Semi-off-topic, but Red Violin won Best Original Score at the Oscars Sunday! And the piece they played from it was part of what Michelle skates to. I think it's a good omen. :)

Lyra Angelica was #1 on the Skate Radio countdown this week! Good job! This week's song is Dante's Prayer. Please request this song once a day until Saturday at 8pm EST if you want it to get to number one on the countdown! Don't forget that you can also call toll free (jump down for complete info on how to request) as many times as you want, and this will count as well. Let's get a Michelle song to number one for the second week in a row! :)
Two reports on Michelle's practices before leaving for Worlds. Both positive...

From the USFSA's AOL board:

I was at one of her practices and saw her land 9 Triple/Triple's in a row. Frank Carroll her coach says if she lands the combination 80% of the time she will perform in competition, her practice lasted about 45 minutes. She worked manly on the second lutz in the program, and the loop, and then the 3-3 combo. I'm telling you her loop is looking great....and you should see the new variation on the spiral sequence your gonna love it especially if you thought Sasha Cohen's was good. I talked to Carroll he said i she misses the 3-3 when they are practicing the long, they start over. Gives her more determination. Michelle also said, that she hasn't attempted the triple axel in nearly two years, since a little after the olympics, because of the 99 World's when she fell on the double. Her second lutz is great, and she said she is ready, to attack, because this year she doesn't have to defend. She said It's just like 96' I have a huge competitior...which is Irina Slutskaysa, in 96 her main competitor was Lu Chen.

Then jkovner posted the following on the MK Forum

I just got back from California, and have caught MK's last few practices, often sharing the ice with her. Michelle looks great!! Everything is very, very solid. Here is a list of changes in her programs.
Short: footwork into triple flip.
Long: loop and double axel swap places; new arm movements on layback; charlotte into a butterfly at the end of the program.

It has been said that MK has a new spiral sequence, but that is false; the spiral sequence in her LP has been since nationals not quite the same as her standard spiral sequence: it's more like a inside-arabesque-outside spiral sequence. Have have not seen her do a flawed SP runthrough, and have only seen one majorly flawed LP. Her triple-triple is really on, and she's been doing it on the tail end of some really off axis jumps, so that's a good sign.

The song that was picked to try to get to number one in Skate Radio's top ten countdown (jump down for more info), chaconne for Violin and Orchestra from The Red Violin Soundtrack, was #9 on the countdown (East of Eden was #5). The song for this week is Lyra Angelica. Please request this song once a day until Saturday at 8pm EST if you want it to get to number one on the countdown! Don't forget that you can also call toll free (jump down for complete info on how to request) as many times as you want, and this will count as well. Let's get Lyra Angelica to number one! :)
A first hand account of Michelle's practice one day on FSW. Here's what Knick said:

She was landing the triple loop consistently. I would say the triple-triple was landed about 50%. She was practicing a lot of double axels and landing all of them. Her spins looked faster than Nationals.
On Skate Radio, which I spoke about eariler, they have a top ten countdown each week. Michelle's music has been on the countdown each week, but on the MK Forum, it was suggested that people request the same song so it can hopefully be number one! Worth a try, huh? :) So, this week, the song chaconne for Violin and Orchestra from The Red Violin Soundtrack was picked. This is about 10 minutes long, and has most of the music Michelle uses in her Red Violin program. So, request this song if you want to push it to number one! You can still request any other Michelle songs you wish to hear. Only one request per song per day counts though, so if you request a song 3 times a day, it will only count once for the countdown.
I've had a lot of school work lately, so I haven't had a chance to add this to the site. I'm sure a lot of you know about this by now, but for those of you who don't, there is the most amazing thing online...a radio station with all skating music! I listen to it all the time. They've played lots of Michelle's music, and they recently added even more songs to their playlist. So, go and check out Skate Radio. You can make requests by calling toll free 1-800-655-4443 or by clicking on "Requests" from their homepage. Then, just enter Michelle's name into the search, and you will see all the Michelle songs you can request (they've also played several songs that have been in Michelle's Disney specials).
There's a Q and A with Michelle from that has several nice pictures, and clips of her giving the answers! Check it out!
Diane posted on the MK Forum that Michelle was mentioned in a Timothy Goebel online chat (I can't believe I forgot about it!). Here's what was said in the chat: (Thanks Diane!)

Q: Are you friends with Michelle Kwan?
A: I've gone to quite a few competitions with Michelle this year, so I've gotten to know her pretty well.

Andrea posted on the MK Forum that Michelle is mentioned in the book What we did last summer, part of the "Love Stories" series. Here's the quote from the book: (Thanks Andrea!)

On a scale of one to ten, this day had been a nine. And as soon as Josh came to his senses and ropped Raleigh, I had a feeling that I was going to experience more tens than Michelle Kwan at an amateur skating competition!
Not exactly about Michelle, but I thought you'd like to know that several things that are connected to Michelle are being nominated for awards. The movie, The Red Violin, was nominated for a Golden Globe in the "best foreign language film" category. Also, the music from The Red Violin is nominated for a Grammy award in the "Best Instrumental Composition Written For A Motion Picture, Television Or Other Visual Media" category. In addition, the song "A Day In The Life" is nominated for a Grammy in the "Best Pop Instrumental Performance" category, which is for instrumental recordings, with or without vocal coloring, by an Orchestra, Group or Soloist. Singles or Tracks only. I just thought that was interesting. :-)
The Worcester Telegram and Gazette has named Frank Carroll as one of the Top 20 Coaches from Central Massachusetts of the century! He is number 11 on their list. Here is what it says about Frank:

