Program Information
A complete list of the music Michelle has skated to since the '93/'94 season. Find out the song, composer, and events where the program was performed. In most cases, direct links to buy the song are provided. Read the lyrics if applicable. Includes over 100 music and video clips of the program, and links to pictures of the program.

Michelle's Jump Statistics
Ever wonder how many triples Michelle landed at a certain competition? Wondering how many 7 triple performances Michelle has had in her career? This section lists every jump Michelle has landed in each of her long program performances. Grouped in both chronological order and by number of triples landed.

About Michelle
All the essential info on Michelle such as her birthday, hometown, skating rink, and coach.

Off Ice Awards
All her awards and accomplishments off ice

Competitive Record
Lists how Michelle has finished in every competition since 1992.

Everything you need to know about Michelle's past and present endorsements.

Celebrity Schmoozing
Read all about the many premieres, awards shows, and other events where Michelle has been able to meet and greet celebrities.

Contact Michelle
Want to write to Michelle? Find her address here.

Photo Sarah Hoffman