Michelle finished in 3rd place in the group A qualifying group. She popped her loop and fell on the last lutz. Full results of the two qualifying groups. Good luck to Michelle in the short program Friday! Some pictures at Yahoo and Getty Images

I'm going to be away until April 1, and I don't know if I'll be able to update the site during that time. You will be able to find news and results at Yahoo. Pictures can be found at the above links. Some other Worlds links to bookmark, that I linked to earlier:


Michelle is in group A in the qualifying rounds, and skates third. Fumie Suguri skates first, and Viktoria Volchkova skates second. Others of interest in the group are Shizuka Arakawa skates 6th and Irina Slutskaya skates 7th. Check out the full qualifying round group A start order. Group A starts at 8am EST. Also, you can check out the group B skate order.


Check out some articles and pictuers from Michelle's pre competition press conference at Worlds, on March 22, 2004.


Congratulations to Michelle for being voted the 2003 USOC Sportswoman of the Year! I wrote earlier that Michelle was named the 2003 USOC Female Figure Skating Athlete of the Year, which made her eligible for the USOC Sportswoman of the Year. This is the first time she has won this award (in 2001 she was the runner up.) Michelle is now the 5th figure skater to be named the USOC Sportswoman or Sportsman of the Year. Finishing below her on the ballot were Serena Williams, speedskater Jennifer Rodriguez, gymnast Chellsie Memmel and hockey's Angela Ruggiero.

The award is voted on by the national media, the USOC Board of Directors and the USOC Athletes' Advisory Council. Winners are selected from the individual female Athlete of the Year nominations of the national governing bodies for the Olympic, Pan American, Affiliated and Disabled Sports Organizations within the U.S. Olympic Movement. Michelle been the USOC Athlete of the Year for figure skating 6 times ('96, '98, '99, '00, '01, and '03.). Lance Armstrong was named the USOC SportsMan of the Year, and the U.S. Women's Gymnastics Team is the USOC Team of the Year.

About this honor, Michelle said, "It's pretty incredible. With the people who have won the award before -- Flo Jo -- Marion Jones, Jackie Joyner -- WOW!" She also commented on last season, "Last year was pretty remarkable for me. I went through a year of not knowing, uncertainty about how well I would compete, and I guess that is what happens when you let things flow and fall into place. I was lucky enough to have a great year."

For more information, check out the following articles.

Worlds are this week! Seems like yesterday it was Nationals. The ladies qualifying rounds are on Wed, March 24, the short is on Friday the 26, and the long on Saturday the 27. Check out some articles about Michelle and Worlds on my 2004 Worlds articles page. Some other Worlds links to bookmark:


OK, let me try to catch up on everything I've missed while I was away!

On Saturday. February 21, Michelle attended the premiere of "Snow White - An Enchanting New Musical," at the Fantasyland Theatre in Disneyland. Staged at the 1,600-seat theater, the new show is described as a "live 32-minute adaptation of the film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." It features many of the well-known tunes from the movie. Attendence at premiere was by invitation only to celebrity VIPs, the media, and parents of children participating in the show. Other celebrities at the premiere included Andy Garcia, Blair Underwood, Elisabeth Shue, Jennie Garth, Joely Fisher, Marilu Henner, Melissa Rivers, Rosanna Arquette, Sela Ward, and Treat Williams.

On the Monday editions of the Extra and E! News Daily, they showed a very short clip of Michelle at the premiere. Watch a real video clip of the piece that was shown on Extra.

Check out the following pictures of Michelle at the premiere:

For more information, check out the following articles:

Michelle is named one of the six finalists for the 2004 American-International Athlete Trophy, which recognizes the most outstanding athlete during 2003 competition, by the International Amateur Athletic Association. Other nominees are Lance Armstrong (who won last year), Ana Guevara, Michael Phelps, Saif Saeed Shaheen and Annika Sorenstam. The winner will be announced on Tuesday, March 23 at 11 a.m. in the Hall of Fame Room of the New York Athletic Club. A panel of international sports experts selects the winner based on its opinion of which athlete best personifies the qualities of greatness, including excellence in athletic accomplishment and performance, a high standard of sportsmanship and a sincere commitment to international cooperation among people of all nations. Past winners of the award, given out since 1981, include Eric Heiden, Mary Decker-Slaney, Edwin Moses, Carl Lewis, Greg Louganis, Florence Griffith-Joyner, Greg LeMond, Mike Powell, Johann Olav Koss, Michael Johnson, Marion Jones, and Ian Thorpe. For more information, check out the press release.

