Remember how I said I wasn't sure if Michelle would be at the Japan Open? Well, then I opened the USA Today paper on December 30, and found out she is. :-) On page 3C, is the article How sports stars will spend New Year's eve. Here's what it says about Michelle:

Michelle Kwan, two-time world figure skating champ: "This is one of the few times in the year that my whole family will be together, so we’ll spend New Year’s Eve at home (in Lake Arrowhead, Calif.) toasting the coming year." She’ll leave New Year’s Day for a skating competition in Japan.

Here's wishing Michelle, and all of you, a Happy New Year!!

On page 3C of the December 23-26 edition of USA Today, Christine Brennan wrote an article, Gifts all around, and a lump or 2 of coal, about what some athletes, or those in sports, should receive for Christmas. The third gift she thinks should be given out:

To pushy parents: Lunch with Michelle Kwan. After an hour, you'll breathe deeper, smile easier and vow to never again yank your kid out of school or move here, there and everywhere in search of fame, fortune or an Olympic medal.

I received my December 1999 issue of Skating Magazine in the mail this week. (This magazine is only available by subscription.) Here are the mentions of Michelle in the magazine:

Chris e-mailed me about two new magazine mentions of Michelle! (Thanks Chris!)

The first mention is in the Fall/Winter 1999 issue of Sports Illustrated For Kids. Here's what Chris wrote about it:

Pg. 2 - (Can you identify the 12 athletes pictured on this page? Their names are on page 63.) Michelle is the 12th athlete doing a spiral from "Romanza."

Pg. 52- Small article heading Top Blades: Michelle Kwan won her first U.S. women's figure skating championships in January. In March, she won her first world championship. She won the U.S. championship again in 1998 and 1999. Michelle won her second world title in 1998. Then a picture of Michelle doing a spiral from "Romanza."

A pull-out poster called "10 Years of Sports Hits." The poster contains a variety of sports included figure skating at the 1998 Olympic Winter Games. There is a picture of Tara Lipinski skating and a small article. The article is called "Queens of the Ice" and this is what it says: Tara Lipinski and Michelle Kwan of the United States won the gold and silver medals at the 1998 Winter Olympics. Michelle skated beautifully, but 15-year old Tara was flawless. She landed all seven of her triple jumps. She became the youngest individual gold medalist in Winter Olympic history. Then there is another picture that has Michelle and Tara holding their Olympic Medals.

The second mention is from the December 1999 issue of Fit (women fitness magazine)

Pg. 15- Small article heading Get a Figure Skater's Butt: " THE ARABESQUE (A.K.A "THE SPIRAL MOVE" WHEN DONE ON THE ICE): Slowly raise one leg straight back, toes pointed and shoulders squared. Extend both arms to your sides ( like figur skater Michelle Kwan,shown left) or hold onto the back of a chair for balance. Hold the pose for five seconds, feeling the contraction in your glutes and lower back, then slowly lower . Do 5 reps on each leg. A picture of Michelle doing a spiral from "The East of Eden". With the picture reads: "Before you take to the ice, do this butt-shaping exercise-a must-have move among ballerinas and figure skaters.
Michelle is nicely mentioned in the November/December issue of Print magazine, a graphic design magazine. Here is the article:


Though for very different reasons, show business and sports both glorify, idealize, and idolize the human body. No surprise, then, that the image of athletes, musicians, movie stars, entertainers, and performers of all sorts are now capable of transgressing the single sport, film, or event to become a larger, iconic presence. Whether it was a print ad for sunglasses or a Web site for an African-American dance company, the icon of the performer was used repeatedly to evoke a larger spirit of performance. The image of figure skater Michelle Kwan used on The New York Times viewer's guide to the Olympic Winter Games captures this perfectly. She is not just a figure skater, but dancer, performer, a kinetic symbol for the event, and in this case, a graceful graphic device that structures the entire page. A scholarly street wrestler--with glasses, book, black tights, and kneepads--cut a more unconventional figure, which was the point of the image used to promote a poetry slam in Texas that made no bones about the marriage of literature and sport.

Along with the article is a picture of the cover of the The New York Times previewing the Olympics (which includes this picture).

