I scanned in the ad for "The Winning Attitude!" that was in the October issue of Skating magazine. Check it out!

I scanned in the Cover of "The Winning Attitude!" from Skating magazine today. Also, news about the book! Magenta posts on the MK Forum that she got a notice from amazon.com that the book was being shipped out Aug. 19! I'm assuming that means the book will be in stores soon!

Magenta added this today to the forum about the contents of the book. I really have to get to the bookstore!!(Thanks Magenta!)

It is hard bound with 126 pages. There are some exciting pictures in the middle of the book.

1) Michelle at age 8 holding a trophy with 2 gold medals hanging in her neck. She is missing one front tooth in this picture. So cute!! Hehe.
2) At her home in the kitchen preparing some food. Interesting mixture of sauces?
3) In a workout machine at home
4) Studying in the bus; seen this picture featured at the Time magazine before '98 Olympic
5) Practicing at Ice Castle with Frank Carroll. They are laughing and having fun together!
6) In her bedroom with some of her skating costumes laid out in the bed. She held the white EOE costume up - the picture says: Picking the right costume is one of the small details most people don't see.
7) A pose from Taj Mahal program - she was in the 2nd TM custom, the one she wore to the '97 world championship
8) In the dressing room at COI show putting some make up on - picture featured at Time magazine before '98 Olympic
9) Working with Lori Nichol at Ice Castle.
10) Layback spin pose of Lyra Angelica program.
11) A move from Ariane - full page
12) Roller blading with Karen Kwan. Both were in white t-shirt, short denim shorts, gorgeous sunglasses, having so much fun together! - this is another full page picture.
13) A full page of her ending pose of Lyra Angelica program. This is the autograph postcard she sent me last year.

Suzanne wrote the following on the MK Forum: (Thanks Suzanne!)

In the Fall 1999 Children's Books issue of [Publisher's Weekly], there is a 4-page, full color ad for Hyperion Books highlighting some of the books they will be releasing this fall. Michelle's new book is on of them! There is a picture of the front of the book with a really cute pic of her on the front. She is also mentioned in the preview of books coming out in the spring. It reads "Hyperio Paperbacks does figure eights with a new paperback series by figure skater Michelle Kwan.

If anyone has a scan of this, I'd love to see it!

The Winning Attitude: Michelle Kwan Tells What It Takes to Be a Champion, the first from the eight book deal Michelle has with Hyperion Books will be out in September! Shallah found the book's listing on amazon.com. For more info on the book deal, check out the article from Feb. 2, World Champion Figure Skater Michelle Kwan to Author Books With Buena Vista Publishing. (Thanks Shallah!)
Michelle will be attending UCLA this fall!! She said that she plans to take a full course load for the fall semester. She said said that she will be at Nationals, and "hopefully Worlds" next year.
Michelle has signed a new book deal! She signed with Buena Vista Publishing for an 8 book series. Looks like Disney really likes her (they are the parent comapny to Buena Vista.) The first book, "The Winning Attitude! Michelle Kwan Tells What It Takes to Be a Champion," should be out in the Fall of 1999. In this first book, "Michelle will coach readers to act and think as a true champion." Read more about it in World Champion Figure Skater Michelle Kwan to Author Books With Buena Vista Publishing . Also, check out this picture of Michelle in NY with Michael Eisner, Chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Company, and Steve Murphy, senior vice president of Buena Vista Publishing Group, Inc.
Michelle has graduated from high school! :-) She received her high school diploma from Rim of the World High in Lake Arrowhead, California, in a private ceremony Thursday, September 17. She earned a 3.9 (out of 4.0) grade-point average her senior year, for a cumulative total of 3.61.

In the October issue of Skating magazine, there was a picture of Michelle getting her diploma! I scanned it in for you. Check it out!

Michelle has a 4.0 GPA for this semester!! This gives her a cumulative GPA of 3.5. She is privately tutored through an independent study program at Rim of the World High School in Lake Arrowhead. Michelle said that she is, "as proud of what I achieved in school this year as I am of my skating accomplishments." Now a senior, she will graduate in June and plans to take college courses next fall while continuing to skate. Her classes this semester were French IV, English IV and Economics.Congratulations Michelle!! Read more about it in Kwan perfect in classroom as well as on ice.
On the academic side, Michelle completed 11th grade with a 3.8 grade point average, raising her cumulative high school average to 3.53. Her 12th grade subjects include English, French, U.S. Government, Economics and Computer Science.
In an article titled Lipinski, Kwan: Read all about it, the Detroit Free Press reports that in a news release, the Scholastic company called the agreement (check out my Endorsements section for more info) "the most comprehensive publishing program devoted to a figure skater."
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