched the replay on Friday. I didn't see Michelle? Maybe it was cut out, or I missed it, or it was a mistake in the first place? Guess we'll never know...oh well.

Michelle was mentioned on another game show on June 23, 2002! This time it was "Friend or Foe," a new game show on the Game Show Network. Making a long story short, there's a question, and then 4 possible answers they show on the screen. I wasn't really paying attention, but I popped up my head because I heard the skating part, and then I saw Michelle's name, so I didn't catch the whole question. The question was something along the lines of "a boxing match between Tonya Harding's Olympic rival and [missed this part] would result in what?" The first answer was Kwan vs Clinton. The answer was Kerrigan vs Clinton.
SusanaDalia posted the following MK Forum: (Thanks SusanaDalia!) Michelle was mentioned today [June 9, 2002] on MTV's "Dismissed" by a figure skater from Cal-State Longbeach student "Nicole". She mentioned on her date that she is a figure skater and when the rival girl on the date asked her if she skated with Michelle Kwan, Nicole answered "yes I have before", and the other girl sounded like she wished she could do that too. She answered by saying "oooh that's fun!" Just thought I would mention how loved "OUR MICHELLE" is to the world.
Michelle was a question on Jeopardy for the fifth time on Tuesday, May 21, 2002! The clue was "This event took place from Feb 9-22 of 1998. TV Guide had Michelle Kwan on its cover to cover this event. The answer was "Winter Olympics." (Thanks kay83 and Sorento123!)
I finally have the transcript up for the Bud Greenspan Presents: Michelle Kwan special, which aired in early February on ESPN and ESPN Classic. Check it out! Huge thanks to the following MKF posters who typed up part of the transcript (so I didn't have to type up an hour's worth of transcript, LOL!): Deedee (segment 2), Rose Mary (segment 3), torialynne (segment 4 and 5), Izzy (segment 6), and Paul (segment 7).
Michelle was an answer on the Thursday, April 4, 2002 edition of the syndicated daily 30 minute version of "The Weakest Link." Miss Shell posted on the MK Forum that the last question asked was "Which U.S. ladies figure skater won the 2000 World Championships?" The contestant answered Nancy Kerrigan, and when time was up he said, "No, Michelle Kwan." (Thanks Miss Shell!)
torialynne posted on the MK Forum that on March 29, prior to the one of the Women's Final Four basketball games on ESPN, the commentators said, "we have some extraordinary women to tell us just how important this night is." And then they showed an introduction to the women's final four with several female athletes talking about "Who I Am." Michelle was one of these athletes, in fact, she was the only non basketball player in the clip. Each person said one line. Michelle said something to the effect of how "competing is who I am." (Thanks torialynne!)
Michelle was on MTV's Total Request Live on February 21, 2002, which was the afternoon of the day of the Olympic ladies long program. Chance typed up a transcript of the interview. Check it out! (Thanks Chance!)
Michelle was mentioned on Saturday Night Live on March 16, 2002. On the Weekend News Update part of the show, they had a skit talking about the Tonya Harding/Paula Jones boxing match, and they asked each one of them if they would do it again. And "Tonya" said, that she'd take on Amy Fisher, that one, this one, Michelle Kwan, the Bush Twins, she'd take them all out. There's some other names she mentioned that I forget, but I heard the Michelle part! No other skaters were mentioned.
Michelle will be interviewed on Dateline this Sunday, March 3. Check my TV schedule for more info.

A small portion of the interview was shown on Friday, March 1, on both the Today show, and on MSNBC's News With Brian Williams. They showed Michelle talking about being a legend, saying it matters more if her skating touches people rather than the medals. The full interview should be great! The News With Brian Williams touted the interview as the first prime time interview with Michelle since the Olympics.

If you missed Michelle on Dateline Sunday night, check out my transcript of the show. Also, Grace made 7 screencaptures of the interview. They are linked in my transcript.

I also posted my transcript of the Dateline preview from the Today show with aired on March 1. Check it out!

Michelle is going to be on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Thursday, Feb. 28, 2002. When announcing that she would be on, Jay said "Thursday, Chris Tucker and bronze medalist figure skater Michelle Kwan. [audience cheers and applause] I'm glad she's coming in. I thought she was so classy, she was favored to win, she made a little mistake, but she was so gracious. I thought, what a true champion. [audience cheers]"

I'm so glad she's going to be on Jay Leno's show. She's been on his show 3 previous times. One of my favorite interviews is when she was on his show just after the 1998 Olympics, where she said, "I didn't lose the gold, I won the silver." You can refresh your memory of that interview by checking out a transcript of the 2/26/98 Jay Leno show.

I hope you caught the great interview Jay Leno had with Michelle on Feb. 28 on the Tonight Show! If you missed it, check out my transcript of the show. I also made 16 screencaptures with my digital camera, which are linked in my transcript. She looked great, wearing a long, black dress. I absolutely love what Jay said about, and to, Michelle. About what a great champion and person she is, how classy she is, etc. My mom said that he said everything that should have been said in the media in this past week, but the only people who have been saying those things is us, the fans. So it was great to hear the media saying what we all mom is so right!

The big news from the interview is that Michelle is going to Worlds! She left the idea open about whether she will go for 2006 or not. She said she wants to finish school, too. I think she may take it a year at a time, but that's just my opinion. Very glad she's going to Worlds!

There seemed to be a lot of Michelle fans in the audience, and several from the MK Forum were there!

Moyesii put up a real video of the interview. It's 20MB. Check it out!

On Jay Leno on Feb. 13, 2002, Ross the intern talked about Michelle. It was hysterical...he was in the international broadcast area of the Olympics, saying he wanted to be a broadcaster. So, he finally gets to the NBC place, and the broadcast guy was asking what he wanted to cover (the Super Bowl? No. Nascar? No.) And then he said "Would you like to meet Michelle Kwan?" To which he started screaming (I thought she was going to come out, LOL, but I know she's kind of busy.) He was saying how he just LOVES her, that she's beautiful, that he is a complete Kwan-atic. And towards the end of the piece, when he's supposed to be filling in for Bob Costas as the Olympic host, he says how he's the host, and kind of throws it to commercial (or something to that effect), and then starts in saying "Michelle, if you are watching, call me. I love you. I'm here." And then at the very end when Jay is talking to him live, just before he goes to commercial, he waves and says "I love you Michelle."
Michelle Kwan will be on CNN's People in the News the weekend of Feb. 16-18. Check out my TV schedule for complete details. Michelle was on People on the News in August, so this is probably just a repeat of that broadcast, with possibly some new info added in at the end. Check out a transcript of the interview if you missed it originally (Thanks kwanette!)
If you missed Michelle on the Today show on Thursday, Feb. 7, check out my transcript of the interview.
On the syndicated show Extra, they are going to talk about Michelle, Sasha, and Sarah on the Wednesday, Feb. 6 edition. In the ad for the show, they showed each skater separately, and they say something along the lines of, "why watching this triple threat will be worth your attention." Then they show all 3, with Michelle in the middle (from the opening of '98 COI.)

You can see when the show will be on in your area from the show's website. They don't list the skaters on their site, but hopefully they won't change their mind! Extra (like Access Hollywood) is in SLC for the Olympics, so maybe they'll have more skating on in the next few weeks.

On the show, they talked with a writer from Time magazine. She said Michelle is the favorite, and the fan favorite since she's so loved.

The Access Hollywood and TV Guide channel spots on Michelle on Monday were both very short. The Access Hollywood seemed like it was taken from the TV Guide channel piece (I don't have that station, so I can't say for sure.) Mostly, they showed her for the TV Guide photo shoot wearing the outfit she has on in this picture from the magazine. It seems to have taken place before Nationals, because she said it's great to be going to two Olympics "knock on wood," and then she knocked on her head. They also showed the cover of TV Guide, and said it's on newstands now.

BTW, Access Hollywood is in SLC for the Olympics, so maybe they will have more skating on the show in the coming weeks.

For the TV Guide channel piece, Lucy25 posted the following on the MK Forum: (Thanks Lucy25!)

TV Guide Channel Piece on Michelle

There was a two minute piece on Michelle. They showed older video clips of her skating while asking Michelle what it was going to be like at this Olympics. She also talked about her TV Guide cover. She said it is an honor to be on the cover. There was nothing new, but it was good to see. My only complaint was that the lady doing the piece says that Michelle has 5 National titles.

