There are several mentions of Michelle in the June 1999 issue of Blades on Ice. The cover is a cute picture from her Disney special of the number with Elvis. Here are the other mentions and pictures from the magazine:

  • Cover
  • Sitting on seashell from Disney 4
  • "Skating's Hottest TV Stars," an article about skaters on TV that mentions Michelle's Disney special. Includes a picture from her 8-9
  • Article about 18-31
  • Full page color picture from 35
  • Centerfold of poster for COI, contains pic from 40-41

Michelle is mentioned in the May issue of Glamour magazine! On page 295, there is an article about whiter teeth, and includes a picture of Michelle. She is just one of many celebs that they write about.
Michelle is nominated for another award! In the April/May issue of A. Magazine, Michelle is listed as a nominee for the 100 most influential Asians in America over the last ten years. Michelle was #12 in the magazine's 25 most influential of 1998, so that's why she's listed. The winners will be listed in the Oct/Nov issue. You can vote via the ballot in the magazine, or e-mail the magazine at with your age, occupation, and the following about Michelle (and up to 9 others you may wish to nominate.)

  • Name
  • Sector (politics, arts and culture, science, business, ports, academia)
  • A line or two about WHY you chose this person

There are several mentions of Michelle in the May/June issue of International Figure Skating. I've scanned in several of the pictures.

  • Article about Kristi Yamaguchi, where she explains why she decided to compete in the Hershey's FS Challenge: "I'll be on the same team with Michelle Kwan so I said all right." 14
  • Article about Sarah Kawahara with picture of Sarah and Michelle (in mermaid costume, with the harness on) before a flying 37
  • Article on skaters in the marketplace (includes quote on Michelle working with Disney), with this picture of Michelle from "Reflections on Ice: Michelle Kwan Skates to the Music of Disney's Mulan" 40-41
  • Picture of Michelle, Karen, and Michael Chack at Nationals 43
  • Article about Tiffany Chin, where she says that she feels stronger about women's issues, and sees "a loosening of social pressures to conform, and we are creating our own paths. An example is Michelle Kwan's decision to retain her eligible status. "It's great that she has identified what motivates her, and she has made her own decisions about her goals." 50
  • Article about Naomi Nari Nam, where she talks about looking up to 54
  • Article about Nationals, with a picture like this one from 56
  • Article titled, "Tara and Michelle. A Tale of Two Specials." Executive producer and director of her special said that "our goal is to showcase Michelle." Another executive at Disney said about her next special, "Our focus is really going to be on what we do with Michelle. We have the greatest hook." Also, the special was number 1 in it's time slot in the under 18 demographic. Includes color picture from her 62-63
  • Article about Katarina Witt, where she says that she is at the stage in her career where she, "cannot beat somebody like Michelle Kwan, but it's wonderful to share the same ice as her." 64

In the April 19 issue of People magazine, there are several Michelle mentions. On page 6, in the Mailbag section, there are two letters in response to the High Hopes article on Michelle from the March 29 issue. Both are positive. :-) I was going to type them out, and I saw the letters on Jenny's page. One less thing I have to type out. ;-) Also this ad (thanks Christi!) for the Hershey's Kisses FS Challenge on ABC is on page 8.
Several people e-mailed me that, in the May issue of Teen, there is a picture of Michelle doing a spiral during Rachmaninoff in a pullout May calendar. On May 2, it says:

Michelle Kwan and Nicole Bobek are touring through June. For more info see,

I was e-mailed that there is another picture of Michelle in the calendar in the magazine.:

There's a pic on the July page, for July 7th, with a pic of her (a pose) in a black costume (Carmen probably) and it says, "Michelle Kwan celebrates her 19th birthday".

Michelle is in the April issue of Sports Illustrated for Kids! On page 9, there are April Fools sports cards of athletes in different situations than they are used to. For example, there is one of Paul Kariya surrounded on the ice by ducks...get it, he plays for the Mighty Ducks hockey team. :-) There are 9 cards in total, and other than Michelle and Paul, the athletes are Mike Piazza, David Robinson, Sheryl Swoopes, John Elway, Pete Sampras, Jerry Rice, and Mark McGwire. Michelle's in great company. :-) Next to the cards, it says "Take a look at these kooky cards. Have your favorite athletes lost their marbles? Just kidding. April Fools!"

Michelle's card is first! It's a picture of her doing a layback during Ariane...only with rollerblades on! I definitely did a double take! On the back of the card, it says.

Michelle has made up her own X Games Event! She calls her event aggressive in-line figure skating. Michelle performs a figure-skating trick called a triple toe loop. Then she hops on the boards and does a phat grind in front of the judges. "In-line skating on ice is sick," says Michelle. "I just wish I could show off my cool halfpipe moves."