Michelle is on the cover of the November 15 issue of American Diversity, a newspaper-ish magazine. The picture is of Red Violin from Skate Canada. This picture is also on page 18, along with the article, "Cyber Sports Michelle Kwan and Tiger Woods," a review of 3 web sites. (Thanks Tim!)
I just received my November 1999 issue of Skating Magazine in the mail. (This magazine is only available by subscription.) Here are the mentions of Michelle in the magazine:

  • Article Kwan + UCLA = Success, basically with quotes from the press conference where she announced that she would be at Skate America. Also contains a picture from Lyra Angelica skated at 1997 Skate 7
  • Article Orlando Magic, about the Keri Lotion FS Classic. Includes picture of Kissing You from the 45
  • Ad for ABC's coverage this year, with a picture of Michelle doing a spiral during East of Eden (this has been in several skating magazines lately)...back cover

The December issue of Blades on Ice also came in the mail today...yep, two skating magazines in one! The following mentions of Michelle were in the magazine:

  • In the editor's section, On Ice, she writes about the skaters of the new millennium. She says that "Michelle Kwan is still the leading lady." 6
  • COI calendar insert with a picture of Michelle skating in the opening from the 1999 COI show for the month of July
  • Positive book review of Winning Attitude. Nice quote, "And because she is still competing and therefore is sufficiently in the public eye, and because she is still young (19), there could be hardly a better role model for today's children." Includes Official USFSA 62
  • Ad for Winning 67
  • Article about the Keri Lotion FS 72
  • Small article about Teen Read 76
  • Article about Michelle skating in the Grand Prix this year. Includes a nice 79
  • Article about Peggy Fleming's book that includes her "experiences with and memories of other skating superstars and personalities like...Michelle Kwan." 80

Michelle is in the December 1999/January 2000 issue of Cosmogirl. Tarafan alerted readers on the MK Forum, and mano posted the following about the magazine article and picture.(Thanks mano and Tarafan!)

Okay, I'll post the short article and describe the gorgeous pic as best as I can. It's a must see magazine and must buy if you collect her pics. Michelle is part of an article titled Never say Never: Don't let insecurity rule your life! These CosmoGIRL!s show you how to find your inner confidence. Among the other confident people chosen were T-boz from TLC, Ananda Lewis (MTV VJ), and Kate Sobrero from USA's 1999 Women's World Cup Soccer Dream Team.

Michelle Kwan

Ultraconfident Michell Kwan was figure skating's hottest star in 1996: She placed first at both the U.S. Figure Skating Championships and the World Figure Skating Championships. "I felt like I was on top of the world," says the 19-year-old.

The next year, everyone expected she'd win again-everyone except Michelle. "You know how you feel when people's eyes are on you? I felt it. I felt the expectations and the pressure," she recalls. That pressure destroyed her confidence. "All I was thinking was 'What if I don't land this?' or 'What if I fall?'" And a the Nationals, she did fall-twice. "It was one of the most disappointing moments of my life." she writes in her new book The Winning Attitude!: What It Takes to Be a Champion.

With the Olympics just a year away, Michelle forced herself to take an honest look at why she had done so poorly. It wasn't that she hadn't trained hard enough-it was her mind-set. "I'd think about the things that would go wrong," she says. "I needed to turn off the negative voice in my head-I was psyching myself out."

She gave herself an attitude overhaul, studying old tapes to remind herself how confident she used to be. "When you're not feeling so powerful, it's good to keep a little jar of that energy and say 'That's how it felt,'" Michelle says. And the next year, she won the World Championships, the Nationals, and the Olympic silver medal. Her secret, she says is repeating to herself the best piece of advice she ever got: Don't focus on the negative things that can happen, just think about the positive things.

That article above was an insert on the full page pic of Michelle. She's wearing a wheat colored half tank top with gold straps (by Chaiken and Capone) and Khaki jacket (L.A jacket by A/X Armani Exchange) are casually off her shoulders. Her skirt (couldn't tell it was a skirt) are her own and colored charcoal gray, or slate grey or blue grey. Her hair is comparable to her recent press conference pics on the the USFSA site (more stylishly arranged of-course) and has natural looking make-up on (Nars make-up). In other words, she's gorgeous. BTW, she shows a bit of her wonderfully flat abs. Wish I had them. As I said, it's a must see pic of Michelle. BTW, if I'm off on the colors of her clothes, apologies. The magazine only gave the brand name on the tiny credits at the side of the page.

mano has scanned in the pic (which is housed by Jenny's server) of Michelle in the Cosmogirl magazine. Check it out!

Another magazine containing Michelle info is the November 1,1999 issue of Time Digital. akemi_chan posted the following about the magazine on the MK Forum (Thanks akemi_chan!)