Michelle will be on the on the TV Guide Channel on Monday, Feb 4 at 8, 9, and 10pm EST. The station's website has a video of an interview with Michelle. It was not the same as what they showed on TV though. Check it out!
More Michelle on TV! She will be on Access Hollywood. Jenn e-mailed me the following info (Thanks Jenn!):

In addition to MK's appearance on the Today Show, she will also be on Access Hollywood (syndicated, on NBC in NYC) on Mon. Feb. 4. They are doing a piece about her TV Guide cover shoot and the skating Barbie. By the way, the TV Guide with her on the cover is supposed to hit stands on Monday.
Michelle was on the Today show on February 7, 2002. When I was at Nationals, there was a film crew from the Today show sitting next to us during a practice. I asked what it was for, and she said the Today show would be doing small features about the Olympic skaters in the weeks leading up to the games, but she didn't know when. She also said that the features would be small, except there will be a full interview with Michelle. She said that shortly after Nationals, Katie Couric would be flying to LA to interview Michelle, and that it would be shown days after that. In the January 24, 2002 edition of USA Today, it mentions that Katie Couric was specifically in LA to interview Michelle, and was then asked to stay for the Golden Globes, not the other way around as I originally thought might have been the case. When I read that today, I found that pretty interesting. Here's what the article said:

Couric, co-chair with architect Richard Meier, had expected to be back from L.A. after interviewing skater Michelle Kwan. But NBC asked her to stay to cover Sunday's Golden Globes. Check out my transcript of the Today show interview.
There were two specials about Michelle airing on ESPN and ESPN Classic in February 2002. The first was Bud Greenspan Presents: Michelle Kwan, which was one hour. Check out my transcript of the show, with help from some wonderful MKF posters.

The second was Sportscentury: Michelle Kwan, which was 30 minutes. Hopefully at some point in the future, I can have a transcript of this special as well.

Michelle was mentioned on the Today show on Thursday, January 3. PKY posted the following on the MK Forum (Thanks PKY!):

Michelle mention on TODAY

Matt and Ann were talking about steven the fashion critic guru on TODAY. They are going to talk about the necklace Michelle wears. They mentioned how she has never taken it off since she was 10.

they said how it's very "in" and trendy to wear a charm, like michelle's. they said it was given to michelle by her grandma when she was 10 and she has never taken it off. Then steven said that that was the secret to all her success. they showed michelle in the off white "Black Swan" costume on the podium at Nationals

Michelle was a question on Jeopardy for the fourth time on December 25, 2001 (it was the "Kids Jeopardy" edition)! The category was Legends in the Game. The clue, for $400, was Katarina Witt, Michelle Kwan. The contestant answered correctly, "What is figure skating?" (Thanks IceSpiral!)
I heard bits and pieces about this before (and I've seen the ads for other athletes, including Timothy Goebel), but liezl-mae e-mailed me the following (Thanks liezl-mae!):

I don't know if you've heard this news before but there was a commercial segment between Will & Grace last Thursday (12/13) that had a Chevrolet Ad with Michelle Kwan in it. It was a short bio sketch.

They showed a few clips. The first clips was of Michelle in her Lyra Angelica outfit doing a layback spin at the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano. The second clip was the very beginning of the program, when she starts. The third clip was Michelle on the medal podium waving with Tara Lipinski next to her. The fourth clip was of Michelle at this year's Hershey Kisses Figure Skating Challenge first doing a scratch spin then landing a jump. The last clip is Michelle turning around to pose in a mirror and smiling. Here is what the narrator says:

"Chevrolet presents Olympic Pride honest values and enduring quality. Favorite to win gold in Nagano, 17-year old Michelle Kwan was edged for the title by teammate Tara Lipinski. But Michelle has persevered. Now a four-time world champion and part-time college student, she is determined to claim that elusive gold at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City."

Shallah posted on the MK Forum that Michelle will be in one of the IOC's "Celebrate Humanity" ads, titled "Opponent". They show Michelle doing a jump during Lyra Angelica at the Olympics. Check it out. Also, read an AP article that discusses the idea behind the ads.(Thanks Shallah!)
twizzle posted on the MK Forum about another ad with Michelle. (Thanks twizzle!):

Did anyone see the Today show this morning? Al Roker was interviewing a woman on the bobsled team. The team is in a commerical for the olympics and they showed the commercial. MK was seen skating to Lyra, and the bobsled team said figure skating was too slow, then they made a comment about hockey and speed skating. Anyway, the jist of the commercial was that the bobsled women are the fastest women on ice. However, they did show MK for about 5 seconds. If I recall correctly, they showed her doing a jump and a spin, either from the 98 nats or olympics.
Michelle will be on an episode of the children's show Arthur. For more information, check out this article.

The day her episode will be shown is known. buster posted on the MK Forum that in the September 2001 edition of GBH magazine, it says: "The tradition of celebrity guest stars continues: on Monday, 11/19, Olympic Medal-winning figure skater Michelle Kwan skates into "The Good Sport" and winds up teaching Francine about sportsmanship." Be sure to tune in November 19 on PBS to see Michelle on the show! (Thanks buster!)

Check out a picture of the picture of the animated Michelle with Arthur!

I hope that you caught Michelle on Arthur on November 19. I thought the episode was adorable! Check out THIZfiyaVIETgrl's summary from the MK Forum. (Thanks THIZfiyaVIETgrl!)

A few commercials with Michelle. On Wednesday, October 31, NBC showed a commercial they have shown several times before, this time to commemorate the fact that there are 100 days to the start of the Olympics. Remember when it was 4 years away, and now it's just 100

Also, on Monday, October 29, my mom briefly caught a Chevy ad during Jay Leno on NBC. By the time I ran in the room, they were just showing the Chevy symbol at the end. According to my mom, the ad was something about how Michelle was so close in Nagano, getting the silver just behind Tara, and showed them (clip of Michelle doing layback in Lyra), and said how she will be trying this time to get the gold. And then they show Michelle with shoulder length hair talking (some Chevy function?) Hopefully it will be shown again. If anyone else has seen it, and can give more info, please let me know!

Michelle was mentioned on two game shows on Monday, September 10, 2001. On Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, the $4000 question was "Which of the following four athletes was not an Olympic gymnast?" The choices were Michelle, Olga, Kerri Strugg, and Mary Lou Retton. It was the sports superstar edition of the show, and Carl Lewis was the contestant. When the question came up, he said something like "oh, I definitely know this one!!" He was very confident of his answer.

Also, MISS Q posted on the MK Forum the following (Thanks Miss Q!):

A contestant in Weakest Links answers Michelle Kwan. The questions was Who was the first Asian American to win an olympic gold medal in figure skating? The contestant answered: Michelle Kwan lol Of course Anne Robinson said it was Kristi Yamaguchi
Michelle will be appearing on CNN's People in the News this Saturday, August 4, 2001 at 11:30am, and repeated Sunday, August 5 at 8:30pm. The show's site now has lots of fun stuff on Michelle including:

Also, CNN, TBS, another Turner stations are showing an ad for the show. A voice over says "Second place wasn't good enough, so she's back, and America expects her to win gold. Michelle Kwan is on People in the News."

Check out CNN's transcript of Michelle's People in the News segment.