Check out the front of the card!

Andrea e-mailed me this about Michelle being in the May issue of Teen People. (Thanks Andrea!)

Michelle is mentioned/showed a couple of times in the May 1999 issue of Teen People. First of all, I want to know if any of you remebered that in an earlier issue of Teen People, Michelle was nominated as one of the hottest stars under 21. Did you remember that? Anyway, on pg. 57, there is an ad for the show. It says, "It's all about the celebrities you can't get enough of and the kind of intimate interviews you can get only from Teen People. We'll take you where you've never been before: inside the heads, hearst and homes of your favorite stars! Read Teen People's 21 Hottest Stars Under 21 issue, available on newsstands May 7, then vote for your favorite star at our exclusive AOL site (keyword: Teen People) or at The Teen's Choice Choice Award winner will be announced during the May 21st special! Check local listings for times! On pg. 114 there is a picture of the cover of the spring issue of Sports Illustrated for Women, which Michelle is mentioned in. On pg 136, Michelle (and Tara) are part of the crossword puzzle. 46 Across says, "With 35 Down, a Michelle Kwan activity". 35 down says, "With 46 Across, a Tara Lipinski activity". 46 Across (the one with Michelle) is "ice". 35 Down (the one with Tara) is "skating".

In the March 27-April 2 issue of the TV Guide, there is a "sports closeup" for Nationals on page 60. In the closeup is a picture of Michelle doing a layback during Carmen at Nationals. Here is what the closeup says:

The World Championships

Competition concludes with the women's short programs and pairs final this afternoon, and women's and dance finals this evening.
Michelle Kwan is the overwhelming women's favorite says commentator Terry Gannon. "If she's going to lose, she's going to have some help," he says. "Artistically, there's no one even close." Kwan has performed flawlessly lately, and has not lost an event since the Nagano Olympics. "With no one to push her, I think her major opponent may be her own motivation," says Gannon. Among those attempting to pull the upset are European champ Maria Butyrskaya and Tatyana Malinina."

Also, on page 67 is an ad for the ladies long program like this one, but it only has the picture of Michelle and Maria. Also, it says "The best skaters in the world all have one thing in common. They all want to beat Michelle." Finally, on page 179 is an ad for the exhibitions, with only the picture of Michelle.

There is an article about Michelle, and how her life has changed since the Olympics in the March 29, 1999 issue of Newsweek! The main picture of Michelle jumping in the air in her Ariane costume is beautiful. Jayne scanned in the pics! (Thanks Jayne!) Check them out:

There is an article about Michelle in the March 29 issue of People magazine! The article, High Hopes, is on page 85-86, and includes several pictures. You can view the article, and one of the pictures online, but only if you are on AOL. Otherwise, check out the article on Jenny's page, which also includes scans of some of the pictures! Also in the magazine is an ad for Worlds. (Thanks Schelle and Jenny!)
Michelle is quoted in the Wall Street Journal! In the article, "If I Ran AOL", Michelle says, "I probably talk more on the Internet than I do on the phone." (Same here Michelle!!) She also says that the Internet helps her, "stay current with everything that's happening in figure skating." Wouldn't that be cool if she visited this, or other sites we regularly visit? :-) For more info, check out Michelle in the Wall Street Journal from Jenny's page. (Thanks Jenny!)
In the March 20-26 issue of the TV Guide, there is an article about Michelle! It is on page 11, and also has a picture of Michelle doing a spiral during East of Eden. Here's the article:


Olympic silver medalist Michelle Kwan has always made waves with her skating, but now the 18-year-old from Torrance, California, is attracting attention for a recent makeover. Kwan, who is maintaining her Olympic eligibility to go for the gold in Salt Lake City in 2002, turned to L.A. stylist Laurent D, who sheared Kwan's locks for a look that is Sharon Stone chic and collegiate practical (Kwan has applied to Stanford and Harvard). "It took me two years to get into [the stylist's] chair," she admits. "Now I say to myself, 'Why didn't I do this sooner?'"

Next up for Kwan is the world championships in Helsinki Finland (ABC, March 25 and 27), where she is the heavy favorite. "She has grown from a 14-year-old zinger into a young lady of grace and elegance," marvels ABC analyst Dick Button. Kwan isn't taking the field lightly. "I don't go out there and think I'm untouchable. I've always been a competitor"

Imagine my surprise when I open the USA Today paper, and on the front page of the Life section is a picture of the cover of the new Sports Illustrated for Women magazine. OK, that wasn't the surprise. But, when I looked in the top right corner of the magazine, I knew I saw a picture of Michelle! It was small, but I can spot her. ;-) So, I stopped at Barnes and Nobles on my way home, and bought the magazine. The picture of Michelle is a closeup from the 1999 Nationals podium. Next to the picture it says "What Elite Athletes Eat to Win." Check out the cover!