It mentioned MK's new computer game on pg.'s a little green box that's titled "Cute and Crazy" comparing Michelle's computer game and ted Nugent's game. it has two columns and there's a picture of michelle in a sit spin in her fate of carmen program. Next to her photo is a paragraph saying: "Michelle Kwan worked with Electronic Arts to make a computer game based on her lifelong passion. So did Ted Nugent. How did the two compare as virtual stars?" i'll just give you guys what it says in the michelle column:

Famous as: World champ, UCLA freshman
Game Called: Michelle Kwan Figure Skating
Helped designers: by jumping and spinning in socks on a hardwood floor to demonstrate proper arm positioning
Goals in mind: achieve technical accuracy without making the game too tough got little girls. "I wanted to look at the triple Lutz and say that's exactly how i do it."
Thanked the E.A. team by: baking them chocolate-chip cookies.

There are several mentions of Michelle in the November/December 1999 issue of International Figure Skating. Here are the mentions of Michelle in the magazine:

  • Article "Steps to Success" about her book "Winning Attitude" and UCLA. Includes picture of the cover of Winning 13
  • Article about skater Tammy Sear, who trained at Ice Castle, that says she "learned a great deal from skating alongside Michelle Kwan" 28
  • Article about Vanessa Gusmeroli that says about her new programs, "As judges and audiences enjoy more and more Michelle Kwan's programs, we wanted to bring a new dimension to her routines--emotion, a Michelle Kwan-like program" 31
  • Article about the skating from 1981-2000 titled "A Brave New World". Contains a picture like this one of Rachmaninoff from the Olympics, with the caption, "Michelle Kwan--even without Olympic gold, one of the preeminent names of the past 20 years" 36-43
  • Article about Christine Brennan winning an award for the article she wrote in USA Today about 51
  • Article about skating on TV titled "A Star is Born". Quote from the article, "When asked who would be a key player in assembling a show John Evenson, vice president of Turner Sports, gives a one-name answer: 'Michelle Kwan'...she would be first on the list." 54-56
  • Half page ad for Winning 57

mano writes on the MK Forum that Michelle is in the Seventeen Celeb Insider Magazine. Here's what she wrote: (Thanks mano!)

I was browsing through the magazine racks at Borders Book and Music and skimmed through the magazine. Michelle was one of 17 women athletes that Celeb Insider hi-lighted. It has a small colored pic of her in her Rach costume on page 82 with a very, very short summary of Nagano, her dragon necklace, and I can't for the life of me remember the rest.

In the October 30-November 5 issue of the TV Guide, there are two ads that contain a pic of Michelle. On page 97 is an ad for Skate America, with a picture from Ariane (Elvis is also in the ad.) On page 176 is an ad for the Masters, with a pic from East of Eden. There is also a pic of Maria, and the ad says "Michelle vs. skating's most anticipated showdown."
Schmeck sent me the following info about Michelle being in another magazine!: (Thanks Schmeck!)

How pleased I was to find Michelle all over my daughter's American Girl magazine, Nov/Dec issue. If I had a scanner, I'd send you the whole thing! Anyways, Michelle is the featured 'Who's That Girl' - 5 clues are given for you to guess who it is. There's a pic of Michelle with a Santa wig on. Next page has an short article about her, with two more pix. Next page has an excerpt of her book 'The Winning Attitude' and 'Kwan's Quiz', 4 silly questions about having the winning attitude.
In the October 16-22 issue of the TV Guide, there is an article about The Jersey on page 56. The quote from the article that mentions Michelle: "You can hang out with Brandi Chastain, Michelle Kwan, or Jeremy Roenick and ask them for advice."
I finally received my October issue of Skating magazine. Here are the mentions of Michelle in the magazine:

  • Picture from Carmen in the Table of 5
  • Small article about the Burns Sports "Top Ten Most Appealing Athlete Endorsers." (Read a previous article about Michelle being on the list.) 7
  • Full page ad for Michelle's new book that contains the cover and a Red Violin 8
  • Article about Skate 9
  • Article titled "The Brink of a New Century" about the upcoming season and beyond. Includes a larger copy of the picture that was in the 26
  • Ad for ABC's coverage this year, with a picture of Michelle doing a spiral during East of Eden (this has been in several skating magazines lately)...back cover

skatingfan wrote on the MK Forum about Michelle sightings in the November issue of Glamour magazine, and in the November/December issue of Women's Sport and Fitness magazine. Both magazines contain these postcards. (Thanks skatingfan!)
yingshan wrote the following on the MK Forum: (Thanks yingshan!)

