2010 All That Skate LA in Los Angeles at the Staples Center starts tonight! The good news is NBC will be broadcasting the show!! It will air next Sunday, October 10 from 2:30-4. Check local listings for the time in your area! First time we can watch Michelle skate on TV in years, so set your DVR!!

Universal Sports has 2 photo galleries from rehearsals and backstage, and I'm sure it will be updated with pictures from the actual show! There are Michelle pictures in both galleries: First gallery and second gallery! They also have video from the first rehearsal.

The show put up on youtube clips rehearsing the opening number and also the finale. There's also another youtube video from the rehearsal.

I didn't find much talk from the reshearsal on twitter, but I did find this picture of Michelle. I also found this quote on twitter. SO true, brings back memories of Nationals & Worlds practices! JoeySuch Only Michelle Kwan can get a standing ovation in a dress rehearsal.  You can watch a live stream of tonight's show. For more information, check out this thread at the MK Forum.

I know I'm behind in updates, but I have some really exciting news! Michelle will be skating in 2010 All That Skate LA in Los Angeles at the Staples Center on October 2 and 3!! Tickets go on sale September 7 but, if you are a MKF member, be sure to check your mail or the forum for a special presale that starts today, August 25!

Be sure to check out the MK Forum thread to see pictures and videos from Michelle's appearance in YuNa's All That Skate Summer Tour in Korea from July!


Happy birthday Michelle! Michelle is 30 years old today, July 7, 2010. Check out my birthday page for Michelle.

I have lots of exciting stuff to update about Michelle, hopefully I can finish posting by later today!


Michelle received her honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree & gave the commencement at Southern Vermont College on May 8! Check out the video on youtube of her being introduced & receiving her degree! Hopefully video of her speech will be posted soon.

You can also read a full transcript of her commencement address. Also, check out this great article from the US Olympic site. Finally, check out the following pictures:

Speaking of college, I just found this video on youtube, where Denver University alumni talk about how DU prepared them for their careers. One of the alumni is Michelle. She comes on about 3:40 into the video, and then comes back on again at about 4:47.

If you missed Michelle on MTV's Made, skatefan20 made a bunch of screencaps. Check out the screencaps! (Thanks skatefan20!)


Michelle will be on MTV's Made tomorrow, May 1, at 3pm. It repeats May 6. Here's a thread on the MK Forum from when she was spotted filming the episode.

YuNa Kim was named one of Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People of 2010, and Michelle wrote the article about her. Check it out!


Michelle will be given an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree by Southern Vermont College on May 8! She will also address the graduating class as its commencement speaker.

Michelle said, "I am honored to be invited to attend and participate in Commencement Exercises at Southern Vermont College. Education has and always will be a very important part of my life. I look forward to speaking to the graduating class, sharing some of my life experiences with them and congratulating them for their own academic accomplishments and success."

The president of the college, Karen Gross, said, “I am delighted that Michelle will address our graduates and receive an Honorary Degree. She is the embodiment of someone who has worked hard to pursue a dream, someone who is not afraid to fall down, get back up, and strive for excellence at each and every turn. Her personal story is compelling and inspiring for our graduates, as they enter the next chapter in their lives.” 

Recent SVC Commencement speakers and honorary degree recipients include author Andre Dubus III, ( House of Sand and Fog), award winning journalist Christine Dugas, and ESPN sports commentator Sean McDonough.

For more information, check out the school's press release and the president's blog.  

I wrote earlier about Michelle being one of the AT&T Team USA athletes blogging on AT&T's Fan Zone! She has 2 new blogs, from March 10 & March 18. Check it out!

Check out this cute picture of Michelle with Michael Phelps at the USA House during the Olympics.


Check out the video of Michelle's piece on GMA on Friday, Feb 26! (Thanks SamChez!)

Michelle congratulated YuNa Kim during YuNa's press conference at Hyatt Hotel in Vancouver on February 26. Here's a little about the meeting from a Reuters article:

[YuNa] opened her arms wide when five-times world champion Michelle Kwan popped in to give her a congratulatory embrace and giggled throughout their short exchange. For an instant, it seemed as if she had forgotten that she was the Olympic champion as she seemed star-struck by the whole episode.

Check out the following pictures from the meeting (Thanks ros01 and MichellianeKwanjuez!)