The article on pages 37-38, titled "Protein Power," is in the "your food" section. It's about what top athletes eat. On page 37 is a chart with the training-day meal plans that four athletes (Rebecca Lobo, Michelle, Hazel Clark, and Eric Lindros), submitted, with a picture of the athlete. The picture of Michelle is a closeup of her waving at the end of Carmen. Here's her meal plan:

Breakfast Lunch Snack Dinner
  • Two hard-boiled eggs or
    Oatmeal with fruit
  • Sushi or
    Turkey sandwhich on whole-wheat bread with tomato and lettuce (no mayonnaise)
  • Fruit Cup
  • Chocolate Power Bar
  • Sushi
  • White Rice

Also, in the article, it says, "Olympic silver medalist Michelle Kwan is also a protein junkie. When she's training, she often eats sushi twice a day for its low-calorie protein punch."

Then, in the letter from the editor section, the editor thanked people for letting them know what they wanted in the magazine. One sentence says:

In the last 18 months, we've asked you everything from what our name should be (you told us you like Sports Illustrated for Women better than Women/Sport) to whether you want advice from real athletes (yes, you do, and we've got it: Lindsay Davenport's favorite sunscreen for hair, Dot Richardson's question-and-answer column, even Michelle Kwan's preferences on power snacks).

Also, on page 102, is an article about Naomi Nari Nam. There is a picture of Naomi doing a layback during her long program at Nationals. It is along the same lines as the She's Got Next article in the Feb. 22 issue of Sports Illustrated, but not exactly. Something I thought was interesting from the article is that Michelle's father, Danny, helped Naomi learn the double axel. Michelle is mentioned several times in the article.

The magazine is the Spring Issue. It will be on the stands until May 26.

I got my April issue of Blades on Ice the other day. Here are the notable mentions of Michelle in the magazine:

  • World Pro article, with 2 Michelle 28-31
  • Group picture from World 28
  • Picture of Michelle skating to East of 31
  • Brief article on Nationals with 70-71

In the December issue of Skating Magazine, there was a new section called "Kids Questions," where anyone 18 and younger can send in questions to a skater. The first one was for Michelle. But, since I always get my issue late, it arrived just in time for me to e-mail a question before the deadline. In the Feb issue of the magazine, her responses are published. And my question was answered! :-) I was shocked. My question was, "Do you go on the internet and ever look at web sites on you?" LOL, yea, I know, not too original. Her answer was, "When I have the time I love to browse the internet. It's so nice of all the skating fans to write in and update all of the information. I learn a lot from those web sites about what's going on with everyone in the skating world."

You can see all the questions and answers at Michelle Kwan answers Kids' Questions. With the article are 5 pictures. 3 are from last year's Skate America, one is of East of Eden at World Pros, and her official pic for the USFSA.

I just got my April issue of International Figure Skating magazine. There isn't much about Michelle in it, though. On page 20, there is an article about Charlotte Oelschlagel, the originator of Michelle's Charlotte spiral. On page 42, there is this picture of Michelle and Miss America at World Pros that I scanned in. On page 52, there is an article about Trifun Zivanovic, where they mention that he was in Michelle's Mulan special.
In the February 22 issue of Sports Illustrated, there is an article about Nationals, She's Got Next. It is on page 68 and 70. Even though online there is a picture of Michelle, there is only a picture of Naomi in the magazine.
Michelle is on the cover of the March/April issue of Women's Sports and Fitness! Brian scanned in the cover. Check it out! (Thanks Brian!) There is also an article about her in the magazine. It is a section on champions. She has the label "The Perfectionist". Other champions included Jackie Joyner Kersee and Women's Hockey. There is also a full page picture of her in her Dante's prayer costume. (Thanks Mica and Karen)

I forgot to mention yesterday that on Access Hollywood Monday, they talked about one of the articles in the Women's Sport & Fitness magazine. So, they showed the cover, with Michelle. It was on the screen a long time!

