They show Michelle skating her long program at the Olympics. They then show skating at a practice rink in a black warmup outfit

Host: Michelle Kwan, the courageous young figure skater who brought home the silver medal at the 1998 Winter Olympic Games, finds many parallels in her struggles as a skater, to those of Mulan as a warrior.

Michelle Kwan: (She has her hair in curls, like it was when she appeared on the Jay Leno show after the Olympics. She is wearing a red turtleneck under a black jacket.) When she went out to fight for her country and her family and for herself, when I skate, I feel like Iím skating for myself, for my friends, for my family and also for the country.

A clip from the movie is shown.

Host: But, itís in Mulanís very special relationship with her father that Michelle sees the most similarity to her own life.

A clip of her doing her ďYĒ spin on the practice ice is shown.

During the following statements from Michelle, they show:

  • A clip from the movie of Mulan giving her father the medal the Emperor gave her
  • Her father, Danny, in the stands at the Olympics
  • A clip from the movie of Mulan look at the medal from the Emperor
  • Michelle reacting after her Olympic long program
  • And, finally, Danny running down the stairs, and clapping after Michelleís long program at the Olympics

MK: I was very young when my dad told me about Mulan. He has given me so many words of wisdom. It really affected me emotionally when Mulan showed her father the medal that the Emperor gave her. It felt like after I won the silver medal, and I showed it to my dad...and he wasnít upset that I got the silver. He was so proud of me that I made my dreams come true and really worked hard and skated my heart out.

A clip of the final seconds in her long program at the Olympics is shown

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