According to Phil Hersh's latest article, Michelle became an aunt on March 2, when her sister gave birth to Olivia Colett Oppegard. Check out the pre Worlds article, Kwan's mind on the grind as world championships draw near.

In a Harris Interactive poll, Michelle was named the 4th most popular female athlete, after Venus and Serena Williams, and Mia Hamm. Michelle was also the most popular female athlete among those over age 50. This is the first year the Harris poll asked the public to name their favorite female sports stars. In past years, Michelle has been on the poll's listing of top 10 favorite athletes. This year she didn't, and with Serena also falling off the list, the top 10 were all male athletes. For more information, check out the press release.

Michelle attended another Lakers game this season. She was photographed by GettyImages at the March 7 game against the NJ Nets. Check out the picture.

Michelle was one of the latest additions to the 2004 edition of Compton's Encyclopedia, just published by Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc. Twenty percent of the encyclopedia has been revised. According to the press release, "among the changes are revised maps, updated population figures, and scores of new articles on notable people." Some of the "notable people" added, along with Michelle, are Halle Berry, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, PLO leader Yasir Arafat, North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, and acclaimed cellist Yo Yo Ma.


I'm going through some real life issues right now, so I appologize in advance if updates are slow recently. I'm also going to be away at the end of the month. Just a heads up. Anyway, this is a large update to make up for what I've been missing!

Michelle is the USOC female Athlete of the Month for January 2004! She has won this award 13 times, the most ever by any athlete, male or female! She has also won the award in January, March, and November 1996, October 1997, January, April, and August 1998, April 2000, March 2001, January 2002, and January and March 2003. Read more about it in the following article Michelle Kwan Named USOC Female Athlete of the Month.

And, yet another USOC honor. Michelle was the 2003 USOC Female Figure Skating Athlete of the Year. This is the 6th year she has received this award ('96, '98, '99, '00, '01, and '03). Because Michelle won this award, she is eligible for the 2003 USOC Sportswoman of the Year. In 2001, Michelle was the was runner-up for the Sportswoman of the Year award. For more information, check out the following articles.

It's confirmed that Michelle will compete in the Marshalls World Skating Challenge on April 6 in Providence, Rhode Island. For more information, check out the article Michelle Kwan to Compete in Season Finale.

According to the SOI site, Michelle filmed a commercial with Kristi Yamaguchi recently for the National Hockey League. The taping took place in Raleigh, North Carolina. I caught a commercial with Michelle (but not Kristi?) during the Four Continents broadcast on ABC. I believe it was advertising the all star game, but I could be wrong. Since Kristi was not in this ad, maybe there will be another NHL ad with Michelle? Either way, hopefully the ad will repeat again. Check out this picture of Michelle, Kristi and Kristi's husband, Bret Hedican from the commercial shoot.

There was a letter to the editor in the February 9, 2004 issue of Sports Illustrated about their lack of quality Nationals coverage. PattyL123 posted on the MK Forum the following part of the letter, "...a heated rivalry might attract more press coverage, but knowledgeable skating fans love and respect Kwan for her consistant ability to win and her graciousness." (Thanks feelingbegins03 and PattyL123!)

Michelle was listed on ESPN.com's "Hottest Female Athlete" poll. She finished 4th in her group. At least another figure skater won the group...Jamie Sale.


I've added some pictures Leah Adams sent me from Nationals (short program, long program, and podium pics.) Check out the Photo Gallery! I also added a few pictures from last season to the Photo Gallery, as well. (I still have to upload my pictures from last year's Worlds!)

I posted this yesterday on my updates page, but last week, my site was down. I had no warning for this. If I know in advance that my site will be down, I always post a message about it here.

On another note, USA Today will not have the Chevy congratulations ad for Nationals like they have in the past. You can stop buying the paper trying to catch the ad, haha.