I browsed through Oct/Nov's A magazine with Tamilyn Tomita (sp?) on the cover and found Michelle in two articles. The whole issue is a special issue looking back at the magazine's 10 years in existence. Michelle was named one of 100 most influential Asian Americans of the decade and she appeared in one article about Asian American athletes of this past decade. It's quite an interesting issue since it looked back at all the issues afecting Asian Americans in this decade. The picture they used is the same one as this forum's button, with Michelle in short hair and black top. Of course, Kristi Yamaguchi was also one of the 100.

Ken e-mailed me the following about the magazine. (Thanks Ken!)

In the 10th Anniversary Issue (Oct/Nov 1999) of "A. Magazine: Inside Asian America" there is a special spread on "100 Most Influential Asian Americans of the Decade." In the sports section (unfortunately labelled "The Jocks"), five Asian-American individuals are mentioned: Michelle, Kristi Yamaguchi, Michael Chang (tennis), Tiger Woods (golf) and Junior Seau (football).

Michelle appears on p. 96 with her official USFSA photo. The paragraph about her reads as follows:

"If one could win medals on expectations alone, Michelle Kwan would have grabbed the gold in the 1998 Winter Olympics. Having already won the U. S. Figure Skating Championships in 1998, Kwan's victory in that year's Olympics looked like a done deal. Her narrow loss to Tara Lipinski in the finals shocked many. But rather than wilt away from the disappointment, Kwan went on to win the 1998 World Championships and the 1999 U. S. Championships. These days, Kwan's eyes are firmly fixed on the gold at the 2002 Olympics."

(BTW, Kristi's paragraph emphasizes that she's the first Asian American to have graced the "Wheaties" cereal box and, of course, notes her 1992 Olympics gold, making her the first American in 16 years to have done so.)

I forgot to write about this earlier this weekend! There is an article about Michelle on page 4 of the October 1-3 issue of USA Weekend. A mention of it is on the front cover of the magazine. The article is not on their site, so I posted it here (with help from Keith's scan!) With the article is a great picture of Michelle, also scanned by Keith (and housed by Jenny's server.) Check it out!. (Thanks Keith!)
Michelle is in the October issue of Teen magazine! Abercrombie wrote the following on the MK Forum. (Thanks Abercrombie!)

Michelle is in a full page article in Teen Magazine. Its the October issue. Its title is "Banish Your Fears" and its info. is from the book "Winning Attitude". There are 3 pictures of Michelle. 2 in her Red Violin Costume and 1 picture was from the cover of "The Winning Attitude".

Pictures I scanned in:

I finally received my October issue of Blades on Ice. It is the "Skaters of the Century" issue, with a full page devoted to each skater. Michelle is one of the skaters listed in the 1975-1999 section. On page 57 is this picture, with the following:

Michelle Kwan
Kwan is one of the most popular and best-loved skaters of the decade. In a recent survey she was voted the most appealing female athlete product endorser among advertising agency creative directors and corporate marketing executives. And she's a pretty good skater too. Known for her artistry and grace, Kwan has won 19 perfect marks of 6.0 in her skating career to date plus two World titles [1996 & 1998], three national titles [1996, 1998, & 1999], and an Olympic silver medal [1998]. She has written a book and starred in two Disney television specials. She serves as a national spokesperson for the Children's Miracle Network and co-chairs CMN's ProKids program. She graduated from high school with a 3.6 grade point average and this fall began classes at UCLA. However, Kwan plans to continue to compete nationally and internationally at the eligible level.

The only other mention of Michelle is on page 94. It is the same paragraph about Michelle's USOC ads that was on their site.

Michelle is in the October 1999 issue of American Cheerleader magazine! It is the Special College Issue of the magazine. You may remember that Michelle was featured in the December 1998 issue of this magazine. Iceangel e-mailed me this. (Thanks Iceangel!)

There is a small pic of Michelle from her "Winning Attitude" book. Michelle is doing a split in this pic with a pink pom-pom like thing in front of her. I have her new book, "Winning Attitude", and I could not tell she was doing a split unless this is a different pose. :-)

The section, "What's Going on" on page 8 entitled "Reading Rocks" reads:

"Put down your poms and get set for 1999 Teen Read Week, Oct 17-23, a time for teens to show off their reading skills in cool ways-acting as guides on tour buses, reading the weather and sports reports on local TV and radio stations and reviewing books in newspapers. Skating champion Michelle Kwan will be leading the activities to get teens excited to 'read for the fun of it.' 'I absolutely love to read,' said Michelle. 'There is no limit to where you can go and what you can do with books.' Michelle joins WNBA star Rebecca Lobo and Atlanta Falcon Tim Dwight on the Teen Read Team. For more info about Teen Read Week activities near you or how your team can get involved, contact your local library or surf to"

I scanned the picture in. Check it out!

