Welcome to the official fanlisting for Michelle Kwan's Fields of Gold program. A fanlisting is a place for fans of a certain subject, such as a TV show, movie, etc, to come together, and build the biggest listing of people, from all around the world, who are fans of that subject. In this case, the subject is Michelle Kwan's Fields of Gold program.

Eva Cassidy's version of Fields of Gold has been described as "a song with a powerful and bittersweet emotional pull, to speak of lives changing, of the memories of growing up, of precious moments come and gone." This describes the song and program perfectly. When Michelle takes her opening pose during Fields of Gold, the crowd becomes silent, and is transfixed by the program. As she goes into her closing pose, the crowd rises to their feet. Michelle's Fields of Gold progam is considered one of Michelle's most beautiful and touching programs. If you agree, then this fanlisting is for you!

Last updated December 7, 2005
Member count: 476

Note: This fanlisting is now closed. However, I'm leaving the site up as a tribute to the Fields of Gold program. I also still have about 120 members to add to the members list. Thanks to everyone for joining since 2002!

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Fields of Gold program skated by Michelle Kwan sung by Eva Cassidy Figure Skating program