I heard that Michelle would be on the early morning news, so I taped the broadcast. Sure enough, Michelle was interviewed a few minutes before 7 AM. The "Mulan" special was discussed, as was how Michelle felt about working with Disney. They also asked if Michelle saw acting in her future.

Various clips from the Disney movie "Mulan" are shown

Male Newscaster: Well, Disney's newest animated movie "Mulan" doesn't hit theaters until Friday, but you can get in on the fun early...

Female Newscaster: Up next, Olympic ice skating champ Michelle Kwan joins us live. She's gonna tell us how she is bringing the magic of "Mulan" to life on the ice.

Commercial break, followed by more clips of "Mulan" interspersed with clips from various live Disney shows

MN: The Disney movie "Mulan" based on a popular Chinese legend will hit the big screen later this month, but for those who just can't wait, Olympic silver medalist Michelle Kwan will skate to the music from the animated feature on a primetime special called "Reflections on Ice." And Kwan, who grew up in Torrance, was told the story of Mulan by her parents, both natives of China.

FN: Michelle Kwan joins us live from Hollywood to tell us more about skating and starring in the small-screen special of Mulan. Thanks for joining us, Michelle

Michelle is shown on the monitor, wearing a blue long-sleeved top and her charm necklace

Michelle Kwan: No problem.

FN: I heard your dad kind of had some tears in his eyes when he heard you were gonna be playing Mulan.

Back to Michelle with the caption: MICHELLE KWAN, SILVER MEDALIST / "MULAN"

MK: Well, they gave me a sneak preview before the World Championships and, um, my dad usually doesn't cry at movies, but when I turned around and saw him, he had tears in his eyes.

Big "Ahhh"

MN: Oh, that's great.

MK: (smiling) Yeah...

MN: Well, what's it mean for you personally to be able to play this role?

As Michelle responds, they show a clip from the special in which Michelle skates with the fans

MK: Well, I think it's really important for me because I can relate to the story of Mulan. I heard it, um, as I was growing up, and I was really intrigued by the story of it. About a courage... about a young girl who has courage and is dedicated to what she wants to do and really determined. And so when I skate to it... I can really do it.

FN: You're 17 now, and Mulan in the movie is 17, so you have some other things in common with her. Like, you both fought for your country in a sense when you were at the Olympics.

MK: Well, that's true... When she was fighting in the war, she was fighting for herself, for her family, and for the country. And when I'm skating, I'm skating for myself... for my family, and at the Olympics, for the country.

MN: Obviously you have a lot of skating left in your lifetime, but would you ever, eventually, like to get into a little more acting?

MK: Well, that's why I like this TV special that I'm doing. I can really act... I can put my personality in it, and I can pretend that I'm Mulan.

FN: (laughs) Well, ya know, you know all the lyrics to the songs in "The Little Mermaid." You're just like me, I listen to those songs too...

Michelle laughs

FN: ...and "Pocahontas," and "Peter Pan." You're part of the Disney family now -- how does that feel?

MK: Oh, it feels great!

FN: I bet.

MK: Yeah, I've been watching Disney since I was an (she holds her thumb and forefinger an inch apart) itty-bitty kid, so to be a part of them is just incredible, a dream come true.

MN: Michelle, we're gonna show the audience a quick full-screen on information about the show tomorrow...

MK: Oh, great!

MN: Ah...Take a look at that. It's called Mulan, of course, "Michelle Kwan Skates to the Music of Disney's Mulan." It's tomorrow night, right here on ABC-7 at 8 pm. So don't forget -- tomorrow night, 8 pm, check out Michelle Kwan.

FN: Oh, great -- Thanks, Michelle.

MK: You're welcome.

FN: And my little -- (I think she said the name of her child but I couldn't understad her) -- will be watching!

MK: Okay, great!

FN: Alright, thank you.

MK: Bye! (waves)

MN: She's only 17 years old...

FN: Can you believe it?

MN: ...and so talented!

Huge thanks to Jenny for for this transcript!

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