He lived behind Worcester Arena, where he learned how to skate. While at Holy Cross, Carroll traveled year-round honing his skills with his friends on the U.S. Skating team. The former Ice Capades performer developed into an elite international coach who has handled champions such as Linda Fratianne, Chris Bowman and Michelle Kwan.
Michelle was named to a very interesting list. Aloette Cosmetics put out a list of their 12 most attractive female athletes in American sports, and Michelle was number 4! Here's what they said about Michelle, "She is gorgeous even in the midst of competition. Her body and facial features seem perfectly sculpted, and she never loses her composure." You can read more about it in Gabrielle Reece Leads the Way on the Aloette List of the Dozen Most Attractive Women Athletes

Ask Michelle a question! On, you can ask Michelle a question, and she may answer it. She will answer a total of 16 questions, 4 in each of her next books. If your question is answered, you also will receive a copy of The Winning Attitude. To enter, just go to Disney Books Fun and Games, and click on "Ask Michelle Kwan." You have to login. If you are registered in any part of the go network, just use that user name. Otherwise, you need to register (it's free.) Or, you can go straight to Ask Michelle Kwan. Here is what is written on the site. (Thanks Shallah!)

Hey, Michelle Kwan, How Did You Do That?

Having trouble with your triple flip? Or maybe you just want to know what her favorite food is? Now is your chance to ask champion figure skater Michelle Kwan whatever you want to know about skating and the life of a skater. If chosen, your question, along with the answer, will be included in the new Michelle Kwan paperback series coming spring 2000.

From the questions submitted, Michelle will choose four to answer in each book. There are four books in all, so 16 lucky readers will have their questions answered by Michelle and receive a copy of her book The Winning Attitude.

So submit your question along with your user name, and maybe Michelle will choose your question to answer.

Googoo posted on the MK Forum that Michelle was voted #3 on an poll asking "If you could experience what it's like from the inside of a famous person's life, who would you chose?" The other choices were Madonna, Martha Stewart, and Hillary Clinton. The results were:

31% Madonna
31% Martha Stewart
24% Michelle Kwan
15% Hillary Clinton

You can read others thoughts on the poll (and post your own!) in the Inside The Fish Bowl post of the Oprah Message Boards.

Paul e-mailed me that in the November/December issue of the AT&T WorldNet Service Online Newsletter, there is an article about Michelle. Just about every other sentence has wrong info, though (did you know that you can only see her in competitions, and that she's going to Stanford? LOL!) Anyway, here's the article: (Thanks Paul!)

Six years after the nasty Tonya Harding-Nancy Kerrigan battle royale, figure skater Michelle Kwan still deals with the after-effects. If Harding hadn't skated in the 1994 Olympics in Lillehammer, two-time national champion Kwan would have been the replacement.

While she never made it to the performance ice, young Kwan did get to witness first-hand the social-grace meltdown of Kerrigan upon losing to media darling Oksana Baiul. Some say watching Kerrigan's poor sporting behavior has helped Kwan become the perfect star: hard-working and confident, yet quiet and respectful when things aren't going her way. Predicted to be the gold-medal winner in 1998, Kwan eventually lost to young teammate Tara Lipinski, who has since gone pro. That means Lipinski can earn money from touring with groups such as Disney on Ice and World Skating Champions on Ice, while Kwan, who remains an amateur, can only be seen in competitions.

Since 1998, Kwan has kept working hard for the 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City, while also dealing with her freshman year at Stanford, where she attracts nearly the same amount of daily attention as classmate Chelsea Clinton. She picked the school partially so she could be close to her family. She's also involved with social causes, such as helping the illiterate learn to read. Mostly, though, Kwan is studying and working hard to win gold in 2002.

Probably because of her connection with Disney, Michelle attended the premiere of the upcoming movie, Toy Story 2. For more info, check out Toy Story 2 Premiere a Family Affair. (Thanks Gem!)
Gayle sent me the following e-mail about a Michelle sighting. (Thanks Gayle !)

I own stock in the holding company which owns the Florida Panthers Hockey Team and the National Car Rental Center in Sunrise, Fla. In the annual company report, there are photos which highlight events which have taken place in the Center. On this page is a colored picture of Michelle Kwan which (I think) comes from her performance during the summer COI tour, 1999. Needless to say, I was both surprised and pleased to see Michelle representing figure skating to the stock holders of this company!

I have no idea what this game show is, but I received through that Michelle was a question on the game show, Pressure 1, on November 13. The question was "In what olympic sport does michelle kwan compete?" Answer, of course, "Figure skating."
It's official. Frank Carroll is moving to another rink, Healthsouth Training Center in El Segundo.
From the latest Blades on Ice Updates, a note for anyone attending Skate America. The World Figure Skating Museum in Colorado Springs will have a special exhibit on Skate America that will have one of Michelle's costumes! Also in the BOI update is more info about Michelle's game and the Masters.
Monthly update on where Michelle is on the Internet Female Stars Top 100 list. She debuted in June at 74. In July, she moved up to 43. In August, she jumped up to 12. For September, she's went into the top at 7. Where did she finish for Ocotber? Number 5!! Can we get her to #1 on the list? Check out the full list. Then, go and vote for Michelle!!
Michelle is going to have an online chat on Tuesday, September 28 at 7:30 pm EST. Of course, it would be when I have class. :-( Oh well. The chat is on AOL (guess it doesn't matter that I have class...I don't have AOL anyway!) More info can be found at FAO Girl. Here's what the page said when I last checked:

FAO Girl is very pleased to present......The Winning Attitude written by Michelle Kwan.

Holder of over twenty titles and winner of two World championships, three U.S. National championships, and an Olympic Silver Medal, she is the most decorated female figure skater of the decade.

