This was aired on the afternoon of the day the ladies were to skate their long program. Carson Daly is the host of TRL on and Hillary Burton is a correspondent on the show for those who don't know. Here's the transcript of the show:

Carson Daly: (He's in studio in New York) We are fortunate enough if you've been watching. (Referencing the Olympics) We have our own Hillary Burton out there making some attempts to ski, and skate, and hang out with all the Olympic athletes and tonight Michelle Kwan goes for the gold. And Hillary is hanging out with Michelle in Salt Lake and we'll check in with them right now and see how they're doing.

(Clips of Michelle in practice doing a spiral and layback spin)

Hillary Burton: Hey, what's up guys, I'm out here hanging in the Athletes Village with Olympic figure skater Michelle Kwan. (Michelle waves to the camera.) How is it like living in this village with all these other people from all these different countries?

Michelle Kwan: (She's wearing a navy ROOTs sweater, hair is down, navy ROOTs jacket on her arm.) It's really exciting, I mean I'm just walking around, I'm shopping, getting some souveniers, just strolling around. It's fun just meeting a bunch of people.

HB: Is it nice competing in your own country?

MK: Oh yeah, Go USA! (She gives a thumbs up sign)

HB: Now everybody has you slated to win the gold medal. Does that put a lot of pressure on you?

MK: There is always pressure. All you want to do is skate well and that's what I'm here to do.

HB: Is there a lot of pressure wearing those little outfits? I know we have some TRL artists who get kind of skimpy (they say skimpy together). (There is then a clip of Michelle in the short program in the purple Vera Wang dress.)

MK: Oh come on, I mean, I don't have a bare midriff or anything. So there are rules.

HB: It's jut something you get used to?

MK: There are rules

HB: Oh! (they're kinda both talking at once)

MK: But we do have tights and we have our little sequins and pretty things.

HB: What music do you listen to when you're getting all pumped up to go out ready to skate?

MK: I listen to all sorts...N Sync...everything.

HB: A lot of pop music?

MK: A lot of pop Ahh, I do like Sade and you know relax, Tracy Chapman.

HB: right

MK: You know I have a stressful life you know. So I want to...

HB: Keep you calm.

MK: keep me calm

HB: So is there anybody back home that you want to give a shout out to on TRL?

MK: (Waving to camera) Hi Bradley, hi Karen, hi Ron. I love you. (Blows a kiss to the camera). Miss you.

(They show a clip of Michelle doing a triple lutz and sit spin from the short program)

CD: Nice. Tonight Michelle and fellow Americans Sasha Cohen and Sarah Hughes take the ice at 9:30 tonight on NBC. Also tonight cross country, Alpine, and Nordic-Combine skiing. Do check out the Olympics if you would like to.

Huge thanks to Chance for this transcript!

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