Michelle was a guest at a White House dinner Thursday, April 8! It was shown live on C-SPAN. I watched the C-SPAN broadcast of the White House's Official Dinner for the Chinese Premier when it was repeated later that day. It was great! There were two women talking about the dinner, how prestigious the dinner was (it's only the 20th formal dinner during the Clinton presidency), etc. While showing the guests walking in, they said that the press would ask some of the guests to stop and take pictures. Most of the guests I saw weren't asked to stop. They cut away from the guest arrivals for a few minutes. During the second part of the arrivals, Michelle came! I think she was wearing the same dress that she wore at the Women's Sports Foundation Dinner, but I'm not 100% sure. She looked really nice. Shep Goldberg, her agent was with her. Anyway, when Michelle walked through, she stopped for a long time posing for pictures! :-)

A little later, they showed the president, first lady, Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji, and his wife greeting all the guests (there were over 200!) They started showing the recieving line about 2 people before Michelle. When Michelle greeted President Clinton, he spoke with her for a while, and they were both smiling. He turned and introduced her to the Chinese Premier, and he smiled a lot. Wow! :-) The camera was on the president at that point, so they didn't show Michelle greeting the first lady (remember, Hillary said that Michelle was a sports hero in an article last month. Check out more info on that article.) One of the women commentating said that she recognized Michelle. They did show both men greeting Shep. During that greeting, they pointed towards Michelle (who was just ahead of Shep), and they were both still smiling. :-)

Then, they showed the toasts of President Clinton and Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji at the dinner. I knew that I saw the back of Michelle's head, but my mom said I was wrong. Then, she turned, and you saw that it was her! She was at a great table...right towards the front! I didn't catch the last 17 minutes or so because my tape ran out. :-( I don't think I missed anything, though.

Here was the schedule of the arrival/dinner according to C-SPAN's site. The time listed is from the broadcast repeat at 2:47am. ** means Michelle was shown.

02:47 Guest arrival
02:53 Chef's preparations
02:58 Guest arrival **

03:01 Preparation of decorations
03:03 Usher interview
03:16 Desert preparations
03:27 Grand Foyer
03:27 Entrance of president and premier
03:33 Musical rehersal
03:34 recieving line **

04:15 Decorations
04:16 Musical rehersal
04:19 Official toasts **

04:46 Chef's preparations

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Photo Jay Adeff