Michelle is in the January 26, 2004 issue of In Touch magazine, with Jennifer Aniston on the cover. EL SEGUNDO 909 posted on the MK Forum the following: (Thanks EL SEGUNDO 909.)

It's almost half a page picture of her LP-Tosca-Last Pose. "Winner" "In her first competition in nearly a year,Michelle Kwan won her eight US figure skating championship-and seventh straight-with a flawless long program January 10 in Atlanta.Kwan,23,earned seven perfect 6.0s for artistry to defeat 19year olds Sasha Cohen and Jennifer Kirk."I had so much fun out there," said Kwan,who can tie Maribel Vinson for the most US women's titles with her next championship.Vinson won from 1928 to 1937."

Michelle attended the Lakers vs Denver Nuggets game on January 14, 2004 in LA with her brother, Ron, and sister, Karen. Check out the following pics of Michelle at the game:

Here are some pics from MKFers from Nationals:


Chansamone has sent me a transcript of Michelle on the Today show! Check it out! Hopefully a video clip will be posted at some point. (Thanks so much Chansamone.)

If you missed Michelle skating to her Fallin' exhibition, you can download a clip of the program from emilienne's site. It's a wmv file, and about 20MB. (Thanks emilienne and Verbagirl!)

Michelle was named the USATODAY.com U.S. Olympic Athlete of the Week for her amazing performance at Nationals. Check out the article, How many will Kwan win?


Michelle was on the Today show on Monday, January 12. I wish I knew in advance, not only to post it here, but because I missed it too!! If anyone caught it, and can type up a transcript (or get a video clip of it online!) please let me know. Also, on Good Morning America, they talked about Michelle, and showed a piece of her skating. At least I saw that!

If you missed Michelle's amazing skate on Saturday night, you can download a real video file from MaryJo's site.


Congratulations to Michelle on her eighth National title!! Wow, I thought last year was amazing, but this was just...I've run out of words to describe it. The way she just puts so much passion and joy onto the ice, it just is such an emotional experience like no other skater does, for me. Michelle received seven 6.0s for presentation, upping her total to 35 perfect 6.0s at Nationals (a record, Brian Boitano is next with 9 6.0s.) Wow wow wow, I've given up trying to put into words Michelle's skating. She just was awesome. Aaaah!!

Check out the complete ladies final results. Then, check out some pictures from her long program, Tosca, and from the medal ceremony:

You can read some articles about the long program on my 2004 Nationals page. Also, you can watch a short video clip (an avi file about 4MB) of Michelle during the post long program press conference from USFSA's site.

Don't forget to watch the exhibitions on TV on Sunday!


Don't forget to watch Michelle skate her long program live on TV on Saturday! It looks like she might have a new costume for her Tosca program. From the article, Dressed & tressed:

In fact, Michelle Kwan, who is currently appearing in theU.S. Figure Skating Championships in Atlanta, is keeping her costume for tonight a secret. What's known is, she'll be glammed up by New York designer Vera Wang, best known for her wedding gowns. "It's great working with Vera," said Kwan, seven-time national champion. "She herself is a skater and knows what types of costumes works on the ice." "But being comfortable is most important when I compete." Kwan described the short Wang dress that she wore in Thursday night's short program as "very modern."

Since it's aired on TV, I can post the results of the short program. Michelle is second place after the short. Check out the complete ladies short program results. She had a wonky landing on the double axel, skating a short program for the first time in 10 months (since Worlds.) She had a very pretty new costume for her program, The Feeling Begins. Check out the following pictures of Michelle from the short program:

Michelle skates 4th out of the final group of skaters in the long program. Check out the full long program start order. Here is the skate order for the final group:

16 Sasha Cohen
17 Amber Corwin
18 Angela Nikodinov
19 Michelle Kwan
20 Jennifer Kirk
21 Ann Patrice McDonough

You can read some articles about the short program on my 2004 Nationals page. Also, you can watch a short video clip (an avi file about 1.7MB) of Michelle during the post short program press conference from USFSA's site.