This inspirational book will coach you on how to act and think like a true champion - whatever your goals may be.

Please join Michelle Kwan on Tuesday, September 28th at 7:30 P.M., for a very special, live, online chat.

To participate in this special event log-on to AOL using your member name and password and type keyword: live.

Stay tuned for more information on how you can get an autographed copy of..... The Winning Attitude!

For the non AOLers (like me), check out a transcript of the chat.

Karen e-mailed me about two new books Michelle is featured in. They both sound very interesting. Here's what Karen e-mailed me. (Thanks Karen!)

The first book is a children's book put out by the American Girl Library, called, "Good Sports: Winning, Losing, and Everything in Between." It's a basic guide aimed at 8 to 13 year old girls on what to expect from individual and team sports, how to balance sports and school, what to do about sport eager parents, etc. In between the chapters are sections written by practitioners of the sport called, "ask the pros": Julie Foudy writes about being a team player; Nikki McCray writes about being friends with your competition; Michelle Kwan writes about coming back from disapointment; and Kalyn Keller writes about motivation.

The other book is an adult coffee table book also with the phrase 'good sports' in the title. It's called "Good Sports: Athletes Your Kids Can Look Up To." This is a nice looking volume put out by Beckett Publications, lots of photos. Basically, it lists 30 athletes, and describes why they should be looked upon as children's role models.

The Beckett book is especially nice looking... the athletes featured are Jim Abbot, Troy Aikman, Cris Carter, Cynthia Cooper, Terrell Davis, Tim Duncan, Doug Flutie, Jeff Gordon, Cammi Granato, Adam Graves, Mia Hamm, Grant Hill, Erie Irvin, Michelle Kwan, Mario Lemieux, Casey Martin, Mark McGuire (cover photo), Paul Molitor, Mercury Morris, Alan Page, Walter Peyton, Kirby Puckett, Cal Ripken jr., Nolan Ryan, Sammy Sosa, Gene Stallings, Pat Summitt, JC Watts, Pat Williams, and Ricky Williams.

Each athlete gets about 4 pages of text and photos. The photos of Michelle Kwan include a photo from "East of Eden" (second page inset of the book, across from the table of contents), the Olympic podium, pose from "Lyra Angelica", a spiral from "Ariane," and a layback from "Dante's Prayer."

Update on where Michelle is on the Internet Female Stars Top 100 list. She debuted in June at 74. In July, she moved up to 43. In August, she jumped up to 12. For September, she's ranked...#7!! You got her in the top ten! Let's keep voting this month to move her into the top 5. Can we get her to #1 on the list? Check out the full list. Then, go and vote for Michelle!!
On the Kwan list a few days ago, Antoinette posted about a friend skating at the same rink as Michelle. Here's what she wrote. (Thanks Antoinette!)

Ann said that she saw Michelle land the triple flip/triple toe combination and the triple lutz/triple toe combination. Michelle did not do a full run through but worked on her jumps. But before and after the jumps she did the choreography leading into the jump. Ann said that Michelle looked great and was landing her jumps very well.

Also on the ice was a young lady named Beatrica Liang, who won a medal in Novice lady's at last February's Nationals. Michelle took time off from her own practice to compliment Beatricia on her lutz. Beatricia was thrilled.

jkovner posted the following messages on the MK Forum: (Thanks jkovner!)

I met Michelle (she's absolutely wonderfuly), saw her new programs (they're great), and was recognized by Danny Kwan on the street. I was there for a two-week training camp

Michelle looked great, she has a new haircut that looks very good. I can't quite describe it! She looks like she's in very good shape and she looks mature. Her short program is great, she's upping the difficulty of her solo jump. Well, Michelle looks sexy in her new short, and if the Red Violin cause a splash, wait until this hits the ice. Her footwork sequence is difficult and innovative and her spins are looking very, very, very good. Michelle is putting more details and originality into both of her programs this year. Her long program is extremely creative and is paced very well. For example, her triple flip is fairly late in the program. This season is a second transformation--not as radical as it was four years ago, but Michelle has gone from great, to greater. I hope you enjoy Michelle's programs as much as I did.

I'm deliberately not mentioning music! Her short program is sexy in that the moves combining with the music is a much more mature package, and it's not like Maria B's slinky, slinky, short. No other skater has presented a program like her short for the coming season! Her layback position is different, and is beautiful, but it is not the classic, Dorothy Hamill Layback. Michelle changes her leg positions, according to what would look good with her arms. However, in both programs her spins are fast and inventive. Michelle's LP is kinda dark and passionate. But stylistically it's different for Michelle (I can't put it into so many words). I really admire Michelle for trying to constantly reinvent herself when she doesn't have to. Should I tell you the music? Put yourself in my situation... I don't know if Michelle's trying to keep it a secret like she did with LA, and if she is I don't want to undermine that.

jkovner later added these posts

I think Michelle has changed more drastically than last year, but definetly not in a bad way. Michelle's hair is fuller around her head, very unusual, but it looks good. I couldn't describe her hair as being long, though--It didn't seen like she was gonna grow it back out, though. Michelle's double Axel looked very solid in practice, there. One never truly realizes how big Michelle's double Axel is. I think Michelle has the best woman's double Axel today, she just takes risks in delaying it and making it bigger. My friend was there while she was practicing the triple Axel, and while it wasn't consistent, she did land several. Michelle was skating very fast! Her short program is not to classical music. Michelle's spiral sequence is slightly different, but she's still got the Kwan spiral.

While I was at Lake Arrowhead, Michelle was only doing the triple toe-triple toe--but it looked very strong. Someone else said they saw her land a triple flip-triple toe, but I didn't.

