Date: May 2000

Michelle filmed one of the popular SportsCenter ads on April 4, 2000, 3 days after she won Worlds. The ad, titled "Scores", was one of the 18 new commercials that debuted in May for the campaign. Athletes in the SportsCenter ads receive $1,000, which is donated to a charity of their choice. The reason Michelle wanted to do the ad is because, "the commercials are hilarious.'' The ads are shot quickly, usually in just a few takes. Michelle nailed her performance and was on and off the set within a half an hour.

A summary of the ad (from an April 17 article in USA Today): Michelle hugs Dan Patrick and Rich Eisen as the two anchors await their TV ratings after a lousy show. Clutching bouquets of flowers, the anchors watch in horror as their bad TV ratings are posted. Michelle consoles them with the kind of banal encouragements skaters get. Patrick hangs his head, bites his towel and moans: ''I left it all on the set. I can't bear to watch.'' Eisen is more hopeful. ''Look, they love us in Idaho!''

On August 25, 2002, ESPN aired the 25,000th episode of Sportscenter, which included counting down the top 5 Sportscenter commercials (Michelle's wasn't one of them.) In the advertisements for this show, they showed clips of past Sportscenter of which was Michelle's!


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