Check out these 5 pictures of Michelle and Katarina Witt watching the ladies long program.

Also, check out this great article about Michelle!


Michelle was on GMA February 24 and 25. On Thursday, there was a really cute piece with Michelle! She interviewed Rachael & then goes pin trading (and is excited to get a Nagano pin because she competed there!) Check out a video clip of the piece! (Thanks SamChez!)

This was probably taped before Michelle went to Vancouver (same day she did all the press the day she left for the games), but here's video of Michelle on a local St. Louis station from Feb. 23.

A couple of articles about Michelle, before the ladies final


Michelle interviewed Evan Lysacek in Monday's GMA. They've posted the interview on their site, check it out! Also, the USFSA posted another video of Michelle interviewing Evan on facebook.

Also, here's a great picture posted on twitter by marcelsturmer of Michelle at a skating practice on Monday.


As part of GE's Healthymagination campaign, Michelle joined fellow Olympic medalists Martin Brodeur, Scott Hamilton, and Angela Ruggiero to honor the Health Heroes of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games at Robson Square on February 19th. Check out the press release for the event. Also, GE Healthymagination blogged during the event. Finally, check out some pictures from the event:

Just like a few days ago, during the news after the Olympics on Friday, I saw a commercial for Healthymagination with Michelle! They used footage from this event in Vancouver.

Michelle is in the March (US version) issue of the Korean magazine "Woman Joins." Check out the gorgeous photo spread from the magazine! Also MichellianeKwanjuez posted a translation of the article on the MK Forum. (Thanks Grace and MichellianeKwanjuez!)

Michelle has been on GMA the last 2 days (Thursday & Friday), hopefully she'll be on all next week, too! GMA hasn't posted the clips on their site yet, and I'm having some problems getting the video off my tivo, but hopefully you caught it!


Michelle is in Vancouver, and it looks like her GMA reports might start Thursday! Here are 3 pictures of Michelle interviewing Evan Lysacek's mother (Tanya) at P&G Family Home on Wednesday.

Michelle has been doing lots of press during the Olympics, both before and after arriving in Vancouver! Check out these videos:

Check out this interview with Michelle after GE's Healthymagination luncheon Feb. 16. My favorite quote from the interview is "Do what you enjoy. Yes, Kwan still skates a few times a week. Now, she says, it's a 'treat.'"


Check out a video clip of Michelle on Good Day New York yesterday! She said she was leaving for Vancouver later that day, so hopefully she'll be appearing on GMA as their Olympic correspondent soon! (Thanks MichellianeKwanjuez)

She was also on a local Cleveland show, so it looks like she did some local shows by remote. If you saw her on a show in your area, let me know! Maybe they have the video on their show's site!

Michelle helped to kick off GE's Healthymagination campaign in New York on Feb. 16. From the press release, "A strong advocate for Americans playing an active role in their own healthy lifestyles, Kwan will bring the study findings to life for consumers and encourage Americans to think about their health in new ways in 2010. In addition, Kwan will join Olympic Gold Medalists Scott Hamilton, Angela Ruggiero (current defenseman for U.S. Olympic Women's Ice Hockey Team) and Martin Brodeur (current goalie for Team Canada Ice Hockey) will be in Vancouver talking to consumers about the importance of healthy living."

She took part in a luncheon on Feb 16 with Dr. Michael Roizen of the Cleveland Clinic to kick off the “Year of Better Health.” The site blogged from the event, but there isn't much info there yet. They are also on twitter, and posted this pic of Michelle and Dr. Roizen at the luncheon. They also quoted Michelle as saying "Healthymagination makes health accessible for everybody."

During the news after the Olympics tonight, I saw a commercial for Healthymagination with Michelle! She was wearing the same top she had on during the NY show, so it looked like it was taped Tuesday, near the Rockefeller Center rink. It also showed a clip from Fields of Gold from the Olympics.


yankgirl posted on the MK Forum that Michelle will be on Good Day New York on Fox 5 Tuesday, February 16. The show airs in the NY area from 7:00 am-10:00 am. (Thanks yankgirl!)

Miss Shell posted on the MK Forum that Michelle was interviewed on KMOX radio in St. Louis on February 11. You can hear the interview here on their site. (Thanks Miss Shell!)

