The "interview" was short. Michelle sat in the front row of the audience, and wore a brown shirt (that’s all I could see because of the number on the bottom of the screen.)

Mary Lou Retton: Michelle, now I know you travel...(audience applauds loudly)...Yea! Give her a hand!! [Michelle laughs]...Michelle, you travel all over the world, skating, representing our country so proudly. How did...and I know you personally do a lot of hospital visits to a lot of sick children. How did you get involved with CMN?

MK: Well, at first when I was skating, when I was competing, I was getting a lot of stuffed animals thrown on the ice for me, and I thought, “I have too much”, so I went to the hospitals, and started giving it to the kids. Then I got more involved, and I said, “I want to do more for the kids.” So I said, OK, I'm going be with CMN, and do more for the kids. That’s why I encourage everybody out know, they can make a difference too, so, please pledge. They can be a champion themselves.

MLR: Thank you. You certainly are a champion. Thank you so much for being here.

Later on that night, she was on briefly with Mary Lou Retton and one of the CMN children.

Also, I saw the spot that Michelle did for CMN. It may be airing on TV in your area. I typed that up, too....

Michelle is shown wearing the second "Dream of Desdemona" costume. At various points in the spot, she is shown doing a combination spin, a single axel, a landing of a jump, and a spiral.

Announcer: Michelle Kwan, World Champion. There are other kinds of champions, too. Like Michelle, determination, perseverance, tenacity, and courage are their trademarks.

[Then, the story is told of twin sisters whose lives were saved at one of CMN’s hospitals. Then, the announcer talks about how your donation helps local hospitals]

MK: Join us, and be a champion for kids!

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