Michelle's first practice at Nationals went well. Check out the Jan 6 practice report from several MKFers, as reported by Cole. The USFSA's site posted several video clips of Michelle practicing and from her press conference, where she said "I think the possibility of me being at the Olympics in Italy is pretty high." You can find the links at the top of the article Michelle Kwan Looks To Her Future — and 2006. Also, starting order for the ladies short program is out. Michelle skates 9th out of 21 skaters. Check out the complete skate order for the short program. Finally, check out the following pictures of Michelle practicing:


Looks like Michelle has arrived in Atlanta for Nationals! Posted by Cole on the MK Forum:

Oh, and the best for last...Michelle IS THERE!!!! She has ARRIVED! They didn't see her, but the there was a lot of talk in the hospitality room from others about Michelle being there and what not. Basically she was the talk of the night, haha...and it was merely because she had arrived...

Also, check out another good pre Nationals article from the LA Times, titled Kwan Leaves Comfort Zone. A quote from the article:

Kwan will perform "The Feeling Begins" short program she used last season and the "Tosca" long program she skated twice this season. She has practiced a triple flip-triple toe loop combination and triple salchow-triple toe, as well as an easier triple toe-triple toe combination. Choreographer Nikolai Morozov recently helped her polish the programs and made minor changes, mostly on entrances to jumps and spins, to enhance the flow of her skating.

Nationals are this week! The short program is on Thursday, and the long program is on Saturday, which will be shown live on TV. According to the article The champion: Kwan's résumé almost complete, it looks like Michelle will be skating to her short program from last year, The Feeling Begins. Be sure to check out that article, as well as the article, `It's just silly skating,' but Kwan can't stop, which you have to be registered for to read. This article states that Michelle's sister Karen got married in November! Congrats Karen. There's also a lot of other interesting quotes in this article, including the fact that Michelle is working on triple/triples for Worlds.


If you missed it, a clip of Michelle at the Walt Disney parade is available. Check it out (it's the first link listed.) Huge thanks to MnM for making the video and to MaryJo for hosting the clip!


Michelle was on the Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade which aired on Christmas on ABC. She wasn't at WDW, but was shown in LA outside Disney's Concert Hall. She talked about the new hall and the LA Philharmonic. Hopefully a clip of Michelle on the show will be available soon.

Philip Hersh wrote a great new article about Michelle titled New Coach Helps Energize Kwan. You have to register to read the article, though, so here are a few highlights.

It discusses how Michelle chose Rafael Arutunian to be her new coach. As Michelle stated at Campbells, she was having problems with her skates, and her choreographer, Nikolai Morozov, told her that Rafael could help with her boot problems. Rafael then gave Michelle a few pointers on her actual skating, and after a few sessions, Michelle asked Rafael to be her coach. They have been working together since just before Thanksgiving. Michelle is working with him at Lake Arrowhead, where she used to skate.

Rafael was stunned when Michelle asked him to coach her, saying, "Anybody would be surprised. It's Michelle Kwan, right? Everyone wants to just talk with her, and I'm working with her. I think I am the luckiest man in the world." About her skating, "Before I start to work with her, I realize she is good: five-time world champion is five-time world champion. But when I start to work with her, I realize she is a genius on ice. She picks up everything without explanation."

About the change, Michelle said, "If I look into the future for the [2006] Olympics, it's like, `OK, if I want to do it, maybe Rafael can take me all the way.'" According to the article, even though she won last year, she thought something was lacking, and she thought Rafael could help push her technically. She said, "I looked at some videos after last season and I realized I have been pretty much the same skater for a while. I think I need to step it up a notch. I had spoken to Rafael many times before. He has that technical thing about him. He's just intense. The intensity is hard to keep up with."

Rafael has helped tweak Tosca, so that there aren't as many "resting spots." The author of the article said the following about a recent runthrough of the program:

At a recent practice, Kwan rolled through her four-minute free skate with a performance good enough to win another U.S. title. There was no chance for her to catch her breath in the four minutes, especially since her trademark spiral sequence has been shortened and there are more details that demand attention in the spaces between elements. "You're taking up all my resting spots," she teased Arutunian. The resting spots, she knew, were what judges and critics were complaining about, what she needed to get past. "I have to push a little more," she said, "and not say, `This is good enough.' It's going beyond good enough."'