Another magazine mention of Michelle! Tiffany sent me this: (Thanks Tiffany!)

There was a picture of Michelle (in her Ariane costume) in Sports Illustrated for Kids along with advice she had given to someone. the column was titled "SPORTS ADVICE from the star" here it is-

"i am a figure skater. i do pretty well, but i get so frustrated when i fall on a jump! What should i do?"-----Karen Peters, 14, Cincinnati, Ohio

Michelle Kwan
Olympic Figure Skater
"You are probably focusing too much on your jumps, and that is making you nervous. If you fall after a jump, don't stop! Get up and finish skating. My coach always makes me do my routine from start to finish, no matter what happens, even in practice. i get used to letting go of my mistakes and continuing with my program. It really works! I find I automatically concentrate on my next move, even if i fall."

Erin e-mailed me this. (Thanks Erin!)

There's a pretty picture of Michelle in this Sunday's paper (Aug. 29) in the Chicago Tribune Magazine section on page 27. She's watching Seal perform on-stage at the Chicago ESPN Club opening and the colored stage lights make her face glow.

Michelle is in the fall issue of Sports Illustrated for Women magazine! The USOC ad is on page 48. In the Horoscopes section, she is listed as Famous Cancer Athlete on page 126. Also in the magazine, you can vote for the sportswoman of the year. You can also vote online (Thanks Karen!)
There are several mentions of Michelle in the September/October 1999 issue of International Figure Skating. I've scanned in the pictures (click on the links below). Here are the mentions of Michelle in the magazine:

  • Ad for ABC's coverage this year, with a picture of Michelle doing a spiral during East of Eden (this has been in several skating magazines lately) 3
  • Article "Kwan Hits the Drive" about Michelle's upcoming figure skating computer game. The article says, "Kwan hopes to learn as much from the new computer game as her fans do. 'We're talking about doing a quad,' she said. 'Maybe it'll help me observe how the girl in the computer does it so that I can do it in reality.'" Also includes a nice picture of 10
  • Article about Julia Soldatova, where she talks about the difference between junior and senior events. "You come to a senior event, and there are such big names there, people like Michelle Kwan. This puts extra pressure on you, and it forces you to be better." 26
  • Picture with Isabelle Brasseur taken after the Los Angeles COI 34
  • Ad for Skate Canada includes a picture of Michelle doing a spiral in 39
  • Not exactly about Michelle, but it will effect her if she qualifies for the Grand Prix Final. An article about a new "innovation" for the Grand Prix Final. The article says, "In each discipline (men, women, pairs and ice dancing), all qualifiers will skate the usual format: short and free programs for figure skating events and one compulsory dance, original dance and free dance. In order to decide the winners, those ranked for first to fourth in each discipline will skate a second free program, different from the one they performed previously in the event." 41
  • Small article about the Burns Sports "Top Ten Most Appealing Athlete Endorsers." (Read a previous article about Michelle being on the list.) The president of Burns Sports said, "Michelle has the image and fits the profile. Manufacturers follow trends very closely. Michelle is regularly on television. She's established herself." 47
  • Article about Erin Pearl that says she "was happy just to be skating in the same group as Michelle Kwan at Nationals. 'It was cool to see her training. I watched her before I competed, and I thought she was just on a totally different level than me.'" 54
  • Article about celebrities who like skating. Asks Lucy Lee Flippin who her favorites are, and she lists Michelle. "Michelle is so talented, just state-of-the-art." 61

I just received my August/Septmember 1999 issue of Skating Magazine in the mail. (This magazine is only available by subscription.) Here are the mentions of Michelle in the magazine:

  • Article Kwan Launches New Book for Kids (scroll down to read the article). Also includes picture of the book which has a picture of Michelle wearing a pink 7
  • Article about Michelle's upcoming figure skating computer 9
  • Small article about being the chair of Teen Read 11
  • With an article about the history of Skate America, a picture of Michelle landing a jump during Lyra Angelica at the competition in 1997. Also, in a chart of "Skate America Facts", it states that Michelle has won the most ladies titles at the 34-37
  • Ad for ABC's coverage this year, with a picture of Michelle doing a spiral during East of Eden (this has been in several skating magazines lately)...back cover

Another place to vote for Michelle! In the September issue of Biography, there is an article which lets the reader vote for the "10 Beauties of the Decade". Michelle is the only athlete nominated! You can vote by email, fax or ballot. The e-mail address is (Thanks Mari!)

