Michelle's Event Schedule
A listing of competitions and shows Michelle is scheduled to be in this season.

Figure Skating TV Schedule
The feature on my page I get the most e-mails about. :) Because skating isn't a sport like football where you know that every Sunday there will be a game, it's hard for a fan to know when an event will be on TV. The second I find out about a skating related show, it goes on the schedule. Includes not only skating shows and competitions, but talk shows, game shows, awards, etc that will have a skater on as a guest. Updated daily (if it's not updated, there's nothing to add)!

Event Reviews and Reports
Competition and show reviews and reports. Includes my reports from '98, '01, '02, and '05 Nationals, '03 Worlds, '98 World Pros, '98 Goodwill Games, '98-'05 COI, and more! Also includes results, links to articles and pictures, and, in most cases, pictures I took at the event. In addition, there are pages for several other major competitions that I did not attend, with articles, pictures, and reports from friends who were there. If you will be attending a competition in the future (Nationals, Worlds, etc), and would like to report on it for my page, let me know about a month or so before the event.

Competition and Show Schedule
A listing of competitions and shows scheduled this season. Includes links to the event's official page so you can find out important details of the event.

Results from competitions dating back to the '97/'98 season.

Photo Heather Winfield