Michelle's footwork sequence [in the short program] is a very original circular footwork sequence.

I think that her new programs are better than this past season's.

Wow! For the last two months, you may have voted to move Michelle up the Internet Female Stars Top 100 list. She debuted on the list at 74, then moved to 43 last month. This month she is...12!! Great work! Let's keep voting this month to move her into the top ten!
Mark sent me this interesting Michelle sighting. (Thanks Mark!)

I saw Michelle at the Grand Opening of The Loma Linda University Orthopedic Center in San Bernardino, CA at 3:00 pm July 9, 1999. She was the guest of honor at the event. She graciously cut the ribbon for the new building's dedication at the request of Dr. Leisure Yu, the same therapist who helped her get back to competition level after she broke her toe last year. She also signed autographs for her fans alongside fellow Ice Castle friends, ice dancers Marina Klimova and Sergei Ponomarenko. Michelle was accompanied by both her parents. I am pleased to inform all her curious fans that as a going-off-to-college gift, her parents bought her a Lexus LX470 sport utility vehicle. As for myself, she signed my 1998 Champions On Ice program and I wished her luck and told her that I might see her in a few classes in UCLA because I too am an incoming freshman.

Check out this article about the event, which also includes a picture of Michelle cutting the ribbon!

Julie sent me this media mention. (Thanks Julie!)

There was a mention of Michelle on National Public Radio today! The commentators were talking about the U.S. Women's Soccer Team and their World Cup final. They said that if the U.S. lost, there would still be interest in it because of the attitudes of the U.S. soccer players. Then they mentioned the dignity of Michelle Kwan after her silver medal in Nagano. They said that she accepted the medal and moved on with her life and increased the public interest in skating even more. I'm not sure that was exactly what was said, but that was the jist of it!!

Remember voting last month to move Michelle up the Internet Female Stars Top 100 list? Well, this month, she's moved from 74 to 43! Good work. Keep voting this month to move her even higher!
Maryann forwarded me a newsletter from the World Internet Charts that included this:

Michelle Kwan {!} this month's WCF Smash Female Star! (Celebrity of the Month)

You can see Michelle listed at the top of the Internet Female Stars Top 100 homepage with that honor. Also, check out the Full Top 100 List, and see Michelle listed at #74! BTW, that's one above "Star Wars" star Natalie Portman. There are several things to take note of on this full list.

  • There is a fat pulsating bullet in the first column, which means the star is climbing very fast up the list. For Michelle (at #74), this means she had to jump at least 20 places to get the bullet. She did--she went from not on the list (lower than 101) to #74.
  • In the second column, the number is on a blue background, not black, which means the star is at her peak position on the list. Obviously, since this is Michelle's first week on the list, she's at her peak position (although we'll get her higher, right?)
  • The third column is the star's position last week (a "-" is there in Michelle's case since she wasn't on the list last week.) The fourth column is the # of weeks on the chart. Again, this is her first week on the chart, so this is a 1.
  • The fifth column is a graphic that you can click that will take you to the voting booth so you can vote for Michelle for this week.
  • Next to Michelle's name is a white star rotating in a blue circle. This means that the star has received a large increase in points from voters. Each week only three stars are awarded. The help file says, "So if a title has a star behind it, you know that it is one of the three titles with the fastest growing support." Yea for everyone voting for Michelle! Singer Britney Spears (#20) and "Austin Powers" star Heather Graham (#82) are the other two with these stars.
  • Next to the star is a symbol with an exclamation mark in a blue square. This means that at one time the World Charts Foundation picked this star to be the Smash title of the week. Every week, they pick one brand new star that they believe will perform very well in the charts. So, they believe that Michelle will do good on the charts! Let's prove them right!
  • Finally, the last column lists the star's peak position. This is Michelle's first week, so this is 74.

The above info is according to the charts help page. And, one more time, go and vote for Michelle!

When Scott Hamilton was on Donny and Marie Thursday, Michelle was mentioned! In the "Michelle mentioned (briefly) in Scott Hamilton interview" topic on the MK Forum, Ji wrote:

Marie turned to Donny and said, "Who's the skater who was on the show that said she thinks of pink elephants when she jumps? She's so darling, but we have so many skaters on the show...who is she?" Neither Donny or Marie would remember until someone off camera yelled, "Michelle Kwan!" Then they both said, "Michelle Kwan, yeah that's right. She's great." THEN I think I heard Scott say, "She's beautiful." or "She's a beautiful skater." The camera wasn't on him so it was hard to tell.

Check out my transcript of the November 9, 1998 show if you don't remember the pink elephant comment.

Michelle must be a big hockey fan! She was spotted at another hockey game, this time during the broadcast of ESPN's Dallas Stars vs. Colorado Avalanche playoff game! According to Diane's post on the MK forum, also in attendence was her sister, Karen, Elena Berezhnaya, and Shae-Lynn Bourne. (Thanks Diane!)
I keep forgetting to add this. The movie, The Red Violin, comes out in US theaters on June 11. When Samuel L. Jackson, one of the stars of the movie, was on Jay Leno last week to plug Star Wars (talk about doing a variety of movies...sorry, off topic), he talked a little about The Red Violin. The soundtrack is out in stores. You can hear some clips, plus see trailers, pictures, and more from the movie from Sony's site.
There's a lot of info about Michelle in the May update of Blades on Ice News Briefs & Results. Michelle talks about One More Time, from the "Message in a Bottle" soundtrack (she read the book but didn't see the movie), her voice-over in Family Guy, the fact that she might use Red Violin next year as a long program, UCLA, COI, and more. Check it out!
President Clinton mentioned Michelle in his Proclamation for Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month.
Vote for Michelle in the Teen Choice Awards! Michelle is nominated for the "Choice Female Athlete," which is question #26. She is the first athlete listed under that category! You have until July 9 to vote, and must be between 12 and 20 to vote. You can only vote once. (Thanks Anna!)
Not really about Michelle, but Naomi Nari Nam was on Jay Leno Wednesday, March 17. I thought that they would mention Michelle, and they did. She said that they were friends, and, when Jay asked her if they were competitive, she said no, that she looks up to her. She said that she goes to Lake Arrowhead once a week. She also told about Danny Kwan helping her with the double axel. Jay said that was good for the sport.
The first lady said Michelle is a sports hero! In an article that Hillary Rodham Clinton wrote at on March 10 about Joe DiMaggio's death, she said:

For generations of American boys who wanted to grow up to be baseball players, Joe DiMaggio was a hero and a role model. Now, girls, too, have sports heroes to emulate -- athletes like soccer star Mia Hamm, Women's National Basketball Association player Lisa Leslie and Olympic skater Michele Kwan.

Read the whole article.

Mike sent me this info. (Thanks Mike!)

I attended a hockey game in Anaheim California last night, (3-10-99) and sitting two rows behind me was Michelle Kwan. During an intermission, I asked her if she would autograph a hockey puck for me. She did. She was very kind, and also signed a ticket for my friend. Also, I was at Fan Fair 99, and was able to see Michelle perform on the ice. She was great, although the show wasn't very long. About the 5x7 flyer advertising her performance that day, one was inserted into each free program that everyone received upon entrance.

On AOL, Tiffany & Johnnie Stiegler have a weekly diary. (If you have AOL, go to aol://4344:113.tiffjs.32119493.603316482) In the Feb 18 entry, Johnnie mentioned Michelle and her sister Karen. Here's the quote:

We loved our Nationals, and loved seeing our special friends compete and also do well, Fitz, Michelle and Karen, Timmy, Naomi, Shasa, Angela, Mike, Trifun, Bobby, Johnny, Donny, Derrick, Mat, Sara, Kathy, and many others.

Win Michelle's skates! In conjunction with Michelle guest starring on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, has a contest to win an autographed skate by Michelle! Ten other winners will each receive a Michelle Kwan poster. To win, you just have to answer four questions (which should be very simple if you are a Michelle fan!). A winner will be picked March 15, 1999.
You might have caught the ESPYs on ESPN Monday. Michelle was on the selection committee! Read more about it in Committee is newly found (Thanks Cecelia!)
Ming-Na Wen was on Donny and Marie Wednesday, and Michelle was mentioned. Here's what Brian has to say about it. (Thanks Brian!)

Michelle was mentioned on the Donnie and Marie show today. As one of their guests they had the women who played the voice of Mulan. Marie asked if Donnie met her while working on Mulan and he never really answered but said he met her at the taping of Reflections on Ice! The women said Oh yea, the ice skating show with Michelle Kwan! Then Donnie agreed and said yes, she is great or something like that.

Michelle will skate at the Mighty Ducks FanFair '99 Sunday, January 17!

Also, there will be a live Fan Cam from the event! Tune in at 11:30am pacific time, when Michelle is scheduled to skate.

Here's some information on the Fan Fair Michelle skated at Sunday. A friend of mine attended, but, because of traffic, she arrived at the rink minutes after Michelle finished skating her program. She did see Michelle on the ice, though. She said that Michelle wore this practice costume. Read my friends report. If anyone else went, send me your report!

Also, I was online, watching the live fan cam. It wasn't that good. You really couldn't see much. I saw about 4 shots of Michelle. I was only able to save one picture, her opening pose. Based on the length of time that she skated, I think she skated to Carmen. Check out the picture of her opening pose (though I warned you, it's not that great.)

A piece of Michelle at the Fan Fair Sunday was shown on NBC's Los Angeles affiliate, KNBC channel 4. Christine wrote a summary, and also was able to capture some pictures from the interview. Check it out! (Thanks Christine!)

Finally, Mike sent me a scan of the flyer advertising Michelle. (Thanks Mike!)

Do you like cryptograms? If so, check this one out! Thanks Grace!
Tammison sent me this e-mail...I can't believe I missed it when reading Blades on Ice Newsbriefs last week! (Thanks Tammison!)

PSA Commissions Commemorative Bronze Rochester, MN - The Professional Skaters Association is proud to announce the commission of a bronze sculpture to be called Ascension: The PSA Memorial to the Coaches of the 1961 U.S. World Figure Skating Team. The piece will be presented by the PSA to the United States Figure Skating Association for the World Figure Skating Hall of Fame and Museum in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The 1/2 life size commemorative bronze will be created by renowned scuptors Meghan and Douglas Taylor-Gebler of Prescott, Arizona, creators of such inspirational works as Wylie's Reach, Nicole's Layback, Death Spiral and Kristi Yamaguchi's Juliet. Their series of skating bronzes, entitled "From Blades to Bronze" has been previously exhibited at the World Figure Skating Hall of Fame and Museum, and is currently exhibiting through May, 1999, at the United States Olympic Complex Visitor Center in Colorado Springs.

"Ascension", which by definition can imply a move upward, progress, or a movement back in time or in the order of genealogical succession, was chosen as the title of the bronze because it represents the passing of knowledge from coaches to their students. The models for the piece will be 1997 Olympic Coach of the Year and 1997 & 1998 PSA Coach of the Year, Frank Carroll and current World Champion and Olympic Silver medalist Michelle Kwan.