lindsay e-mailed me another Michelle mention which I forgot to post this earlier. Earlier this month, probably when the site for the 2008 Olympics were announced, NBC was giving an update on this year's Olympics, and they said how tickets to see Michelle Kwan during the ladies figure finals went for over $10,000 on ebay. They showed this picture of Michelle from Nationals.
Michelle was shown at the Sixers/Lakers game on Friday, June 8, 2001. She was shown dancing around in the crowd late in the 4th quarter, wearing the same jeans jacket she wore when she attended a game earlier in the playoffs. Her hair looked cute. They had her on the screen a long time, and she was pretty much the only celeb they showed in the crowd. They showed her just after they had shown an ad for the Olympics featuring the bobsled, and the announcer said "Well, Michelle Kwan will not be involved in the bobsled competition. But certainly a favorite in figure skating. Very much into it here at the Staples Center."
Sunday afternoon (May 28, 2001) on NBC featured a lot of Michelle during the NBA playoff game between the Lakers and the Spurs. During the broadcast, two commercials featuring Michelle were shown, her AIM ad, and the NBC spot they have broadcast several times advertising the start of the Olympics. Also, when they were showing the different celebrities that were at the game, Michelle was shown in attendance. She was also shown at a Laker game last year during the finals. She was announced during the broadcast as "World Champion figure skater Michelle Kwan." Hopefully she will be at some games during the finals so that they can show her, but I will refrain from using my bias to say who I hope her team faces...
Michelle was part of a question on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire! One of the fast finger questions on Wednesday, May 23, 2001 show was to put in order the ages of the following athletes, starting with the oldest. The athletes were Mark McGwire, Andre Agassi, George Foreman, and Michelle Kwan.
On Saturday, April 14, NBC showed a commercial to commemorate that it was 300 days to the start of the Olympics. They showed a clip of Michelle skating to Lyra Angelica at the Olympics in this commercial. They showed this same commercial on February 8, to commemorate that it was one year to the day for the start of the Olympics.
I had posted that Michelle would be on the Today show on Friday, April 13. However, for some reason they must have changed at the last minute, and Michelle was instead on Thursday, April 12. I missed Michelle on the Today show again! I'm so sorry to everyone else that missed it. Every where it was listed as being Friday, even in my local paper today. LOL, I should have asked her when I saw her on COI. michellesmom postsed on the MK Forum a short description of Michelle's skating during the show: (Thanks michellesmom!) She skated EOE, but without jumps (the rink was teeny, and it had just rained). She was beautiful in a red (actually it was sort of burgundyish maroonish) sleeveless cowlneck (that's a turtleneck with a big floppy collar for you guys) with her necklace on the outside of her collar, LOL and black pants. Check out michellesmom's transcript of the Today show from April 12! (Thanks michellesmom!)
Mary e-mailed me this this press release, about ABC's "Wide World of Sports 40th Anniversary Special", which will air Sunday, April 29. The press release says the following: (Thanks Mary!) The special will look back on the many outstanding athletes, personalities and events that have been chronicled during "Wide World's" 40 years, from the legendary Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Nadia Comaneci and Evel Knievel to present-day legends Tiger Woods, Michelle Kwan and Lance Armstrong. The show will also chronicle the "constant variety of sport," which includes unusual and unique events that appeared on "Wide World" such as barrel jumping, cliff diving, demolition derby, wrist wrestling and lumberjack competitions, to name a few.
MISS Q posted the following on the MK Forum that Michelle and Elvis were on CNN Live on Monday morning, April 2: (Thanks Miss Q!) Michelle and Elvis were interviewd live on CNN. They asked them about the Olympics. Mk said her competitors were Maria, Sarah and Irina. Elvis is excited about competing in the Olympics in North America. Michelle had jeans on with a pretty light blue blouse. I watched towards the ending of the interview. I was switching channels. Just to let you all know about another MK sighting. They stopped in Orlando again for the CNN interview.
Michelle was on the Today show on NBC on Wednesday, March 28. Unfortunately, I only taped on Monday, so I missed it. I'm hoping to get a tape of the interview soon, and then I can make a transcript in the future. She was interviewed in Orlando Florida, where she was rehearsing for COI.
On Monday, A&E showed a Biography on Vera Wang, and Michelle was featured several times. At the very beginning of the show, they said that Vera is wanted by celebrities, and also figure skaters. At this point, they showed a still picture of Nancy Kerrigan at the Olympics, and this picture of Michelle at Nationals this year. Then, about 10 minutes before the show ended, they spoke about things Vera is doing now, which is when they spoke more about Michelle. Here's what they said:

Voice Over:
And skating once again looked to Vera for inspiration. In 2001, she began designing for Michelle Kwan as she prepares for the Olympics.

Vera Wang:
I feel very proud to be dressing Michelle. She is as great a person as she is a champion. And she is an incredible role model for all...all women.

During the above, the following was shown: A picture of Michelle at practice during the Olympics with Frank, a sketch of the Song of the Black Swan dress used at Nationals, the actual first Song of the Black Swan dress (which was black, as seen here), and finally, the same picture they showed at the beginning of the show.

Emily e-mailed me about a show that features Michelle! It has already aired twice, but there will be another airing on February 22 at 1am and on Saturday, February 24 at 1pm on the Discovery channel. For more information, check my TV schedule. Here's what Emily wrote about the show: (Thanks Emily!)

I thought you might be interested to know, if you haven't already heard, that the show "Wax Museum" on The Discovery Channel features Michelle. The program is about Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum, its history, and the method used to create the wax statues. A significant part of the program is devoted to the entire process of creating the statue of Michelle - from the 3 hour sitting where all the measurements were taken, to the creation of the clay model, all the way through to the public unveiling at HealthSouth in LA (including Michelle's private first reaction to the statue, as well as her Mom's). It was very interesting, especially to fans of Michelle.
On Thursday, February 8, NBC showed a commercial thoughout the night to commemorate that it was one year to the day for the start of the Olympics. They showed a clip of Michelle skating to Lyra Angelica at the Olympics in this commercial.
If you missed Michelle on the Today show Thursday, February 8, be sure to read my transcript, and check out Karen's screen captures of the interview.
I hope you were able to see the Michelle interview on The Olympic Show February 3! It was a nice interview, and Michelle looked great. She had on a brown leather sleeveless dress. If you missed the interview, check out Liz's transcript of the interview.
MoonKitty posted the following on the MK Forum about Michelle being on the TV Guide Channel: (Thanks MoonKitty!)

Wow, I just saw Michelle on the T.V. Guide Channel promoting her new special, Princess on Ice. They showed her doing a routine with Katarina Witt and Dorothy Hamill. She was soo beautiful with her hair up in a sophisticated 60ish bun and a white spaghetti strap dress with sequins on the top. The skirt was made of a light, almost chiffony material. She talked about how there are many talented skaters in the U.S., though she didn't name names. She quoted her parents saying that being where she was was like being in a boat and you have to keep rowing and rowing, and if you stop, you get left behind, that others surpass you. She also said it was a great honor working with the two former Olympic champions. That's all for now!
Thursday, January 4, right after Friends (around 8:30), NBC aired a commercial announcing there were 400 days until Salt Lake City. They showed Michelle skating part of her Lyra Angelica program at the Olympics. A nice surprise (especially since I was just about to turn the channel!)

Jason posted the following on the MK Forum about Michelle appearing on the TV Guide channel on Thursday. (Thanks Jason!): I was on my way to bed and I heard "Kwan" on my TV, and after a few seconds of searching (it was 1:30 AM and I had just finished watching the LPs at the 98 Olympics for the women) there she was, our Michelle. I was a little awestruck at how different she looked, I almost didn't recognize her. Anywayz, it was a session about "Ask the Stars" and somebody wrote in and asked (paraphrasing) how different it is skating in a special when compared to live (which made me guess Michelle was dressed for her Disney TV special). She looked absolutely radiant. Her hair (I'm not too good at this) was in a "swirly" type design if I recall correctly, I can't think of anybody to compare it to right now (although I think Denise Beillman might be a good comparison). She had 'sparkles' in her eyes (looked like tear drops) and was wearing an elegant white dress (spaghetti straps, it looked very soft but I can't describe the material). It was glittery and "rainbowy" if I recall correctly (this is all becoming a blur). She was just standing there, ice in the back. She answered that (paraphrase) when skating live, the crowd cheers for tricks and triples (etc.) which helps her and pushes her, makes her feel good. When in a closed environment, no one is clapping although (and I thought this was cute) she says she hopes we are all cheering her on at home, saying "go Michelle!" (I know I am).
In the December 16-22 issue of TV Guide, there is an ad for the 2000 American Teacher Awards on Lifetime, and the list Michelle as one of those appearing on the awards show! It airs Friday December 22 from 7-9 on Lifetime.

If you missed Michelle on the American Teacher Awards (she did great!), read the transcript typed up by Liz . (Thanks Liz!)

On December 22, KNBC, a local station in LA, spoke about Michelle and her Chevy REWARDS scholarship during sports on the evening news. Here's a partial transcript, from (she later said that she has not chosen a major yet).

With the summer olympic games over, all eyes are focusing on on the 2002 winter games in salt lake city.
One of those athletes getting ready is figure skater Michelle Kwan. She is also the spokesperson behind a college scholarship program which recognize and assist outstanding college bound female athletes. The program will provide $5,000 to ten seniors each year with a 3.2 GPA or higher. "It was really personal to me because, for me, I've been fortunate enough to be able to continue my education and train for the olympics as well and i don't have to worry about meeting financial needs but students aren't as of the and may have to stop their sport. But with this scholarship, hopefully, they'll be able to continue their education and their sport as well." Speaking of education, Michelle is currently a sophomore at UCLA where of course she loves the college life. "I am taking my general courses...

On Tuesday November 28, NBC's Today show had a tour of the Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum in New York, and they showed Michelle's statue! When they got to her statue, Al Roker said, "Michelle Kwan, who has graced our ice skating rink many times."