You can also vote online. Just go to 10 Beauties of the Decade

kwanette wrote on the MK Forum about Michelle being in American Skating World: (Thanks kwanette!)

There is a nice article on page 27 of ASW re: Michelle as the national campaign chair for Teen Read Week. Her quote...."I'm delighted to support the ALA and this wonderful program. I absolutely love to read; it's a huge part of my life. There is no limit to where you can go and what you can do in books. Reading lets my imagination run wild. Through this program, I hope to share my passion and enthusiasm for reading with other people my age and encourage them to read more." The article also mentions her 8-book deal with Hyperion Books. There is also a cute picture of her.

Another magazine Michelle is in! On page 122 of the September issue of Good Housekeeping, Michelle is mentioned in the article "New Year's 2000." The article is about what various celebrities will be doing on New Year's 2000. For Michelle it says:

She'll spend New Year's Eve with her parents and siblings in California. "With a once-in-a-lifetime event like this, you can bet we will all be together to share it." In 2000, she'll strive to be stronger and in better shape than ever before.

showzi wrote on the MK Forum that other celebrities in the article include Nicole Kidman, Dolly Patron, Susan Lucci, Ann Curry, Jenny Jones, Rebecca Wells, Maya Angelou, Christine Todd Whitman, Maureen O'Boyle, Rita Moreno, Cindy Williams, Barbra Streisand, Rosie, Julia Roberts, Goldie Hawnn and Maeve Binchy.

(Thanks Patsy, Andrea, and showzi!)

More info on the USOC ad that was in Time and People. From the August update of Blades on Ice News Briefs & Results:

Michelle Kwan is to be featured in upcoming United States Olympic Committee color ads for America's Olympic team within the ad campaign called "America's Olympic Team - Who's Our Next Hero?" that are scheduled to run in upcoming issues of Time, People, Fortune, Sports Illustrated for Women Magazines and USA Today. These ads are designed to promote athletes referred to as "Olympic hopefuls" for either the Sydney or Salt Lake City Olympic Games. The ad focuses on how Kwan won her silver medal with grace and dignity in Nagano for the 1998 Olympic Games.

If you find the ad in these magazines (or any others), let me know with the dates so I can post them here!

The USOC ad that was in Time magazine last week is in this week's (8/9) People magazine! Jump down for more info on the ad.
shinyi posts on the MK Forum that Michelle is in the September 1999 issue of Teen People. She wrote:

Sep issue (98 degrees cover) has Michelle featured in "Ultimate college guide - celeb class acts" section, where it tells a little about Michelle will be attending UCLA. Plus other celeb attending colleges. (p.140)

shinyi also wrote about the August issue of the magazine which was reported here earlier. You can still find the August issue, and the September issue is on the stands August 6. (Thanks shinyi!)

There is an ad for the next two Olympics in this week's issue of Time magazine that has a picture of Michelle. Skate4ever e-mailed me this:

I though you might want to know (and let others know) that there is a picture of Michelle in Time. It is an ad for SLC, and has a pic of her doing a spiral. Underneath, the caption says something along the lines of "With her dignity and grace off the ice, MK turned silver into gold." Then it asks for public support of the SLC Olys. I don't have the magazine with me, so I'm sorry that I can't be more specific. I just thought it was wonderful that the SLC people realized that the person MK is inside is what makes her so special, and what elevates her skating to the next level.

Also, Roger wrote on FSW:

Michelle Kwan makes an appearance in this week's Time magazine. It's an advertisement for the Games in Sydney and Salt Lake City. Kwan is skating against a huge backdrop of the old stars and stripes. The pose and costume is familiar--ie Rachmaninoff spiral--however the red part of her costume has been edited to blue in the photograph. Accompanying the photo is the caption "Michelle Kwan turned silver into gold" or something to that effect.

I'll have to try to find this! Sounds like a nice ad. (Thanks Skate4ever and Roger!)

I bought this magazine today! The ad is on page 89. Next to the picture of Michelle it says, "Michelle Kwan Showed America How To Turn Silver Into Gold." In a box at the bottom of the page, it says, "Her grace and dignity won something far more precious than gold; it won the heart of a nation. The fact is, every American Olympic medal ever won was won because of you. Remember to support your Olympic hopefuls in Sydney and Salt Lake City." I was all set to scan it in later today, until I saw that Ginger already did! Check it out! (Thanks Ginger!)