The Taylor-Geblers' work is recognized for its incredible attention to detail of the human form in motion. They are motivated by the realization that in order for perfection in figure skating to be achieved there must be hours of dedicated effort on the part of rinks, parents, choreographers, coaches and skaters. The hard work of the people they are sculpting inspires them toward similar goals of perfection in their art.

For the PSA this is a unique and stunning opportunity to memorialize those who lost their lives en route to the 1961 World Championships. "This is a deeply emotional and profoundly personal experience for every PSA member," says Carole Shulman, the PSA's Executive Director. "Many of us knew and were coached by the people on board that ill-fated aircraft in 1961. Their lessons have been emblazoned on our hearts and minds and passed to our current generation of skaters. No one personifies this better than Frank Carroll, taught by his beloved Maribel Vinson Owen, and Michelle Kwan, the recipient of so much of their combined love and wisdom." Maribel Vinson Owen, World and US Champion herself during the 1920's and 1930's, was lost in the 1961 crash which also claimed the lives of her two daughters who were themselves continuing in their Mother's skating legacy.

The Association wants to remember the team and coaches who gave of themselves to instill knowledge, character and sportsmanship in their students -- important lessons to be passed on from generation to generation.

The official unveiling of the scuplture is scheduled for the PSA's World Coaches Conference, May 2000 in Orlando, Florida.

I remember seeing Kristi's Juliet in a picture and thinking how wonderful these sculptors were. I also remember thinking how much I would love to see them do one of Michelle. I think this is a fitting tribute to man who has given so much to Michelle and the sport of figure skating!

Coolestsk8man posted on FSW about seeing Michelle practice Ariane this weekend at Lake Arrowhead. Here's some highlights:

"It's a very different program then I'm used to seeing Michelle do! It is very Dramatic and it almost seems hard for her to get into! Today she looked kind of tired and a little gloomy! She still looked great though! She wasn't doing any jumps...All I can say is that the music is a bit odd and so is the choreography!"

"Yes I did see the Charlotte spiral! It was so awesome! She goes around the right corner of the ice and then goes down the whole sheet of ice doing the spiral with her head touching her right leg! It is soooooo beautiful! Her footwork into her triple lutz was very similar to last years. I couldn't think of the right word to use but her music wasn't odd it was almost haunting! It was so dramatic! I can now safely say I loved it! Soooooo different from 96,97,98!"

"Michelle begins with the same kind of runs as she had last year! She goes frontwards though! The music is not at all fast! Its actually pretty slow compared to last years!"

"For those who asked about the spins, the spins look pretty much the same, Except her layback position which is very interesting! She starts off with a straight leg and then slowly puts it in the normal layback possition."

Birthday Book Update! I got a letter in the mail from Michelle today! Check it out!
Blades on Ice Online reports that Michelle returned from her Hawaii family vacation at the end of August, where her grandmother and uncle from Hong Kong joined her. Shep Goldberg, her agent, confirms that she cut her hair short, "but has already decided to let it grow out." He also said that her new short program is a dramatic classical piece. (Scroll down for Tanya's report from Lake Arrohead where she talks about the program she saw.) About her new programs this year, Shep says that, "She is going in a new direction again with her new programs."
Tanya spent a week at Lake Arrowhead, and reported about what she saw on the skatefans mailing list. She is allowing me to repost the Michelle updates here. (Thanks Tanya)

Michelle showed up on Thursday and looked great, as usual. Her hair is now very short, but I overheard her saying that she is going to grow it back out. She was having a real problem keeping it out of her face. She was working on a new program with Laurie Nichol. I didn't recognize the music, but it was very dramatic classical music. I liked it, but some of the other adults thought it was too dark for her. We'll see once she gets the program together how it turns out. I was amazed at how much attention she gets, even in her own rink. There were always people asking for her autograph, picture, etc. She was very nice and gave everyone what they wanted. I felt kind of bad, though, because I asked her if she minded my taking pictures while she skated, and she said not at all, just no flash. And then some other people kept taking flash pictures. I was afraid that we were all going to have our cameras taken away...and they did disallow pictures on Michelle's sessions after that. *sigh*

I got a poster of Michelle today! Jamie posted on the MK list that Kmart has a beautiful poster of Michelle. I went there today to find it. It is in the toys section. First, I couldn't find the poster of her, and I figured that they didn't have that one. Then, I saw it (at my local Kmart, it was number 17)! There is a sticker next to it that says "new." Then, I looked in the slot, and there was only one left!! I was SO excited!! The poster has this picture of her doing a spiral from the first Caress ad. It has a black background. Her name is in gold on the bottom, and a copy of her signature is also in gold in the corner. The poster is made by "At-a-Glance", the company that makes the daily organizers, etc. Something else interesting...on the bottom of the corner, it says, "Michelle Kwan Corporation." It was only $3.99! VERY resonable if you ask me. If you have a Kmart near you, I recommend that you go and buy the poster now!! :-) This poster can also be purchased online! It's a little more expensive, but still worth it in my opinion. For more information, and to purchase the poster, go to Michelle Kwan Poster. Also, check out a picture of the poster (see, I told you it was a great poster!) Also, that site has other figure skating posters at Other Sports Posters
There are two great pictures of Michelle from Teen People's AOL site. A friend of mine that has AOL (I don't) sent me this info on how to download the pics.:

Keyword "Teen People"
Click on "Stars and Stuff"
Click on "Slideshow"
The last download on the page is titled "Michelle Kwan 2" (which was uploaded 7/17/98). The description from AOL: "Sportscenter Central: Figure skater Michelle Kwan and comedian/actor Adam Sandler meet and greet at the "ESPN Zone" opening party in Baltimore, MD."
For the second picture:
Press "List More Files" 4 times. The photo "Michelle Kwan" (which was uploaded 5/15/98) comes up in the last press. This is one of the (beautiful) pictures taken to promote the GWG.