Michelle was interviewed on Friday November 10 on a local news station where she spoke about her Chevrolet R.E.W.A.R.D.S Scholarship. Iskatgal posted on the MK Forum about the interview on Fox News In The Morning in Chicago. It was a live interview from LA. Iskatgal said that her hair was down, she had a black turtle neck sweater on, and she was wearing diamond stud earrings. Check out Iskatgal's partial transcript of the interview. (Thanks Iskatgal!)
KwanFan60 posted on the MK Forum that Michelle was on the local Boise news in the following post (Thanks KwanFan60!) : Michelle was briefly on our local news. She was talking about the Olympics. She said something like "I see Salt Lake license plates when i'm in LA, and i get chills when i think about it. Thinking about how many american flags there is going to be and when the announce from the United States of America... Its going to be amazing." The showed a clip of her landing a double axel in practice, and another very little clip of what i'm guessing will be part of her short program. She was also on another local station, but i just caught the last few seconds of it and didn't hear all of what they are talking about... Maybe it will be on again on the 10:00 news.

virginia girl posted on the MK Forum that Michelle was on SportsCenter on Wednesday regarding the SAG strike. Here is what she posted (Thanks Virginia girl!) : About 6:45 p.m. (EDT) on 10/11, SportsCenter on ESPN did a segment on athletes who are or are not honoring the SAG strike (i.e., making commercials, or not in honor of the strike). As they were saying something like, "Some big-name athletes are respecting the strike," they showed several athletes and Michelle was one of them (in her Ariane outfit). She was on for less than a second, and they did not mention her by name.

Michelle is going to be in a McDonald's commercial! The ad "features emotionally-charged vintage smile moments from some of the most decorated and recognized U.S. Olympians." The 60-second "Olympic Smiles'' commercial will start to air on Monday, September 4, 2000. NBC is the Olympic network, so I would assume it will be shown most often on that network. The ad will air for the two weeks before the summer Olympics, and will then be updated throughout the Olympics with athletes from Sydney. Read more about it in McDonald's(R) Pays Tribute to U.S. Olympians with Historic 'Olympic Smiles' Commercial.

The McDonald's ad has been spotted! MK4Gold2002 posted the following on the MK Forum: (Thanks MK4Gold2002!)

I caught the McDonald's ad while watching the Today show on NBC. Michelle's spot was towards the middle of the commercial. It was her closing pose after her LP at Nagano. It's a touching ad. However, I have a feeling that both skaters will be replaced after the Sydney games start, but it was nice to see skating represented.

Ray e-mailed me the following about a mention of Michelle on TV. (Thanks Ray!)

Michelle Kwan was listed among other important Chinese-Americans (such as the great cellist Yo Yo Ma and fashion designer Vera Wang) in the documentary Chinatown: Strangers in a Strange Land as presented on the History Channel this past Friday night. They were listed in the context of present day Chinese-Americans who have earned great success and contributed to American culture. Unfortunately, there was no photo of her displayed.
Michelle was shown during the Lakers/Pacers 2000 NBA championship game. My dad called to tell me, and my mom answered the phone. Then I heard her say "What, are you kidding? No we're not watching! Michelle Kwan??" At this point I was saying "what, where??" Then my mom told me how they showed her during the game, as one of the celebs in the arena. Others who saw her said her hair was longer, around where it was at the GWG in '98. From, here are the list of celebrities Michelle was mentioned in the same breath as...pretty good company.

"Faces in the crowd at the staples center for game 6. Include Mel Gibson. Helen Hunt. A staples center staple, Dustin Hoffman. He's a regular here. Michelle Kwan. Steven Speilberg. Every time I hear Ed Norton, I think it should be art carney. Matthew Perry is here. Will Smith. David stern. Whoopy Goldberg. And of course the honor of appearing last goes to Jack Nicholson."

Mentioned before Steven Speilberg...pretty good.

aries2 posted on the MK Forum the following about an ad for the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards: (Thanks aries2!)

I was watching MAD TV and at the end during the credits they showed a commercial for the awards and Michelle saying "Keanu Reeves is here", it was only for two seconds but I am glad they finally showed her in their promos.

Reminder, don't forget to watch Michelle presenting on the 2000 Blockbuster Entertainment Awards on Tuesday, at 8pm on FOX.

Hope you caught Michelle on the awards. She looked very relaxed. Here is what she said while presenting:

This year's nominees for favorite supporting actor in an action film reflect what the blockbusters are all about: The marriage of movies and music.

[Then 98 degrees spoke]

The nominees from both worlds are...

[nominees given]

The blockbuster award for favorite supporting actor in an action film goes to...LL Cool J

Michelle presented on the 2000 Blockbuster Entertainment Awards on Tuesday! She, along with the band 98 degrees, presented the award for the favorite supporting actor in an action movie to LL Cool J. Also, Michelle was shown on the news while at the awards. Loralee sent me the following e-mail: (Thanks Loralee!)

I live in Los Angeles. Last night on KCAL (Channel 9) news at 8 p.m., Michelle Kwan was briefly interviewed while attending the Blockbuster Awards at the Shrine Auditorium. I wasn't able to catch what they asked or what she said in response (as I was caught off guard), but I did see her gorgeous v-neck red dress. The dress also had orange and sort of a modern pattern. Michelle looked fabulous and, more importantly, seemed like she was having a ball. The last shot of her showed her laughing and joking with the reporter. Also, Rene posted the following about Michelle being on KTLA Morning News on the MK Forum: (Thanks Rene!)

They were interviewing celebs as they walked in (I think) to the Blockbuster Awards, asking what was the largest late fee they had ever paid. Michelle said she had left a tape in her room once and forgot about it. She decided it would be better to buy the movie because it was cheaper than paying the late fee. It was only a head shot but I think her dress was floral, she looked tan and her hair very cute. She looked really pretty.
There's going to be an ABC Primetime Movie titled "Michelle Kwan: Heart of a Champion"! Crash2000 posted the following on FSW (Thanks Crash2000!):

I work at a TV station and receive various notices about upcoming movies and specials from every network... well i got this little blurb today....

ABC, Date and Time TBA

"Michelle Kwan: Heart of a Champion"
The true story of how Michelle Kwan reached the top of the skating world. At the age of seven, Michelle watched the Winter Olympics on television and determined that, one day, she too would skate in the Olympics and win an Olympic Gold Medal. With the support of her family, a brilliant coach and an equally talented choreographer, and most importantly her own indomitable spirit, Michelle became a true champion.

No date and time yet... most like the next major sweeps.. November 2000

On Regis and Kathie Lee, they always have a question at the beginning of the show about the previous day's show. Wednesday, and I was thinking, hey, maybe it will be about Michelle...and it was! The question was, "We talked yesterday with three-time world champion figure skater Michelle Kwan. Other than Michelle Kwan, what other American female figure skater did we mention who had also won three world championships?" Answer, of course, Peggy Fleming. The person got the answer right away.
Not only was Michelle on the Today show on Tuesday, April 4, but she was also on Regis and Kathie Lee! It was such a surprise. I watched it the day before, and they did not mention that she was going to be on. If you missed the shows, check out my transcripts of the show. Please do not copy these transcripts...combined they took me about 6 hours to do. Enjoy!

Kind of small news, but on Regis and Kathie Lee Monday, they were talking about how the USA Today paper changed it's look Monday. Regis showed today's paper, and then Friday's paper...the one with Michelle prominently on the cover. They showed it a lot. :)
Michelle was the Final Jeopardy question on Monday, March 13, 2000! The question was "Born in 1980, this World Champion Figure Skater was named after a Beatles hit." How cool! The champion did get the question right, but the other two contestants guessed Tara and Katarina Witt. This is the third time Michelle has been a question/answer on Jeopardy! (Thanks Joyce!)
Michelle was mentioned Wednesday, January 19, on Beverly Hill, 90210! Here's the transcript from

Gina: Mia Stockman's people called. I'm off the gym campaign.
Dylan: Why?
Gina: Yesterday's chronicle. Nice picture, right?
Dylan: So, what's the big deal? I'll call the paper and they'll print a retraction.
Gina: I already thought of that brilliant idea, Dylan. I called Mia. Seems that she's already given it to Michelle Kwan. I guess her image is tamer, more fitness-friendly.

The Jersey with Michelle was on Friday, Jan 7, 2000! I don't have Disney, so I don't know exactly what happened. Check out the MK Forum for thoughts on the show.