It's a great article, and you should read it if you can! Rafeal is quoted at the end of the article as saying, "Nobody can compare to her now. Nobody. I'm looking forward to the Olympics and try to get her that medal."

Nationals are only two weeks away! I think I'm not the only one that can say I'm more excited than ever to see what happens!


On Sunday, December 7, ABC aired a special on the best is sports in 2003. Michelle was featured! It was a beautiful piece on Michelle. Have a tissue handy when you watch it! You can download it from MaryJo's site. The file is 20MB, but well worth it! I'm going to try to do a transcript of it, but it may take a while. (Thanks emilienne and MaryJo!)

You can go and vote for Michelle as the MSNBC/Sporting News Female Athlete of Year!

Also, according to the San Bernardino County Sun newspaper, Michelle is up for the Associated Press Female Athlete of the Year award!

Don't forget to watch the International Figure Skating Challenge today, Saturday December 13 at 1pm. For more information, check out my TV schedule.


Michelle competed in the 2003 International Figure Skating Challenge on Friday, December 5. The skaters used their long programs for this competition. So, Michelle skated to Tosca. As always, I won't post the results until it's shown on TV, which won't be until December 13. Check out the Competitive Record section to see how Michelle did in the event. You can also check out the following articles, reports, and pictures about the event:


Major Michelle news. Michelle has changed coaches! She will now be coached by Rafael Arutunian, a noted jump technician. She has worked with him in the past (including when she was working on triple/triple combos, such as the triple lutz/triple loop in 2001), but now he will be her full time coach. From the LA Times article, Kwan Makes Switch to Another Coach:

Deciding she'd benefit from intensified training, she sought help two weeks ago from Arutunian, with whom she'd worked in Olympic years. Kwan plans to pursue her eighth U.S. title next month in Atlanta. "He's always interested me because of his different approach," Kwan said of Arutunian, who formerly coached Sasha Abt. "He's very aggressive." Kwan said her collaboration with Williams "worked out perfect for last year," when she had a light competition schedule, but added, "I need to start training hard and skate more. I have to keep on pushing myself and keep moving because the competition is becoming extreme, with triple-triples and triple axels. I have to keep up with the times."

As you can see in the above quote, Michelle will be at Nationals! Her first competition with Rafael will be on Friday, December 5 at the International Figure Skating Challenge. For more information on the coaching change, check out the following articles:

Vote for Michelle as the 2003 United States Sports Academy Female Athlete of the Year!


Michelle was mentioned on Friends on Thursday, November 20! Ross and Joey are at a hockey game at Madison Square Garden right by the boards. Joey says what great seats they are. Ross answers "I know. When I was here for Holidays on Ice, I was sitting so far away, Michelle Kwan couldn't read my banner." Wow! Well, I was actually screaming so loud when they mentioned Michelle, I didn't catch what they said after that, so thanks to everyone who filled me in. Even funnier that he mentioned having a banner for her!

This was the Thanksgiving episode, which tends to be shown often. When I find out the episode is being repeated, I'll let you know. Check out a real video of the mention, courtesy of mkjsdp on the MK Forum. Michelle has mentioned in the past that she watches Friends. Imagine her reation! (Thanks mkjsdp!)


More information on Michelle's Mickey Mouse statue to help Walt Disney celebrate Mickey Mouse's 75th anniversary that I wrote about earlier. Michelle "chose a simple motif with Mickey holding a heart and peace sign" for her statue, and named it "Peace & Love." Check out a picture of her Mickey statue! Very cute, Michelle! You can also check out pictures of all the other Mickey Mouse statues.