OoJoshuaoO posted this on theMK Forum. (Thanks OoJoshuaoO):

My older brother bought a Play Station Magazine yesterday and he told me that he saw a picture of Michelle Kwan in it(my entire family knows that I collect Michelle Kwan pictures). It was a picture of Michelle doing a spiral at '99 Worlds in Ariane. The text read something about Michelle making a deal with EA for a game for PCs and that although there wasn't one mentioned for Play Station, EA would probably take advantage of the agreement and make a PS version. They also said it was a sure fire hit among other games.

OoJoshuaoO added this to the forum later:

I just found another mention of MK in the magazine. Shallah, the title of the magazine is Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine. The other mention of MK is on page 36. There is a little column entitled "10 things we think we think this month". It makes jokes of new game info. Well thing no. 1 says:
"EA recently signed a deal with figure-skater Michelle Kwan. An angry Tonya Harding was spotted leaving the press conference yelling into her cell phone."

About the original mention of MK that I reported, here is exactly what the text says:
"Thin Ice
THE FACTS: Electronic Arts has signed a deal with Michelle Kwan to feature her in a figure-skating game.
THE RUB: While a PlayStation game has not yet been confirmed(only a PC game has been officially announced), we're sure EA won't let this valuable exclusive license go to waste and will bring a version to the PS. Following up this exciting title will be other sure-fire hits like...."

In the July 24 edition of the New York Post, Michelle is the answer to a crossword puzzle clue.

Clue: "Ice Skater on Holiday?"
Answer: Michelle Kwanzaa

Check out the answer key for the puzzle (Look 8 rows down.) (Thanks Marymc5757!)

In the "Who's News" section of the USA Weekend magazine, there is a question about Michelle's good luck necklace. I linked to the column yesterday in my Articles section. I received the magazine today, and saw that there are two pictures with the question. One (as you can see stated in the question) is a replica of her necklace. The other is of her waving after Ariane at Nationals this year. I scanned it in. Check it out. This magazine comes with certain local newspapers. To see if your local paper carries this magazine, check out Newspapers by state. In my area, it is with the Sunday edition of the local paper. If you do not get this paper, you can read the question and answer in Who's News, then scroll down to the 2nd question.
In the July 19 issue of Newsweek, there are two articles that mention Michelle. After I posted the first one yesterday, Diana pointed out that there was a sidebar printed in the magazine that "focused on 14 young athletes who seem likely to 'become the next generation of sports heroes.'"(Thanks Diana!)
There are several mentions of Michelle in the August 1999 issue of Blades on Ice. On the cover, in one of the insets shaped like a star, is a picture of Michelle from the Nationals podium this year. Here are the other mentions and pictures from the magazine:

  • One of the "Skaters of the Decade" in the ladies category, with a picture of Michelle doing a spread eagle from Dante's Prayer at the Grand Slam competition this 32
  • In the "Blades Timeline" for 1996, they list her winning Nationals and 62
  • In the "Blades Timeline" for 1997, Michelle's Heart of a Champion is listed under the books that were published this 63
  • In the "Blades Timeline" for 1998, a picture of the cover of the May/June '98 issue. In the caption, it says that the Olympic medal was Michelle's first, and that she "vowed to fight on to 2002" 64
  • In the "Blades Timeline" for 1999, they list her winning 65
  • Article about 70
  • A little about Michelle's figure skating 77
  • Article "Kwan Opts for UCLA." Also includes a picture with her 80
  • Picture with Sarah Hughes at 82

In the August 1999 issue of Teen People, there is this picture of Michelle, with the caption:

Michelle Kwan (left) is used to a sport more graceful than football. Still, the US and world figure-skating champ had a ball at the recent opening of Baltimore's ESPN Zone, a 35,000-square-foot entertainment and dining complex.

(Info from the MK Forum. Thanks to MichelleKfan for originally posting about the picture, littlepebbles1 for the caption, and chemy for the picture.)

Also from littlepebbles1's post on the forum, the following letter was in the July/August issue of Women's Sports and Fitness, in response to Michelle being in the March/April issue of the magazine.

The Lady Is a Champ

It's great to see women from all different sports represented in a positive light ("The Champions," March/April)--not only as athletes but as human beings. I'm glad Michelle Kwan was chosen as one of the nine athletes who inspire us. Oftentimes figure skating is seen as a "wimpy" sport. Kwan dispels that myth with her strict training routine ans healthy competitive attitude.