Also, if you've looked at Disney's site for The Jersey that I posted when it was announced that Michelle would be on the show, you'll see lots of info on Michelle. If you haven't looked, go check it out! It's in flash, so I've made a few screen captures if you can't view it. There's several pictures and video clips (which it won't let me look at for some reason, even though I have the right software.) There's also a "digicard" that you can download, which is also in flash. You can see the front below. The back of the "card" is supposed to have stats, but it's a football players stats. On the website, they do have stats for Michelle, but they stop at last years Japan Open. Here are some of the pictures, plus screen captures from the site:

Related to The Jersey, the TV Guide Channel showed a preview of the show. Keith sent me these screen captures from the preview. (Thanks Keith!)

Michelle was on ABC wishing you a Happy New Year! Tandy wrote on the MK Forum (Thanks Tandy!):

Michelle was on ABC this morning!

I was half watching the Tournament of Roses Parade this morning and happened to look up right as they were going to commercial. The next thing I see is Michelle in an ice rink (not Lake Arrowhead), in her Kissing You costume (I am sure it was pre-taped). Under her name it said 2 time World Champion. She said, "To your family from mine, have a happy New Year."

Michelle was on "Monday Night Live", a show in Southern California, on Monday, Dec 20, 1999 on Channel 7 KABC. Here are two summaries from the the MK forum (Thanks toeshoe and dreamr!):

toeshoe wrote:

I only saw part of the Michelle's interview. They talked about her book The Winning Attitude and her computer game. They kinda joked how all the boys out there probably have it, and they can put their own picture on the skater in the game. It seemed like a fun interview, and Michelle looked comfortable. The audience looked like they were into it. Very loud applause. Michelle was in black I think. I'm not quite sure what she wore exactly. But, her hair was definitely done differently. It seemed like she put gel on it and slicked it back -- it seems as though she's growing it out. I don't really like it the way she did her hair this time; it looked better at Skate America and Skate Canada. That's about all I remember. I was just flipping the channels when I saw it so I'm not sure how long the interview actually was.

dreamr wrote:

Ok the whole interview was really very cute. Unfortunatly it ran short because the football game went to long. Michelle was wearing a blackish gray blouse and black leather pants. Her hair was slicked back and I did not like the way it looked. :( However on a bright note, it does look like she is growing it out. It is definitly longer than before.

The host asked Michelle if at the age of 19 she was to old for figure skating and Michelle answered that no because Nancy Kerrigan was 26(she was 24 in reality) when she won her silver medal at the olympics. Then they talked about Michelles book and her game and he joked about how many 19 year olds actually have their own pc game! It was really cute, because everything was said in a joking matter. The crowd was really cheering Michelle on. :) Ok then they went on to talk about how fun the game would be for little boys, because they would get to pick out their own little dress costumes and everything! Michelle began to join in on the jokes saying how they could put their pictures on it also. Then the host got serious and said what a great game it must be for girls out there, and then they anounced Michelles appearance in the Pro-am that just passed. Don't know what it is called(Usa vs. The world?).

Oh yeah! Duh ok theres more...
The host commentated on how people don't see much of skaters beside the Olympics and that is ever four years and Michelle said that there were things besides that like Nationals and Worlds etc.

The host then apologized for the short interview and explained that the football game had run long. Michelle said it was ok and then the host was like thanks for coming and everyone started clapping and some guys dressed in football jerseys were like really loud and cheering her on. Then one guy yellout out "I love you Michelle" and the host said something like, "your to young sir" and then they got up and started shaking hands and off to a commerical. That was the end of it.

OMG! that was long! Sorry guys, I tried to get all the details in! :) It was a really cute interview. Michelle seemed really comfortable in front of the camera and it was really laidback and funny.

Did you miss Michelle on the 1999 American Teacher Awards on the Disney channel on November 15? It will be repeated on November 18. Check my TV schedule for info. I don't get the Disney channel, but DeetleBug posted the following report on the MK Forum. (Thanks DeetleBug!)

Just saw Michelle on Disney. She presented the award for Wellness and Sports.

She looks GREAT!! Her hair was kind of slicked down with one little wayward piece falling across the middle of her forehead rather than all the way to the side with the rest. She wore a simple black dress with fringe-like piece on the bottom (about mid-calf length) and on the sleeves. She sore VERY HIGH heeled black sandles with a large size heel (not a little stilt).

She gave a brief speech about the importance of wellness and sports to the development of a well rounded person who can be successful in life. She said that the award she was presenting represented the fact that it is the development of the whole well-rounded individual, rather than the measure of gold medal success, that determines a persons character and success in life.

Then she presented the award. She was well composed but seemed a little nervous. (After all making speeches is NOT the same thing as skating.) But she didn't make any mistakes and was extremely composed and mature. She didn't draw any attention to herself, but focused all the attention appropriately on the subject of the award category she was presenting.

That's Our Girl. !!

Michelle was mentioned on the Halloween episode of Simpsons on Sunday, October 31, 1999. I actually turned this on towards the end...apparently right after Michelle was mentioned (that's my luck!) I received about 20 e-mails about this (the Simpsons must be pretty popular, LOL). Here is one of the accounts I received, from TF. (Thanks TF!)

On "The Simpsons," there was a line of people to be sent to Mars on a spaceship to escape nuclear meltdowns, etc because the Y2K bug struck. As the Simpsons named the people (Michael Jordan, Stephen Hawking etc.) they mentioned Michelle and she was in a skating outfit or something. Then Lisa said they must be sending the world's best and brightest to populate Mars. Something like that :)

Check out this picture of the crew, which includes Michelle, being saved. (Thanks u2asian!)

Here is exactly what was said on the show:

"You have been selected for operation exodus ." They're evacuating the earth. Oh, we're saved! Thank you, sweet clown. In death, you saved us all...Wow. There's Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking, Paul McCartney, Michael Jordan, Michelle Kwan... They must be starting a new civilization on mars with our best and brightest.
More Michelle on Disney! She will be presenting at the American Teacher Awards on November 14 at Pantages Theater in LA. The awards will be telecast on the Disney channel on November 15 at 7pm. For more info, check out 10th Annual Telecast Of Disney's To Air on Disney Channel With All-Star Cast of Performers and Presenters
The Disney channel is showing Jersey sports spots with Michelle.
Michelle was mentioned on the ABC show Odd Man Out on Friday, Sept 25. Several people e-mailed me about it. On the show, the women in the house wanted to watch skating, but the men didn't. Then the following dialogue was said: (Thanks Lisa for this transcript)

Who wants ice skating? Val, is there some gender confusion? I have no interest in watching a bunch of beautiful girls jump up and down in skimpy, tight-fitting, sheer little outfits in intensely cold weather. Michelle Kwan is a hottie. I heard she's working with a new coach. They're such simple creatures. Ah ha aha ah ha aha hey, why is it when Michelle Kwan skates, it's sexy, but when Elvis Stojko skates, I want to stick a fork in my eye? Well, Michelle Kwan is an athlete.
A little more info on The Jersey, a show Michelle will guest star on that I wrote about earlier. Jenny posted on the MK Forum about a site that has lots of info on the show. Just go to Zoog Disney, click on "Zeether Features", then "The Jersey", and you'll get this menu. Michelle isn't listed yet, but she should be when her episode airs (the airdate still isn't known.) Then, click on "Show Info", where they mention Michelle a few times. Keep an eye on this site...when Michelle is added to the site, I'll let you know.(Thanks Jenny!)
Earlier I posted that Michelle would be on the Disney show, The Jersey. They are now using her in promos for the show! Jenny posted the following on the MK Forum. (Thanks Jenny!)

I was just watching "Zenon, girl of the 21st Century" (yeah, I know a 24 year old should have something better to do on a Friday night, but I wanted to see this movie since I read the script -- and almost helped cast it when I was living back in LA), and ANYWAY, to my delight there was a lengthy promo for "The Jersey" at about 8:40 PM (central time). It showed one of the stars (some girl) talking about the show (and explaining that it's about this boy who gets a special gift jersey that turns him -- or his sister I think -- into famous athletes) and they jumped from clip to clip showing different athletes -- I had my eyes peeled for Michelle, of course! They showed some hockey player and the girl was talking about how the actors have to do sports and the athletes have to act. They showed a clip from the show of the girl as the hockey player. Then... and I think I'm leaving something else out here.... but then..... they showed Michelle! I may not be getting this exactly right (and I didn't have my VCR ready), but I think they introduced her as "ice skating star Michelle Kwan" as she was stretching on the ice in a warm-up suit (on the set). Her hair looked really cute! They showed her doing some moves on the ice, and then they interviewed her about the difference between skating and filming a TV show (or something like that). Michelle said working on the set takes a lot of patience because you wait in your trailer, then you film one scene, and then you go back to your trailer, and it's a lot of "hurry up and wait," whereas in skating you always know when it's your time to be on the ice. Sorry I'm probably butchering her words! I think that was about it with Michelle, but there may have been more -- I can't remember everything! Other athletes they showed/mention include a FB player from the SD Chargers, and Lisa Leslie, among others. They said a different athlete is on every week. People on the West coast should tune in at about 9:35 or 9:40 to try to catch it -- and I'm sure it will be on the Disney Channel again, so everyone should keep an eye out.

