This isn't word for word in some places. I had a very hard time transcribing this for some reason (also, the sound was very low, and I couldn't make out some of things.) However, I didn't miss any of the Michelle stuff...only Sinbad goofing around. You aren't missing anything! :-) Thanks to Jenny, who filled in some of the gaps for me!

Sinbad: Hi, this is Sinbad. I've snuck down on the set of "Mulan." This is "Mulan on Ice." We couldn稚 get them to come do Vibe, so I snuck down here myself. I see Michelle Kwan over there now. I知 sure she値l be happy to see me. We値l get over there with my camera crew and I知 sure everything痴 going to work out. Hi everybody! I知 a little late. Just act like your part of the show, and that way you can get away with these kind of things. Michelle Kwan! How you doing? Hi. I知 Sinbad, from Vibe. How you doing?

They are on the Mulan set, during the 田elebration scene where the ice is black. (典rue to your Heart was the song they skated to.) The other cast members are skating in the background. Michelle is in her soldier costume, with her hair down. She shakes Sinbad痴 hand.

Michelle Kwan: Good, how are you?

S: I知 doing good. I had a few problems getting my people getting me down here for Mulan. I want you to explain Mulan on ice, cause I can't wait to see the cartoon myself.

MK: Well, Mulan is a Disney movie...a new animation coming out on the 19th of June.

S: Yes, yes.

MK: And I知 also doing Mulan on ice (Michelle points to the rink), which is coming out June 16th. We池e working on it right now.

S: This will be network?

MK: Yes, uh, Disney.

S: Oh yea?

MK: Yes. And I知 dressing up as a soldier as you can see. (They pan down to show Michelle痴 full costume.)

S: So are you the star?

MK: (she hesitates) Yea...Mulan is the story. (she laughs)

S: See, that痴 what I知 saying. (Turns to talk into the camera) See, these are the things you know when you do like, deep reporting. She is the star. Now, are there other Olympic skaters here too?

MK: Yes, there痴 Philippe Candeloro, who痴 from France. Three time... (he cuts her off)

S: I致e spent a lot of years in France. I know Philippe. Me and Philippe, we used to hang out, and eat a lot of croissants together. (Michelle laughs) Philippe! He should know me. (She touches his arm and laughs)

MK: (still laughing) No! He..

S: Philippe knows me. He knows me!

MK: (to someone off camera)Let me get him!

S: Philippe! Ask him! We skated a lot. (Jeff Billings, the costume designer, passes by in the background.)

MK: There痴 Liz Punsalan and Jerod Swallow

S: Yes.

MK: Who痴 the dance champions.

S: All right!

MK: And it痴 a great story because, Mulan, I致e heard of this for many years, when I was young. And, just grew up knowing about it. And now, Disney痴 coming out with a new animation, so it痴 really exciting.

S: Now, why is the ice black? Does it get dirty? (Michelle痴 laughs) I know lots of people are skating. So, if it痴 dirt right now, they are going to clean it up for the show, right?

MK: No, actually, it痴 special now. Because this is the end of the movie, I mean end of the scene on the ice. It痴 like a celebration. They wanted to do something different, so they made the ice black.

S: Oh, so it痴 like for technology. I should know. I used to skate.

MK: I致e never seen this before.

S: I致e never seen it before, either. Well, I have black ice, but it痴 because it痴 dirty, I don稚 have special techniques or anything. I used to skate. I can稚 believe I don稚 have my skates. I知 shocked they didn稚 ask me to do this. (Sees other skaters there.) Hey, how you all doing? (Walks over to the group.) I知 going to talk with some of the people. How you all doing? So, how long have you been rehearsing for this?

Male skater: (He痴 dressed as a butterfly) It痴 been since...uh, it痴 been 2 weeks now.

S: You are the biggest butterfly I have ever seen. (Everyone laughs) I just wanted to tell you. This is going to take butterflies to a whole new level. Butterflies have always been small. Now, after this show, you値l probably make butterflies be big after this.

Male skater #1: Yea.

S: And it痴 the first black butterfly I致e seen, so this is good, man.

Male skater #1: (Points to the ice) And we致e got black ice..

Tamara Kuchiki: (she was in the background during this) We致e got another black butterfly.

S: There痴 another black butterfly? See, that痴 what I am talking about man. (He skates over to Sinbad) Another black butterfly. How you doing?

Male skater #2: Great.

S: (to other skaters) Now, are you all butterflies, too?

Male skater #3: Yes, we are. For this scene, we are butterflies.

S: So, what do you all do? Are you killer butterflies? Do they kill Mulan? (Everyone laughs, and male skater #2 attacks him.) So they attack Mulan, that痴 what happens?

Skaters: (Joking) Yes.

MK: She skates over with an umbrella the skaters used in the scene. It痴 raining (I think that痴 what she was a little soft to hear.) She laughs.

S: (Laughs) So, in this scene...I used to do a whole routine. I can稚 believe you brought this to me. I had a dance routine with an umbrella. (Michelle does a little dance.) I used to do it with...where痴 the he at right now? The choreographer痴 husband. He used to do a dance show with me. Jamie, where痴 Jamie at? Let痴 show our steps. We did it on Broadway. Let痴 do our thing. (Sinbad and the man twirl the umbrellas dancing a little bit. Michelle waves her hands in the background. Everyone is hysterical.) See, it was a lot of Bob Fossi steps. We would have a button that would make it (the umbrella) pop down. It was very high tech. Very high tech for it痴 time. I want to say, guys, thank you so much for letting me come out here. Who can hook me up with some tickets? (They all laugh nervously.) Some tickets for, your know, the movie? You all got some hook ups? (Points the microphone towards Michelle, and she just stares at him...it痴 really cute.) Oh, it痴 like that...I see. No. (They all laugh) No one wants to help me out? That痴 fine. I値l get my own tickets. Don稚 worry about me....on ABC?

TK: on June 16th.

S: You must be the publicity person. Are you the publicity person??

TK: No, but I will be. (All laugh)

S: Now, I want to ask, is that painful with your hair done up like that? (It is in a bun)

TK: It痴 all air.

S: It痴 all air?

TK: It痴 all air.

S: I used to wear my hair like that in the show that we did on Broadway. It was way ahead of it痴 time. Now, I知 going to tell you. They asked me to be a butterfly years ago, but the world wasn稚 ready. But now...oh!

(Sarah Kawahara comes through the crowd.)

S: Here痴 the choreographer.

For some reason, I couldn稚 hear what was going on was just more of Sinbad having fun with him 澱eing on Broadway. ;-)

S: I want to say thank you so much.

MK: Michelle touches his head. You池e bleeding!

S: Am I bleeding? These are special effects from Mulan. These umbrellas are very dangerous. To children at home. Don稚 pop these open without parents around. Actually, they池e like ancient martial arts. Where痴 my martial arts guy?

Man: Right here.

S: These are used in the martial arts. A woman carrying umbrellas wasn稚 being nice, she was killing folks...I知 so glad Disney痴 got insurance, I知 about to get paid! I知 about to be the richest man that ever lived. I love Disney...I love Disney, man. I better slip on the ice before I get out of here. Thank you guys. Thank you Michelle so much. Congratulations. They shake hands. Make sure you watch the show when?

MK: June 16th.

S: June 16th.

MK: Points to the camera. Watch it!

S: On Disney?

MK: Yep.

S: And the movie? June 19th?

MK: It痴 great.

S: It痴 great.

Michelle laughs.

Listen to the interview.

Thanks to Jenny for the audio clip.

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