Dates Event
July 19 Skating Romance 3 {I went to this event!}
August 2 Americana {at Ice Castle}
August 30 Olympic Dreams--Dreaming of Gold {at Ice Castle}

October 4-5

Nice 'N Easy US Figure Skating Classic
October 22-26

Skate America

November 6-9 Skate Canada
January 4-11 US Nationals {I went to this event!}
February 7-22 Olympics
February 24 The Golden Gala Skating Special
March 29-April 5 World Championships

April 8-July 19

Spring/Summer Champions on Ice Tour
April 17 Hershey Kisses Figure Skating Challenge
April 23 The Ultimate Four
July 4 Star Spangle Ice Show {at Ice Castle}
July 29-Aug. 2 1998 Goodwill Games {I went to this event!}

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