Regis:Skating since she was 5 years old, and as you can see she is pure poetry in motion. One of the greatest skaters of all time, World Champion Michelle Kwan!

Michelle comes out, smiling and waving, to the Olympic theme. The audience is applauding, and you hear calls of "Michelle!!" She is wearing a gray pants suit with a white top underneath.

R: How are you? Nice to see you.

Kathie Lee: Hi Michelle!! How are you darling?

Michelle Kwan: Good, thank you.

R: Michelle won the silver medal as you all know how do you say it? NaGAgno?

MK and KL:: (together) NAgano.

R: NAgano, yes.

MK: I practiced it all the time. Like, 3 months before I was, OK, Iíve got to sound good. Itís NAgano, NAgano. NAgano (makes a motion with her hands of where to go up with your voice.) If it was Japanese it would be (bowing her head) NAgano. (They all laugh)

R: Your in New York, and your skating tonight at the Madison Square Garden, huh?

MK: Tomorrow night.

R: Tomorrow night, right. Sorry, yea.

KL: Who else is going to be on the ice with you tomorrow night? I hear itís a star studded thing.

MK: Thereís Olympic and World champions. You name it, theyíre there.

KL: Oh, good.


R: Boy that has really developed into a great spectator sport, hasnít it?

MK: Well, it really fun, you know? We do vocal music, and itís just very entertaining for spectators.

R: The music is really beautiful.

KL: In fact, youíre going to be skating to the music from ďMulan,Ē right? Which is the new Disney movie coming out, about the Chinese little girl that pretends sheís a boy to go and fight a war, right?

MK: Yes. Well, the story was told to me when I was very young, by my parents, and as I was growing up, I always heard the story. And now that I see that Disney is presenting a new movie, a new animation called ďMulan,Ē I was so interested, so curious in how they would they put the imaginations that I had in my head, into a movie.

KL:Uh huh.

R: And did it match, sort of?

MK: Yes. It was exactly how I imagined.

R: And you loved the music?

MK: Yea, and so, I was like, OK, the movieís great. And when I saw it, there is one scene that Mulan sings, and it just grabbed my heart, and Iím just like ďaah.Ē And when they told me that I might do a special with it, I said Iíve got to skate to the song ďReflection.Ē

R: Sure, absolutely.

KL: And weíll see that tomorrow night at Madison Square Garden?

MK: Yes.

R: So, now, you still havenít graduated from high school yet?

KL: Isnít that hard to believe?

R: Itís coming up, right?

MK: Yea, soon. (Clapping happily and laughing. The audience applauds loudly.)

R: How do you do it with all the skating? I mean you are skating 6, 7 days a week, you had the Olympics, you had all those competitions going on. Do you...Are you tutored at home?

MK: Well my tutor comes on tour once in a while, and I also bring my books with me. So, while Iím on the bus or something, in between the shows, before I do my makeup. Itís like...(Pretending to read a book.)

KL: Oh my God.

MK: Before I perform. So, in between everything I try to manage my time.

R: Are you going to college?

MK: I might next year.

R: Uh huh.

MK: I havenít really decided whether I should move away from California, stay in California, do correspondence classes, or...

KL: Or go to Harvard?

MK: (Laughs)

KL: Right?

MK: I wish, yea. So Iím really debating on what Iím going to do.

R: Take your time, youíve got a lot of time.

MK: Yea.

R: In the meantime, skating to Disneyís Mulan in Reflections on Ice will be seen on ABC on June 16.

KL: Tomorrow at Madison Square Garden.

R: Have a terrific stay here in New York, OK Michelle?

MK: Thank you. They all shake hands

KL: Great to see you.

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