She later added:

I guess the girl is the boy's cousin because I found this info:

The Jersey
Series - 30 minutes
Nick Lighter and his cousin Morgan have inherited a unique gift: a jersey with the power to transport them into the lives of their sports heroes.
September Airdates: 24

It's on at 6:30 and repeats at 11:30 according to the weekly lineup.

I forgot to mention in my summary above, that the clip they showed of the episode with the hockey player looked really cool. They showed the girl all geared up and on the ice, and when she saw her reflection in the glass around the rink, it was the real athlete in the reflection. It sort of reminded me of Quantum Leap (for anyone who watched that show).

I don't think Michelle is in the Sept. 24 premiere -- she's probably featured in a future episode with one of the kids becoming her or something!

Kara wrote the following on the MK Forum. I saw a lot of this show, but must have just missed Michelle. (Thanks Kara!)

I just wanted to let you know that Michelle was on an ESPN 20th year anniversary special tonight. My parents were watching it and yelled for me to come downstairs when they saw MK. I missed her, but saw some ice-dancers. My mom said they showed MK skating to Lyra Angelica and Maria skating her usual long program. They showed only a few clips of skaters and were sort of making fun of the costumes or something:(...but they were jumping from sport to sport and "teasing" the other sports, as well. It went by very quickly and I still don't know exactly what it was, but MK was on it, so I thought you might want to know:).
Beezer wrote about Michelle being mentioned on Lifetime on the MK Forum: (Thanks Beezer!)

I was watching a movie tonight on Lifetime Television and during commercials was Christine Brennan and another woman (didn't catch her name) discussing whether women were better sports roll models than men. The other woman said women aren't as jaded as men because they aren't making the money men are in sports and that's the only reason they appear to be better role models. Christine Brennan then said - (as best as I remember) "I disagree--look at millionaire Tiger Woods run away from the media at the U.S. Open and millionaire Michelle Kwan go to the media on the worst night of her life." Yeah for Michelle--she is such a great role model, win or lose, she's a great sportswoman!!
Michelle will be in a Disney movie in the future! Loralee e-mailed me this:

I live in Los Angeles, and saw Michelle on the 10:00 p.m. news (Fox) last night. It was a very brief clip, but talked about how Michelle would play a small part (as herself) in a Disney movie. Michelle was shown skating in a black catsuit while a cameraman followed her around the rink.

Also, yingshan posted the following on the MK Forum

I was half asleep last night when I heard Michelle's name in KNBC's 11:00 news. It snapped me to attention and scrambling for my glasses. Fred Rogan said Michelle will appear in a movie (or TV movie?) called "The Jersey" (?) as herself. They showed a clip of the shooting. Michelle was wearing her practice outfit, black sleeveless top with square neckline and black tights. She's skating on the ice in the clip with some other peple skating at the background. I assumed it's intended to be a practice session. Rogan then said how busy she is with her starting college and competing.

(Thanks Loralee and yingshan!)

Tarafan added this to the forum:

The Jersey is a half-hour children's series on the Disney Channel in which sports celebrities make cameos as themselves. I've seen it before. There have been lots of famous sports stars making cameos on it like Steve Young. The show is about this boy who becomes a super sports star when he puts on jerseys. Maybe that means he will put on one of Michelle's skating dresses and learn how to skate LOL!
akemi_chan e-mailed me this quick Michelle sighting. (Thanks akemi_chan!)

This was a really short clip, but I was watching this show on KOCE about chinese americans, and it had this small tidbit on successful chinese americans. It showed Yo Yo Ma, etc.etc. and then they flashed a picture of Michelle Kwan in her first lyra angelica dress.
On Thursday, July 1, Michelle was mentioned Good Morning America! Googoo wrote on the MK Forum:

I was watching GMA this morning and there was a segment about the women's soccer team. And the reporter said something like, we all know there are great female athletes like "blah blah blah (I was just waiting for her name) and Michelle Kwan". She was the only figure skater listed.

(Thanks Googoo!)

Another TV cameo by Michelle! Sheekah sent me this info (Thanks Sheekah!)

I was watching The Famous Jett Jackson on Disney last night and at the end his phone rang and his answering machine came on. Guess who was calling--Michelle. They showed her while she was talking. She had the ice to her back and was wearing the outfit with the feathers around the neck. She said "Hi Jett this is Michelle Kwan" and something about liking his show. I was so surprised and everyone was talking and I couldn't hear plus they already think I'm obsessed with Michelle. (Not true :-)
Michelle was "on" Family Guy Sunday, May 2. Actually, it was just her voice (it's a cartoon.) I got several e-mails about it. The first was from Chase. (Thanks Chase!)

Tonight on the show "Family Guy" on Fox, Michelle was shown with her blue dress on, her hair back in a bun, and ice skates around her neck. The family was talking about why the father was a hero and all of a sudden they showed what was supposed to be Michelle and she said "I wouldn't have won the Silver in Nagano if you hadn't driven me to the ice rink every morning at 6".

The name of the episode is "A Hero Sits Next Door."

Michelle was mentioned on Sports Night on May 4. Here's what MKRULZBane16 said on FSW in the post "Anybody see "Sports Night" ref. to MK?"

It started by asking one of them where the other one was while they were supposed to be taking the picture. He said that the other one was interviewing MK and the boss asked why wasn't he doing the interview and he said that Michelle doesn't like him and that she dissed him at the ESPYs.
Michelle was on the May 1-2 weekend edition of Access Hollywood! The whole show was about Hollyood style. I usually watch this show, but only saw bits and pieces of it today because I was watching the Sixers clinch a playoff berth (yea! Sorry, off topic!) My luck. :-( My e-mail is down, so I don't know if anyone e-mailed me about it. Luckily, my friend saw it, and sent this to me. (Thanks Susan!)

First they showed a clip of Michelle skating in the Mulan program. They had a voice over talking about her style of clothing on the ice. Then they said well, what does she look like off ice? So then they announce that they are following Michelle to Barney's. They show Michelle behind a rack, saying "the terrible thing is that when I open my closet, it's all black...and I am, like, get over it Michelle, no more black!" SO then they say they are looking for colors...and then Michelle look through the rack and says, "what's this? Is this a tube top?" and someone says yes. And she makes a cute face and says, "that won't work." And then they show her holding a huge pile of clothing. She announces that she's gonna go try everything on. So they showed Michelle in different outfits and then they mention that Michelle is going to be a new "coed" in the fall. And it ends with Michelle saying something like, "that's it for now. I am gonna continue my shopping spree!" and going back into the dressing room.
Michelle was a guest at a White House dinner Thursday, April 8, 1999! It was shown live on CSPAN. When I found out, I turned on the station, and just happened to catch the schedule for the station overnight. It was repeated several times, including around 2:50am EST Thursday night/Friday morning on CSPAN! I'm pretty sure that it will be repeated again over the weekend. If I find out, I'll let you know!

I watched the C-SPAN broadcast of the White House's Official Dinner for the Chinese Premier last night. It was great! Check out my summary of the broadcast on my transcripts page! So far, I haven't found another repeat, but I'll let you know if I do!

Michelle was interviewed on "Sunday Night Sports" on NBC! Alvin e-mailed me this about it:

She looked beautiful with make up and hair. She was talking about that she paid lot of attention to her appearance, and mentioned that she wanted to go to the 2002 Olympics so badly.
(Thanks Alvin!)

Check out a transcript and audio clip. Thanks Jenny!

Michelle is going to be on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch on Friday, February 26, 1999. The show airs at 9pm EST on ABC. Lots of celebs have appeared on the show, so Michelle is in great company! Read more about it, and then check out this picture of Michelle on the show!