The statues were unveiled on November 18 in Disney World. Some of the 75 celebrities who designed statues for the celebration included Annette Funicello, Andre Agassi, Elton John, Tom Hanks, Jamie Lee Curtis, Ellen DeGeneres, Janet Jackson, Ben Affleck, Doris Roberts, Regis and Kelly, and Dave Koz. Most of the celebs entrusted the making of their statues to “Tivoli Too,” the company that did the actual construction of the majority of the plaster statues. In 2005, the statues will be auctioned off for charity of the artist's choice. Michelle chose CMN. For more information, check out the following articles:


To celebrate Mickey Mouse's 75th anniversary, the Walt Disney Company has invited 75 of Mickey's closest friends, and biggest fans, to salute Mickey with a statuesque tribute. Michelle is one of the celebrites who was asked to contribute to this exhibit! Her sketch was transformed by Disney's ImaginEARs into a 6-foot tall, 3-D statue of Mickey Mouse. Other celebrities participating are Paul Wylie, Jamie Lee Curtis, Dave Koz, and the cast of the "George Lopez Show." The statues will be unveiled at Walt Disney World on November 18, 2003, the date of Mickey's 75th anniversary, as part of a giant celebration.

After premiering at Walt Disney World, the statues will travel across the country and participate in various celebratory events in 10 cities (announced later this month) between May and August. After the multi-city tour, the statues will arrive at Disneyland in 2005 and will be on display as part of Disneyland's 50th anniversary gala. In early 2005, the statues will be auctioned off for charity by Sotheby's Auction House at Disneyland's 50th anniversary gala. Proceeds from the auction will go to a charity chosen by each statue's "artist."

For more information, check out the article Michelle Kwan and Paul Wylie Help Celebrate Mickey's 75th Anniversary


I haven't posted in this section of the site since I got back from my trip to NY (After Campbells, I stayed in NY for a week.) I did get a chance to update all the other essential parts of the site, so hopefully you saw that her new long program is to Tosca, and saw pictures in my Links to Other Photo Pages section. I will hopefully get my pictures up from Campbells soon, though the lighting in the arena was pretty bad, I have a couple good ones. Campbells aired Sunday, Oct 19, so writing that Michelle finished second is not a spoiler anymore. Check out full results from the USFSA's site. If you missed the broadcast, or just want a copy of the program on your computer, you can download Tosca from MaryJo's site. The clip is encoded by Moyesii and is about 21MB.

Another competition that Michelle is confirmed to attend! Michelle will be skating in the U.S. Figure Skating International Winter Challenge on Friday, December 5 in Auburn Hills, Michigan. For more information, check out the USFSA press release.

Also, while I was away, it was announced that Michelle will be on a mobile billboard in Times Square! Of course this wouldn't happen until after I leave NY! The billboard is for "The Foundation for a Better Life," in partnership with the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, and is part of their Pass It On public service billboard campaign. Others who have been associated with the campaign are Muhammad Ali, Wayne Gretzky, and Christopher Reeve. The billboard reads, "What makes champions? Dedication — Pass It On." Check out a picture of the billboard. Michelle said, "To be in Times Square is cool. I was just walking past the Marriott Marquis there and said to my mom, `Look, I'm going to be on that."'

Also, the campaign features a billboard in Times Square of Kermit the Frog with the message "Eats Flies. Dates a Pig. Hollywood star. Live Your Dreams — Pass It On." (of course, this billboard was up when I was still in NY, but not the Michelle one! Oh well.)

More info from the press release:

The unconventional and popular national public service campaign partners respected celebrities, historic legends and everyday heroes to promote positive values and inspire others to "pass them on." “Figure skating champion Michelle Kwan and universal icon Kermit the Frog were selected because we believe there is no generation more important than the youngest to receive the message that positive personal values count,” said OAAA President and CEO Nancy Fletcher. “Michelle Kwan and Kermit the Frog provide a unique opportunity to inspire young people with great role models and positive value messages.”

This article says the following alert for their paper this weekend:

In an 11-year tradition of naming America's Most Caring Athletes, USA WEEKEND spotlights Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb and figure skater Michelle Kwan.

So, in this weekend's USA Weekend, which is found in your Sunday local newspaper, Michelle should be featured! If they stick to tradition, that means she should be on the cover of the magazine. Check out last year's most caring athletes feature. .

The first event of the season (and the only event Michelle has confirmed to be at) takes place Friday, Oct 3 in NY. I will be at Campbells. I am actually going to be in NY for a week, so I won't be able to update the site until then.

