Date: 1997 - 1998

Released hardcover copy of her autobiograhy, Heart of a Champion, in November 1997. Along with purchasing the book in stores, it was available on QVC with a replica of her pendent she always wears. Scholastic's website featured conversations with Michelle before and during the Olympics. Michelle said about writing her autobiography, "I wanted to show the work. It wasn't an overnight thing that I dreamed of being the World champion. I wanted to show just how much work it takes, and dreams come true, and I wanted to share with the kids. It gives a chance for the reader to really get to know me better...So I kind of just gave them what I look at life, or kind of the ups and downs of being a skater, and just everything...I wanted it to have a moral, a saying to teach you or to help or inspire just a little bit. It's a big thought process, and I just wanted to tell them a little about what I went through." The book is in its 6th printing. On March 2, 1998, a paperback version of the book was released, which included three extra chapters on her Olympic experience. She told these experiences to the publisher by phone while still in Nagano. Also, in January 1998, a photo diary was released.


Kwan's Bio Gets to the "Heart" of Skating


Cover of "Heart of a Champion"
Ad for "Heart of a Champion"
Triple lutz "slide show" that is in autobiograph
Cover of "My Book of Memories: A Photo Diary"


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