Marites Rodriguez
Suisun, CA

I just received my June/July 1999 issue of Skating Magazine in the mail. (This magazine is only available by subscription.) Here are the mentions of Michelle in the magazine:

  • With an article about Michelle winning the 1998-99 Skating Magazine Readers' Choice Award, is a picture of her accepting the award. In the article (which will hopefully be online soon), Michelle says, "Everybody in figure skating knows what I'm going through--that I don't win all my competitions. The fans support me anyway and that motivates me and keeps me going." On the same page is an article about Michelle going to UCLA with this 7
  • Article about the 1999 Edi Awards. Michelle once again won for "Best Performance at US Nationals in the Ladies Category" 12
  • Several pictures from the 1999 USFSA Governing Council Meeting in Houston, including a group pose of the US World Team (This picture didn't scan in that well...if you can't tell, Michelle is third in the bottom row.) 46
  • One of the "Kids Questions" to Sarah Hughes is, "Who is your role model in figure skating and why?" Sarah's answer includes, "There are so many great skaters, but I really admire Michelle Kwan. She is very focused and gives so many great performances. She always gives a full effort at her shows and exhibitions. She appreciates her fans. She takes care of herself and seems to be very happy about what she's done. Whatever she wins, she doesn't take it for granted." 54
  • Ad for ABC's coverage this year, with a picture of Michelle doing a spiral during East of Eden (this has been in several skating magazines lately)...back cover

There are several mentions of Michelle in the July/August 1999 issue of International Figure Skating. I'll scanned in the pictures. Michelle was again on the 25 Most Influential Names in Figure Skating List! She also received this honor in the 95/96 and 97/98 seasons. The profile of Michelle is on page 40, with this picture. Here is what it says:

Last fall, when Michelle Kwan decided to sit out the ISU Grand Prix Series, she learned just how prominent her place was in the skating world. Event organizers panicked at her absence, and in short order the ISU has adopted new rules restricting the number of open competitions skaters can participate in if they plan to skate in the World Championships.

Kwan managed to stay above the fray, winning five open internationals and the US title before uncharacteristic mistakes put her second at Worlds.

"I think my most notable program of this year was Nationals," the 19-year-old says. "A lot of people were questioning, 'Is she going to be okay? She didn't compete very much. Will she be able to stand up tall?' I seemed to pull everything together at Nationals. I know myself how hard I've worked and what it takes to perform well."

Even in defeat, Kwan is skating's golden girl, with a multiyear contract to headline specials for Walt Disney and a multibook deal with Hyperion.

Quite simply, she sets her own standards.

Shep Goldberg, her agent, was also on the list! In his profile on page 39, it says that he is satisfied, "watching Michelle continue to grow and develop as a skater and as a person, and seeing her continue to set goals for herself outside of skating, like going to college next fall."

Here are the other mentions of Michelle in the magazine:

  • Article titled, "Kwan is college bound." The article states that she may incorporate her college experiences into her future books. Also, it says, "this summer, after a getaway with friends, Kwan is exploring ice rinks in the Los Angeles are to see where she will train. She still plans to travel to the Ice Castle International Training Center in Lake Arrowhead, but she is hoping her longtime coach, Frank Carroll, will join her at least one day a week in Los Angeles. Once she's settled on a training site and schedule, she will finalize her plans for competing next season." With the article is a picture of Michelle with Sang Lan backstage at COI in 11
  • Article about ABC's coverage of skating next year that says that Michelle not leading after the short program at Worlds helped ratings because, "It kept people watching until the very end because they really wanted to see if she could pull it off." 45
  • Picture of Michelle with Elvis at Worlds 51
  • Article about Worlds, with picture of the ladies 56-58
  • Ad for ABC's coverage this year, with a picture of Michelle doing a spiral during East of 59

In the July issue of Nickelodeon magazine, there is a picture of Michelle in the July calendar (on July 7, her birthday.) Liezl-mae scanned in the whole calendar and a closeup of July 7. (Thanks liezl-mae!)
Do you want to see Michelle on a future cover of Sports Illustrated for Women? Just go here, and tell them in 50 words or less why! Maybe if enough of us write, she will be a on future cover!
Ginger sent me this. (Thanks Ginger!)

There was a small mention of Michelle in ucla's "pacific ties" publication. There is a small section called "sweet and sour". In the "sweet" part, one of the items listed is "Olympic skater Michelle Kwan plans to attend UCLA next fall". Not major, but i was glad to finally see michelle's name in a ucla publication!! :)

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