Michelle is in 2010 remake of Ice Castles, a direct to DVD movie (you can find it on Amazon.) She's even featured on the DVD's cover! Check out a clip of Michelle commentating in the movie at She Knows.


Don't forget, Michelle will be on GMA on ABC on Friday, Feb. 12 live, in-studio to discuss her role as special correspondent for GMA at the Olympics. She will be on during the 8-8:30 segment.

Update: ABC.com has posted the video of Michelle on GMA! If you missed it, check it out!


Michelle will be a a Special Correspondent covering the Olympics for Good Morning America on ABC! She will provide commentary & analysis on the skating, as well as cover other news stories at the games. Her first report will air Friday, February 12! Don't miss it! For more information, check out the press release.

I posted this article from the Boston Globe earlier, but if you checked it out as soon as I posted it, be sure to click the link again. They've added this beautiful picture of Michelle! The paper also has a picture of Michelle on her computer in their gallery of stars who have gone back to school.

Michelle, as Michelle Kwanzelberry, will appear on Wow, Wow, Wubbzy on February 21 on Nick Jr at 7pm. From the press release:

Kwan voices “Michelle Kwanzelberry,” the greatest WuzzOlympian in WuzzOlympic Games history, who coaches all of the participants.

"I knew I had to say yes when I was asked to guest star as Michelle Kwanzelberry in a special episode of Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!,” said Michelle Kwan. “My nieces, Olivia and Sophia, love the show and are so impressed that I actually got to meet Wubbzy. The positive message about working hard and being a good friend is perfect and I had a great time working with creator Bob Boyle and the Wubb-crew."

In the new episode entitled “Run for Fun,” everyone in Wuzzleburg is so excited that the WuzzOlympic Games are coming to town – especially because this year’s official coach is none other than the record-shattering Michelle Kwanzelberry (Kwan). Wubbzy and his pals get geared up to compete in the big sporting event, the Wuzzleburg Wacky Dash, and Michelle advises them to prepare, practice and have fun. While Wubbzy, Widget and Walden all devise shortcuts so they can reach the finish line the fastest, Daizy follows Michelle’s direction and helps her friends and young viewers learn that slow and steady wins the race!


Check out this great article about Michelle from the Boston Globe, Kwan puts skating career on ice.


I appologize for the delay in updates! Hopefully I'm caught up now!

I wrote earlier that Michelle hosted Skate For the Heart with Peggy Fleming. Don't forget that it airs today, January 31, on NBC at 4pm EST!

If you missed Michelle in the 2010 Tournament of Roses Parade earlier this month, here are some great pictures of Michelle on the float!

And some behind the scenes videos from youtube:

Michelle went to Korea for her 5th trip as an American Public Diplomacy Envoy from January 3-9. The first day's events were postponed due to a massive snow storm in Korea, but the rest of the trip went well! She visited Seoul, Pyeongchang and Goyang & participated in a roundtable discussion with university students, visited several schools, conducted skating clinics, participated in a Special Olympics program and met with U.S. Forces Korea on the Yongsan Military Garrison.

Rather than post all the pics & links here (since I'm so behind, that would be a ton!), just check out the official MK Forum thread from the trip. There are tons of pics, articles, and vidoes, along with translations to keep you occupied for a while! Also, you can check out the special Michelle Kwan Visits South Korea page on the State Department's site. They list articles, videos, and pics of Michelle on the trip, also, including this photo gallery that gives a quick review of her trip. The Korea Times had this great article, Michelle Kwan Finds New Mission on Ice.

It looks like Michelle has a new endorsement! Michelle is one of the AT&T Team USA athletes that will be blogging on their Fan Zone! As of today, she has 2 blogs up, "My Favorite Olympic Moment" & "Family." Check it out!

A couple of random Michelle mentions:

Check out this cute youtube video of Michelle Kwanzelberry lighting the torch at the Wuzzlympic Games (thanks skatefan20)

On the January 20 Colbert Show, he was talking about the money NBC is going to lose during these Olympics & showed a clip from MSNBC (from 12/16) where they discussed this. In the clip, what do they show but Michelle jumping during Bolero at '05 Nats. Check it out!

On January 21, the $3,000 question on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" was "At the age of 23, which of these prominent Asian-Americans became a fashion editor at Vogue." One of the 4 possible answers was Michelle. (The answer was Vera Wang, so kind of Michelle related there, too

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