There have been several posts on newsgroups, boards, etc about Michelle being honored in LA.
This is from Lisa, and I think it's a great idea!
MTV is doing a show called FANatic, where people get to meet and interview their favorite celebrities. Would you post the link to e-mail them to see if we could get some of her fans to write them....perhaps one of us would be lucky enough to get to interview her!

From Ultimate TV's website, you could vote for Michelle as the hottest July birthday girl! Michelle is now in the lead in this poll!! At this moment, she has over 54% of the votes!! When I first posted about this, she only had about 15% of the votes...way to go Michelle fans! Keep voting, and, if you haven't voted yet, go! :-)
Check out Tracy's review of the "Star Spangled Ice - Ice Castle's Fifteenth Anniversary," which took place on July 4. Michelle was the star of the show. :-)
The CNN/SI page has a special section for the July 4th holiday, titled Stars and Stripes Photo Gallery. Here's what it says about the section:

"To celebrate America's 222nd birthday, we combed through the SI photo archives to bring you this classic collection of star-spangled shots."

There are 15 photos in total, and one is of Michelle taking a flag from a fan after winning 1996 Worlds! Check out Michelle's Page in CNN/SI's "Stars and Stripes" section

I got this great e-mail from Jim yesterday. He is allowing me to post it here. This is another example of why we all love Michelle!

"I work at the local ABC station in Portland. This morning (Monday) Michelle was doing local interviews for stations around the country via satellite. We are using it this morning on our local morning show. These interviews are usually about 5 minutes long and they do one right after the other. The guest (Michelle) usually sits on a camera and talks remotely with whoever is interviewing them. I am sure you have seen these.

I see many of these types of interviews because I am in the business. The camera is on all the time so you can see the subjects and hear them inbetween segments. You can see them talking, applying makeup, etc. Most just sit there sorta quietly and do nothing.

What a refreshing change. Michelle was great. I watched over 1.5 hours of her sitting there, chatting with the crew, etc. She was a cut-up and a cutie. She has relaxed expressions and personality. I saw a relaxed side of her that I had never seen or known. It further let me know why she is currently my favorite skater. Not only has she got talent, she has a great personality and looks like someone you would love to be around a lot.

I was impressed just watching her. Because the image you see from all the skating and "info" segments on shows tends to show her as serious and driven all the least most of the time. I saw her cutting up and being a "normal" full of life and "let's let our hair down" and having fun. She was parodying being a news anchor for a while, acting silly for a while......all those things that make her an interesting and fun person.

She also talked about her family ties and the record.

I am totally impressed by this fine young lady. Very much so. And I wanted to share that with people who would understand."

Thanks SO much for this Jim!! :)

May is APA (Asian Pacific American) Heritage Month, which recognizes Asian American culture, contributions by prominent Asian Americans, etc. Check out the profile of Michelle on their site. Also, the characters for Michelle's Chinese name can be found at Famous Chinese-Americans. Her name is the seventh one on the list in the left hand column. If you click on each character, you'll get a definition--so you'll know what her name means. For example, one of the characters in her name means "outstanding, talented." That's our Michelle! :-)
Thanks to Yuan-Kwan Chan for this info!!

Michelle, along with other Winter Olympians, visited the White House. Also, she received the honor of presenting President Clinton with an Olympic Jacket. Picabo Street was actually chosen to present the jacket after a vote by the whole Olympic team, but she is injured and was unable to make the trip. So, Michelle, who was the second choice in the balloting, gave the jacket to the president. Read more about it in Lipinski's mom fumes as Olympians visit White House.

Also, check out these photos:

Blades on Ice reports that Michelle Kwan's coach, Frank Carroll, said that she "may skip the early internationals next season." It also says that Michelle "gets her high school diploma this summer and wants to take some college courses."
According to the article "Kaleidoscope Media Group Announces New Programming", KMG is offering a number of specials including the "Ice Fantasies Collection." The six ice skating thematic spectaculars, are based on popular fairy tales as well as George Gershwin and other renowned composers. They star the greatest figure skaters in the world. Brian Boitano, Oksana Baiul, Elvis Stojko, Michelle Kwan, Victor Petrenko, and Nancy Kerrigan are just a few of the world class skaters presented in this series of specials.
According to The Detroit Free Press article, Kwan will give Olympics another try, Michelle is commiting to the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City!
You can send animated Michelle Kwan Cards!! There are five different cards. Each one is a montage of several Michelle Kwan pictures ("Dream of Desdemona", "Taj Mahal", "Lyra Angelica", "East of Eden", and one of several programs.) You can also include music clips such as "On My Own", "Michelle" (the Beatles song she was named after), and "My Heart Will Go On." Check it out, and send one to a fellow Michelle Kwan fan!!
This technically isn't about Michelle, but my site is listed in the February issue of The Web Magazine as being the best Michelle Kwan site online. Here's what it said: "Skaters have it all over skiers and every other variety of Winter Olympian when it comes to quantity and quality of fan pages. Michelle Kwan alone has, at last count, twelve sites fawning over her every costume change. This one appears to be the most complete--a frequently updated collection of Michelle gossip, photos, and links to press coverage, along with the usual perfunctory bio and connections to the MK Web Ring." Out of a 5, it received for...Content: 4 Design: 3 Links: 3 Overall: 3. Other Winter Olympic sports sites (including 5 other skating sites) are listed as well.
Michelle Kwan was at the LA premiere for Titanic, the movie. She attended the premiere with her coach, Frank Carroll.
During the teleconference on Dec 22, Michelle Kwan said that she will compete at the US Nationals on Jan 4-11 in Philadelphia because she, "wants to get the full taste of the Olympics...I want to earn [going to the Olympics]." Michelle feels she is 70% of where she wants to be. Also, she said that the pain in her foot was around a "three or four", while at Skate Canada, the pain was around a nine. Everyday, the pain is less and less, and she can now "stand the pain." She is taking one step at a time. In addition, she feels that her confidence level is "in the middle", and she is "trying to get motivated." Monday was the first day that she started practicing the triple toe loop. So, she probably will not try the triple toe-triple toe combination at Nationals. Instead, she is working on the triple loop-triple loop combination. However, she is doing complete runthroughs of her programs, without the triple toe loop. The only major change to her long program will be a death drop at the end of her program, instead of the butterfly.
When she found out that she had a stress fracture, she was "teary-eyed". Before this injury, she was never away from the ice for more than 2 days. During her time away from the ice, she worked on the exercise bicycle, and with free weights, so she could keep in shape. Also, she caught up with some of her homework. She did a lot of visualization of her programs. She even went to the rink once where everyone signed her cast.
When asked about her competition at the Olympics, she commented that there are, "a lot of great skaters out there. Everyone looks pretty strong." She thinks that it will be a tough competition. Also, she said that the Olympics are "everybody's dream, and everybody wants it. I think we can expect a great competition."
Her philosophy this year is to "skate well." When asked about the chance of her competing in the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City, she said that it was high, and that it would be an "honor to skate on home ice."
You can still download the 48 minute teleconference (although the interview with Michelle is only 30 minutes.)

