Michelle skating to Fields of Gold brought attention and recognition to the singer, Eva Cassidy. Many Michelle fans were introduced to Eva's voice for the first time, and immediately became fans of this gifted singer. Unfortunately, Eva Cassidy died of melanoma in 1996, the year Michelle won her first World title, at the young age of 33. Two years after Eva's death, a compilation album containing some of Eva's previous songs was released. This album, Songbird, contains Fields of Gold. A friend of Michelle's mother gave Michelle Songbird, and Michelle said she loved the whole album. She always liked the song Fields of Gold, but hearing Eva's version, she knew she had to skate to it. She said, "For me to relate to, it's much easier to use a woman's voice."

Recently, the album Songbird went Gold, which means it has sold 500,000 units. The first Gold record was given to Eva's parents by the record comany, Blix Street Records. The second Gold record was awarded to Michelle for the recognition she brought to Eva's music around the world, especially during her Olympic performance. Michelle was presented the Gold record backstage before the Baltimore Champions on Ice show, where she also met Eva’s parents, Barbara and Hugh Cassidy, and other friends and family for the first time.

Kathy McCabe, one of those who met with Michelle backstage, recalls, "Michelle was so gracious and spent a long time with us explaining how she came to choose the music and what she feels like when she skates to it. She said it was a friend of her mother's who brought her the CD and said she should skate to that song. She listened to it and right away she knew. She said it is the best song she has ever skated to, that she feels so free and not stressed when she skates to this song, it makes her feel beautiful, and like a beautiful skater, she went on and on about it. We watched the show after that, and when Eva's voice came through the PA and Michelle skated so beautifully, it was hard to keep from crying. Bill Straw and Hugh held Barbara's hands throughout the song and though she was immensely proud I could tell she was immensely emotional too."

For more information on Eva, check Eva Cassidy.org, a wonderful site by Eva's cousin, Laura.