Here are some links where you can find articles and pictures specifically about Michelle from the event. Warning, these links may contain spoilers:


I posted earlier that Michelle would be attending the premiere for the movie Cold Creek Manor on September 17. However, there must have been a mixup since Michelle did not attend. She did attended the premiere for the movie Under The Tuscan Sun on Saturday, September 20 at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood. Check out the following pictures of Michelle at the premiere:

Laura posted the following on the MK Forum: (Thanks Laura!)

I got an advance copy of the US edition of the book "Songbird -- Eva Cassidy Her Story By Those Who Knew Her." The book has been slightly expanded from the original UK edition which sold over 100,000 copies in hardcover. On the last page, it says:

"Michelle Kwan began skating to Eva's version of 'Fields of Gold.' She performed this program before millions of TV viewers around the world as her final exhibition performance at the 2002 Olympics. When Champions on Ice came to Baltimore later in the year, the Cassidys met Michelle and presented her with a copy of Eva's new Gold Album award for 'Songbird.' Later the Cassidys heard that Kristi Yamaguchi was skating to Eva's version of 'Imagine.' Eva might not be on the radio, but clearly hundreds of thousands of people in public places were hearing her."

I am disappointed that a photo of Michelle skating was not used. Nor did the book's authors make use of any of the photos of Michelle with Eva's parents (you can see them on my website on this page: ww.evacassidy.org/eva/michellekwan.htm). But it's a book that Eva fans will want to have, even without a photo of Michelle!

The book comes out on September 25. You can order this book from Amazon.com.

Michelle ranked 7th in a poll conducted by Sports Business Daily as the most-marketable female athlete. The top 10 list:

1. Serena Williams, tennis.
2. Annika Sorenstam, golf.
3. Mia Hamm, soccer.
4. Venus Williams, tennis.
5. Lisa Leslie, basketball.
6. Anna Kournikova, tennis.
7. Michelle Kwan, figure skating.
8. Marion Jones, track and field.
9. Michelle Wie, golf.
10. Sue Bird, basketball.


Michelle will be attending the premiere of the movie Cold Creek Manor on Wednesday, September 17 at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood . For more information, check out the press release.


Info on Michelle's appearance at ABC's Primetime Preview Weekend at Disney's California Adventure on September 6! Michelle didn't have a Q&A like last year. This year she was interviewed by several radio stations (anyone on the west coast here any of these?), hosted one of the event's reality shows (with the latest Bachelor and his pick from the show), and appeared in the parade of stars. Check out Corbon's review on the MK Forum. Scroll down on that page to read a report from EL SEGUNDO 909. Check out the following pictures of Michelle from the event (Thanks Corbon and EL SEGUNDO 909!):


Michelle will be at ABC's Primetime Preview Weekend at Disney's California Adventure, which takes place on September 6 and 7, 2003. Michelle took part in this event last year, as well. According to the press release, Michelle "will make special appearances at a variety of locations throughout the park on Saturday, September 6." The following information is also in the press release:

Also making a special appearance during "ABC Primetime Preview Weekend" will be Michelle Kwan, the most decorated figure skater in U.S. history, with seven National Championships, Five World Championships and two Olympic Medals. Many of her figure-skating competitions have been covered by "ABC Wide World of Sports," and Kwan will represent the popular sports show as she appears in the "ABC Primetime Parade of Stars" and signs autographs for fans at the park on September 6. "I had the best time at last year's ABC Primetime Preview Weekend and I'm sure that this one will be fantastic as well," Kwan noted. "It's pretty cool to be able to see the stars of the shows up close and get a sneak preview of what will be happening on the shows this coming season. I know the fans are going to love it." .

Several MKFers were able to attend last year, and a few are planning on attending this year, too. I'll post full reports from those attending (who will hopefully be taking lots of pictures and maybe video!) here on Sunday.

luenatic's friend was able to send her video of Michelle skating during her Hong Kong visit. Hopefully luenatic will be able to post the video soon. Here's what she said about what Michelle skated to (Thanks luenatic!):

Michelle did perform 2 numbers. The first one was "Falling". But the second one was not really a complete program. It's more like the COI closing number sort of thing. The lyrics to the music was "Simply the best..." She came out and did a GREAT split falling leaf, hydro blading, Y-spin and finished it with a scratch spin.
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