Some unfortunate news. Michelle has been injured! Michelle will be sidelined from 10 days to two weeks with a minor stress fracture of the second toe of her left foot. She had injured her toe during the summer, and aggravated the injury at Skate Canada. This accounts for the several mistakes she made in her free skate. A small cast was placed on the foot to keep it immobile. Michelle withdrew from her next scheduled event, the NHK, which takes place at the end of November in Nagano, Japan. It is also questionable whether she will compete in the Championship Series Final, which takes place in December. However, Michelle is expected to be healthy for the US National Championships in Philadelphia on Jan. 4-11, 1998.
The following information is an excerpt from Blades on Ice Online

Michelle Kwan was an "all star" guest at the All Star Cafe in New York City for a press conference promoting the one year countdown to the 1998 Goodwill Games, which will be held in New York. Kwan is recognized worldwide as a dominant force in ladies figure skating and has announced her commitment to compete in the Goodwill Games next year. Kwan, the Goodwill Games silver medalist in St. Petersburg in 1994, sat along the panel with Ted Turner, founder of the GWG, Dan O'Brien, Olympic Decathlon gold medalist, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, the two-time Olympic Heptathlon gold medalist and Michael Johnson, a three-time Olympic gold medalist. She talked about how honored she was to participate in the Goodwill Games on American soil.

"New York is always such an exciting city and having the Goodwill Games here will make it ever better. I think more people will want to come to the Goodwill Games," she said, and reflected on her performance at the Goodwill games in St. Petersburg in 1994. "It was a turning point for me in my career when I first beat Surya Bonaly of France [ in the short program] and I am hoping that New York's Games will bring me some kind of milestone as well."

Kwan also publicly thanked Ted Turner for creating this event and giving athletes who compete at the Olympic level in both Summer and Winter sports a chance to experience the Goodwill Games together. She toured the All Star Cafe's three floors and signed a life-size poster of herself to be hung on All Star's Wall of Fame. "I hope they put it right next to Tiger Woods," she laughed.

After the press conference, Kwan was invited to a star-studded party at Rockefeller Center's Summer Garden hosted by Time Warner. "I want to meet Jane Fonda and I heard George Clooney is going to be here," she said, a little star-struck herself even as she posed for photos with Turner and other Time Warner executives. Kwan and gymnast Shannon Miller spent the rest of the evening in the VIP room posing for pictures and talking with the evening's special guest entertainment, Hootie of Hootie and the Blowfish.

While in New York for the Campbell's Soups Tour of World Figure Skating Champions, Michelle found time to take in the award-winning play "The King and I." After the show she was invited backstage to meet star Lou Diamond Phillips. "It was totally unexpected and unbelievable." said Michelle. "What a nice man. We talked about living in Southern California, traveling, and how much energy it takes to do a live show and lay it on the line every night. Actors and figure skaters actually have a lot in common and face many of the same demands and pressures."

On June 9, 1997, Michelle threw out the first pitch at the Chicago White Sox-Baltimore Orioles game in Chicago. Was she nervous? "Yes," said Michelle. "That's a long throw from the pitcher's place to home plate, " Did she throw a strike? "I'm not sure," she responded. "But Christ Snopek [White Sox third baseman] told me I did a good job and not many girls can throw it that far." No career changes are anticipated.

In an article titled Lipinski, Kwan: Read all about it, the Detroit Free Press reports that in a news release, the Scholastic company called the agreement "the most comprehensive publishing program devoted to a figure skater." For more info on Michelle's Scholastic deal, go to my Endorsements section.

The article also says, "Suffice it to say, fans of Kwan know there's plenty of attention to share when it comes to ladies' figure skating. Especially in the year before the Olympics. CBS, which will provide 120 hours of coverage from the 1998 Winter Games in Nagano, Japan, has been preparing a feature piece on Kwan, documenting one year in her life, beginning Feb. 18, 1997 -- the week after she lost her U.S. title to Lipinski -- and culminating with the night of her short program in Nagano."

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