Don't forget to catch Michelle on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch this Friday, Feb. 26 on ABC at 9pm! Some more info on this show:

In the Feb 20-26 issue of the TV Guide, this is in the "Also of Note..." section for Friday, Feb 26.

Michelle Kwan has a cameo in a creative Sabrina, the Teenage Witch spy spoof in which the regulars have outrageous alter egos. Mr. Kraft becomes Dr. Bad, while Libby (Jenna Leigh Green) as his evil sidekick, Lydia Kissenkill.

The episode is titled, Sabrina, the Teenage Writer.

Did you see Michelle on Sabrina? Michelle only had one line, but it was cute. If you missed it, here's a brief synopsis. Sabrina wrote a spy story on a magic typewriter, which brought her story to life. Sabrina used people from her life as inspiration. Her principal was "Dr. Bad," givng out detention slips of death. Sabrina was in the hall and saw Michelle, in her Dante's Prayer costume, being given a detention slip by Dr. Bad. She said "Oh no, a student is getting a detention slip." She goes over to Michelle, takes the slip, and throws it in the trash. It blows up. Then, Michelle says, "All I did was wear my skates to school." She then skates off, and you see that she is wearing roller blades! A very short, but cute cameo. Other celebs have been on this show before in this type of short cameo.

Also, in between the shows on Friday, and during commercials breaks, they showed Michelle. I don't know if they showed her during the 8-8:30 time slot, but I was channel surfing, and saw her around 8:45. She had on a red sweater over a black turtle neck, with black pants. She was "helping" the two stars of Brothers Keeper with their skating. Then, she judged their competiton. It was cute, too. Check out screen shots from Jenny's and Diane's pages.

Because Sabrina was opposite The Soap Opera Awards, it didn't do as well as usual. But, it was the highest of the TGIF shows that night.

Hope you caught Michelle Kwan on Jay Leno Tuesday, February 16, 1999! If not, check out my transcript . When Jay Leno announced her at the beginning of the show, he said that he "loves her." The audience cheered. Later, before the first guest came out, he again told who else would be on. When he said Michelle, he said, "She just won the title Saturday, and she's here today. Timing, timing, timing." Before the commercial break before she was on, they showed a clip from her Disney special. She is wearing a blue costume, and doing a sit spin. During the interview, she did the Charlotte! They talked about how adorable Naomi is. She also said that she is a fast driver. He mentioned the date of her special several times.

Check out Christi's screen shots from the show!

According to Blades on Ice Newsbriefs, Michelle and Brian Boitano will be hosting Dinner and a Movie on TBS on Feb. 12. During Feb. 5's show, they showed a preview of Michelle and Brian on next week's show! They will be "hosting" the movie Nothing in Common at 8pm. It's opposite the Nationals ladies short program on ESPN! (Check my TV Schedule for more info.)

I missed Dinner and a Movie, but Andrea e-mailed me this about it, (Thanks Andrea!)

"I recorded Dinner and A Movie while I watched the short program! Michelle and Brian were only on for a little while. Michelle's hair was long, but it was still short. (It was a little wierd, but you know what I mean?). Anyway, they were just talking about FTD Champions on Ice."
Check out Diane's screen shots from the show!

Michelle has been a question on Jeopardy in the past. On Thursday, Jan 28, 1999 she was an answer! Sherie e-mailed me this. (Thanks Sherie!)

The question was something to the effect of "Graceful figure skater Michelle Kwan was born and trains in this state known more for its surf than its ice" (this is not verbatim). The answer, of course, is California, even though the first contestant guessed Hawaii! (I don't know what the category was, I just caught this while I was rewinding a tape of Michelle performing)

Brian e-mailed me that the category was "Michelle." :-) (Thanks Brian!)

Brian e-mailed this to me:

I just wanted to let you know that TBS does a little special on Michelle. I don't know how often it comes on but I saw it this afternoon at 1 P.M. It has a little commercial that says Michelle Kwan, next on the superstation. Then after another commericial TBS has a little segment called Inside Edge. It is about 30-45 seconds long and on the edition this morning Michelle was featured. It shows some clips of her skating and they talked to her about certain things. I dont remember the exact details but I know her hair was shoulder length so it was done a while back. Michelle said something to the extent that she tries to go out there ans just skate and not to think about it too much. I'll try to record it if I happen to catch it so I can make a relaplyer audio file.

(Thanks Brian!)

Andrea e-mailed me the transcript of the TBS spot with Michelle! (Thanks Andrea!)

Hey. Just wanted to tell you that I saw the commercial for Michelle on the 'Inside Edge'- on TBS. Brian had mentioned it earlier. It's about a 40 seconds. Here's what it says:

TBS Voice Over said something like: "Coming up next, Michelle Kwan." After a commercial or two the 'Inside Edge' comes on. Michelle is wearing a purple/black collared shirt. Her hair is shoulder length.

Voice Over: The Super Station brings you The Inside Edge with Michelle Kwan. (pause) She's the most popular skater in the sport today. With two world titles and an Olympic Silver Medal, Michelle's success has stemed from a single idea.

Michelle Kwan: You've gotta dream high, but work hard, yourself, and have fun. I really believe in that.

VO: Michelle's dream of gold began with her Champions On Ice co-star.

MK: Brian Boitano influenced my skating tremendously. I saw him in '88 Olympics and thought he was amazing. After that I said, "I'm going to the Olympics."

VO: She'll aim for Olympic Gold in 2002, but in February don't miss Michelle in FTD Champions on Ice; Coming to The Super Station.

Did you watch Will and Grace on Tuesday, Jan 12, 1999? I had the show on my TV Schedule because Rudy Galindo was scheduled to be on. Not only was he on, but the show was very skating oriented. The best part...they talked about Michelle! Early in the show, they were looking at a copy of Entertainment Weekly. Grace pointed to a picture of someone and said "I love her." And Will asked who it was. And she said...Michelle Kwan. Aaah! And then Will's friend, Jack, said that he loves her too. And then Will said Michelle who? And then Grace and Jack screamed, and Grace said she was the Olympic silver medalist. Jack said that she was so robbed. They called her a skating goddess! Very exciting!! My mom and I were so excited...I wish I had taped it! There was a lot more skating in the show.

Uyen e-mailed me a transcript of the first skating part (the part with Michelle.) (Thanks Uyen!)

Pointing to an unseen picture of Michelle
Grace: Love her. Love, love, love her.
Will: Who is it?
Grace: (in disbelief) Are you serious? This is Michelle Kwan
Will: Michelle who?
Grace: Michelle Kwan! Figure skater. Olympic silver medalist!
Jack: (jumping out of his chair to join in the conversation) Goddess on ice! (in his, "duh! how could you not know" voice)
Grace: (to Jack) You like Michelle Kwan?
Jack: I love her!
Grace: (slapping her hand on the cushions for emphasis) So do I !!! She was so robbed at the Olympics.
Jack: Tell me about it!
Grace: She was twenty times better than Tara Lipinski.

Then, they continue talking about Tara, Surya, and Rudy.

Check out a transcript of the whole episode, "Will on Ice."

As 1998 came to a close, many papers, magazines, and shows did a year in review. The articles that mentioned Michelle (far too few in my opinion) have been mentioned on my site. I know the news usually does a year in review thing as well. Today, I watched our local ABC affiliate news. I figured if any station showed skating (and, as I have mentioned before, the Philadelphia press does not talk about skating much, if ever), it would be the affiliate that had Nationals. Since it did take place in Philadelphia, I was hoping to see something...anything on Nationals/Michelle. It was a nice montage that the station had, and, after seeing highlights from the 4 major sports in the piece, I figured there would be no skating. Well, after some entertainment news...the showed Michelle! During most of the montage, Sinatra music played. During the part with Michelle, the music stopped, and you could hear the crowd cheering. The showed her during her long program doing her final spin, her end pose, and the closeup on her face. I was ecstatic! It was the only skating they showed (they didn't show anything from the Olympics.)

Also, on our local sports cable station, they were talking about the best in local sports. I didn't see the beginning of the show, so I don't know if they mentioned anything about skating then. When I turned it on, someone on the panel was saying that the best sporting moments in the city were with the minor sports (don't get me started.) He said a few things fast, and then I heard him say figure skating. I, I must be hearing things. They wouldn't talk about skating, would they? Then, when they were all talking at once, the host of the show (the one that did the interview with Michelle during Nationals) said, "We can't forget figure skater Michelle Kwan here at Nationals." Aaah! :-) Sorry for going on about that. Thought you might like to hear about the few times I have heard someone mention Michelle lately (all the other channels I watched, local and national, did not show Michelle.) BTW, Happy New Year everyone! May it bring you happiness, health, and the joy of watching Michelle skate!

