• Only multiple winner of the "Readers' Choice Figure Skater of the Year" award given by Skating magazine (she has won the award 7 times). Finished a very close second in 2000 to Michael Weiss.
  • In 2003, the USFSA announced that in the future, the "Readers' Choice Figure Skater of the Year" award would be renamed the "Michelle Kwan Trophy," in honor of Michelle's numerous accomplishments over the past decade, and to recognize the strong support for Michelle by the readers of Skating magazine regarding the award. The USFSA stated that even though Michelle may continue to be an eligible skater, she will no longer be eligible for the Readers' Choice Award for Skater of the Year. "She has proven she is the fans' all-time favorite."
  • Has been named the USOC athlete of the month 14 times, which is more than any other athlete, male or female
  • Has appeared on International Figure Skating Magazine's "25 Most Influential Names in Figure Skating List" 7 times, and was named the most influential skater for the 2002-03 season
  • Was the runner up (behind Jennifer Capriati) for the 2001 USOC Sportswoman of the Year
  • Only the second figure skater in history to win the James E. Sullivan Award. Dick Button won in 1949.
  • Named the 2003 USOC SportsWoman of the Year. Only the 5th figure skater in history to get this honor.

Last Updated August 11, 2012

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