Music Info

All From: The Red Violin
Composer: John Corigliano
Joshua Bell

Songs used:
I. Cremona: Main Title
I. Cremona: Death of Anna
I. Cremona: The Red Violin

I. Cremona: Anna's Theme

Chaconne for Violin and Orchestra

Events skated in

1999 Worlds

Free Skate:
1999 Skate America
1999 Skate Canada
2000 Nationals
2000 Grand Prix Final
2000 Worlds

Lori Nichol

wav-Main Title
wav-The Red Violin
wav-Chaconne for Violin and Orchestra
real audio-Main Title
real audio-Death of Anna
real audio-The Red Violin
real audio-Anna's Theme
real audio -Chaconne for Violin and Orchestra
real audio-Exhibition
Thanks Jenny!

real video-2000 Nationals
real video-2000 Worlds
Video (from MaryJo's site)

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