From the Women's Sports Foundation site:

Lifetime Television will air a 60-minute special "Seasons of Joy: The Gift of Sport." The special includes portions of the Women's Sports Foundation's Annual Salute to Women in Sports events (This is where Michelle was awarded the Sportswoman of the Year Award), as well as vignettes on this year's Foundation award winners (Michelle!) and women's sports in general. The show will air on Sunday, December 27, 1998 at 10:00 a.m. Eastern and Pacific times.

If you missed Seasons of Joy: The Gift of Sport on Lifetime Sunday morning, check out Liz (who typed up what was said) and my (I typed up the clips that was shown...and there were a lot!) transcript (Thanks Liz!)

I forgot to write about this yesterday! Brian Boitano was on the Donny and Marie show Friday, and Michelle was mentioned! Marie said that when Michelle was on their show, she said that she thought of pink elephants when she went into a jump. She asked what Brian thought about when he was going into jumps. He replied, "not pink elephants!" And, after the interview was over, when the audience was already clapping (before they went to a commercial), Marie said something about it again, how Michelle said when she thinks of pink elephants, she yells, "stop thinking about pink elephants!" If you missed when Michelle was on Donny and Marie, check out my transcript
Michelle was on the Roseanne show today! Check out Andrea's transcript of the show!(Thanks Andrea!)
First Michelle was an answer on Jeopardy, now she was an answer on Wheel of Fortune! The puzzle read "Champion Figure Skater Michelle Kwan." The woman that correctly guessed the puzzle also answered the bonus puzzle, "Ice Rink." Thanks Koei 80!
On the Canadian broadcast of the U.S. Professional Figure Skating Classic, they featured a brief interview with Michelle. When the interviewer (Paul Martini) asked her what she had planned for this season, Michelle told him that she would work on her triple-triples BUT that she was also working on perfecting her triple axel. She said she hopes to unveil it later on this season, adding that it's always been a dream of hers to do a triple axle in competition.

Also, on IceTime with Debbie Wilkes (a Canadian Figure Skating show) on Saturday, October 31st, there was a featured report card on Michelle. This is a weekly segment where Debbie analyzes a current skater and grades them on the 6.0 scale. This is how Michelle fared:
Technique: Complete package with jumps, spins, footwork, everything a great skater really needs.
Artistry: Programs are always artistic masterpieces
Support: With Frank Carroll and Lori Nichol guiding her career, Michelle can't miss.
Star Quality: Brilliant
Report Card: 5.9+

That's the highest grade Debbie has ever given a skater, past or present. She went on and on, raving about Michelle and her new haircut, commenting how sophisticated she looked.
(Thanks to a Canadian Skating Fan for this info!)

Michelle sighting on TV this past weekend. On the October 24/25 weekend edition of Extra, they had a piece on Dominique Moceanu and mentioned the other young athletes. They showed Michelle doing a sit spin practicing at Nationals.
Did you catch the opening ceremonies of the Goodwill Games? In the opening credits, they showed Michelle skating at Worlds. Then, before the first commercial break, they had a short piece on her. They showed her at the last GWG in '94...boy has she grown! Read my transcript of the piece.
On the "Access Spotlight" segment of Access Hollywood on July 7, they mentioned that it was Michelle's birthday! They only listed one other birthday (Ringo Starr).
Today there was a show about the movie "Mulan" called "Mulan: From Legend to Life." It is a syndicated show that runs until July 3, so check your local may still be able to catch it. I was going to write about the show here, anyway, because they spoke a little with Lea Salonga, and with the people that wrote the songs. They said that "Reflection," the song Michelle skates to, was the first one they wrote for the movie.

Then, they said they would talk with "another young woman who has a special relationship with her father." I had a feeling it was Michelle...and it was! Of course, I rushed to put a tape in the VCR. I don’t think I missed any of it. Check out my transcript of the interview!! (Note: I typed this up before I got online. When I logged on, I saw an e-mail from Sharon who also did a transcript of the show. I would just like to thank her for that, so...thanks Sharon!!)

Michelle did local interviews for many stations around the country via satellite Monday morning (alas, not here in Philly!) One of the stations was the ABC affiliate in LA. Check out Jenny's transcript of the Michelle interview on the LA News.
One week on Jeopardy, under the category "Michelle Ma Belle," the first answer was, "She won the silver medal in figure skating at the 98 Olympic games." The question of course was "Who is Michelle Kwan?" The contestent rang in right away. Thanks to Antoinette for this!
Michelle was on the Vibe on Thursday, June 4. Here's is what Melissa wrote me about the part she caught of it. (Thanks Melissa!)

Sinbad (the host of Vibe) was on the set of the taping of the Mulan Disney special and Michelle and some of the cast were there. I missed the questions he asked Michelle. He was joking around with everyone when I tuned in. Everyone was in costume and Michelle was wearing a light green and black costume. Kinda like Mulan in the movie.

Here's what Suzanne had to say about the show...

"Sinbad went to the set (of her Mulan special) and asked her what the story of Mulan was, and he explained that her costume was a soldier costume. She talked about how she loved this story and then said that Philippe was playing her love interest. Sinbad then started yelling for Philippe, but he wasn't around. Then Sinbad saw guys dressed as butterflies and talked to them and joked how they were the only black butterflies he has ever seen. Then he and Michelle talked about how the ice was black, and she said she has never skated on ice like that. Sinbad then asked who else was in the show, she responded Punsalan and Swallow and Philippe Candeloro, but she didn't mention Michael Weiss. Then some girls came in with umbrellas, and they started doing a little dance with them. At the end, Michelle noticed that Sinbad was bleeding from the Umbrella. That was about it."

It was repeated on August 26, and I typed up a transcript of the show.

Michelle was on the CMN telethon in the first hour on Saturday. I typed up the transcript of the short interview, so check it out!

Also, I saw the spot that Michelle did for CMN. It may be airing on TV in your area. I typed that up, too....

Michelle is shown wearing the second “Dream of Desdemona” costume. At various points in the spot, she is shown doing a combination spin, a single axel, a landing of a jump, and a spiral.

Announcer: Michelle Kwan, World Champion. There are other kinds of champions, too. Like Michelle, determination, perseverance, tenacity, and courage are their trademarks.
[Then, the story is told of twin sisters whose lives were saved at one of CMN’s hospitals. Then, the announcer talks about how your donation helps local hospitals]
MK: Join us, and be a champion for kids!

Michelle was on the Regis and Kathie Lee show on May 18! I am sorry I didn't know in advance, but it must have been a last minute thing. My mom watches every day, and she said they never announced that she would be on. Oh well. As soon as they announced that she was going to be on, I hit the record button on the VCR. As some thought after watching the Ultimate Four, she cut her hair. It is shoulder length, and looks great. I think this was one of the best she looked on any talk show. When she came out, they showed a clip of "her" skating...but it was Lu Chen a few years ago on tour. I typed out this transcript in case you missed it. She wasn't on that long (they were running late), but it is better than nothing, right? Check out my transcript
Michelle presented the award for Favorite Female R&B artist on the 1998 Blockbuster Entertainment Awards on March 10, which aired on UPN. She seemed a little nervous, but otherwise did great! Although many of the presenters gave out an award with someone else, she gave it out by herself. She wore a long black dress with gold embroidery. The winner was Janet Jackson, who kissed Michelle when she accepted the award. If you missed it, the show will be replayed on VH1 on March 21 at 10:00pm, and a few other times this month. Also, Michelle participated in a live chat on Entertainment Tonight's site after the awards. When fans said that she should have won the Olympics, she answered, "You know it was up to the judges to decide. It was a tough decision. I skated my best and it was a disappointing, but life goes on." Read more of the Chat Transcript from the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards. Finally, check out these pictures from the event:

Michelle Kwan was on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Thursday, Feb 26. Jay Leno referred to her as their "old friend." She received a standing ovation when she came out. She wore a brown dress, and, of course, her silver medal. She spoke about marching in the closing ceremonies (where she caught a cold...but, don't worry. She'll be OK by Worlds!) She said that she wanted to compete in Salt Lake in 2002 because it would be great to "compete on American soil." While in Nagano, she called the publisher of her autobiograhy, Heart of a Champion, and told them of her Olympic experiences, which will be added to her book. The new edition should be out around March 2. She brought the house down when she said, "I didn't lose the gold, I won the silver." Great job Michelle!!
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