Speaking of the magazine, I finally got it! I found some other places Michelle, and skating, is in the magazine. Along with the cover, here are all the skating mentions:

  • A smaller picture of the cover, with who took the photo, who did the makeup, 10
  • In the Editor's letter, they mention Michelle in the "Champions" section. Also, there is a small picture taken at the photo shoot for the 18
  • A little about Katarina Witt in 39
  • An article on adult skating, which mentions Michelle and Tara 47
  • The article/photo layout about champions 89
  • The section about Michelle, "The Perfectionist" 98
  • Full page 99

In the articles section, their e-mail address is given. Why don't we e-mail them, and thank them for having Michelle on the cover! Maybe they will have her in their magazine more. :-)

I was looking for the Women's Sports and Fitness magazine today, (couldn't find it yet), so I looked through a bunch of magazines looking for Michelle mentions. And I found one! On page 54 of the March issue of Twist, there is an article titled "Get over it!", about coping with problems. On the next page, is the section, "Celebs who bounced back." Below the title it says, "Next time you feel like just giving up, think about these stars who got over some major setbacks." Guess who the first celeb listed is? Yes, Michelle! :-) There are three other celebs listed (Tori Amos, Drew Barrymore, and Courtney Love.) There is a pic of her with short hair and the caption, "Michelle's no moper." Next to the picture, it says:

Michelle Kwan When this skater lost the gold medal to Tara Lipinski in the '98 Winter Olympics, she dealt with it like a true champ. She didn't feel sorry for herself. Instead, she said: "I didn't lose the gold--I won the silver." (Soon after, she won the gold in the World Championships.)

Brian scanned in the picture from the magazine. Check it out! (Thanks Brian!)

There was a great article in Thursday's USA Today paper about Michelle. There was a picture of her on the top corner of the front page of the paper! The main article was on the front page of the sports section. There was a picture of Michelle practicing at Nationals. The article is titled Kwan will always be a hero. Next to the article is a box that says that the date of Michelle's special is now March 5. I checked the section of ABC's site that lists upcoming specials, and it's true...the special is now March 5, a Friday.
In the Februrary 13-19 issue of the TV guide, there is an ad for Nationals (like the one that was in People Magazine, but in black and white.) Check out the ad that Lisa scanned in. (Thanks Lisa!)
In the February 15 issue of People Magazine, there are two full page ads with Michelle! On page 60 is an ad for Nationals. Check out the ad that Jenny scanned in. (Thanks Jenny!) On page 90 is the ad for Winter COI on TBS that was also in Entertainment Weekly that I wrote about earlier. Thanks to liezl-mae for this info!
Two print ads with a picture of Michelle! In the February 5-7 edition of USA Today, on the whole bottom half of page 2E, is an ad for the Japan Open (don't forget to watch it this weekend on TV). It is basically this ad, but in black and white.

Also, in the February 12 issue of Entertainment Weekly, there is an ad for the Winter COI tour on TBS (Check my TV Schedule for more info.) It is a full page ad on page 56. In the center of the page is this picture of Michelle with Philippe Candeloro. Other skaters in the ad are Brian Boitano, Dorothy Hamill, and Katarina Witt. There is also this note in the ad, "Watch and you could win a VIP weekend getaway as special guests of Philippe Candeloro." It said that you could find entry forms at your local FTD store.

In the March issue of Teen People, there is a picture of Michelle in the calendar section on page 46. It is not the same picture that was in the February issue. The caption reads, "Will world-champ skater Michelle Kwan keep her title? Watch ABC tonight." (Thanks Becky!)
In the January 30 issue of the Philadelphia Inquier, #50 down on the crossword puzzle is "Michelle Kwan's footwear!" :-) Of course, the answer is "skates".
In the latest issue of People Magazine, there is an ad for the Japan Open with a picture of Michelle. Check it out! (Thanks Jenny!)
There are several mentions of Michelle, plus a beautiful picture, in the February issue of Dish Entertainment magazine, a Satellite TV guide. I'm not sure if you can buy it on the stands. Read about it on Jenny's news page.
Adele just e-mailed me this. (Thanks Adele!)

I was flying to Ft Lauderdale for the weekend last week, and I picked up those Delta magazines (Sky it's called) and wow-there was a cool section on female athletes and their marketability. Michelle Kwan was the only skater included. So I tore out the pages and thought I'd email the story and photos to you, so more people could enjoy it.

Michelle Kwan-The judge gives Kwan a mark of 5.9 in marketability. Her decision not to turn pro after the Winter Games in Nagano was a smart move. Now she can become The Story of the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, as she battles back from her heartbreaking finish as runner-up to Tara Lipinski to go for the elusive gold. Kwan offers marketers a very attractive package: She's classy, charismatic, articulate and wholesome; she was recently named Sportswoman of the Year by the Women's Sports Foundation; and she made Life Magazine's list of the "100 Best Things About America Now." Campbell's put her on its soup cans (with teammates Lipinski and Nicole Bobek), Disney signed her to star in four television skating specials, and Unilever chose her to endorse its Fresh Deoderant Caress soap. Expect to see plenty of advertisers with Olympic dreams skating Kwan's way as 2002 draws near.

There were 2 photos of michelle-one right next to the part on her and one that I cropped out of a photo collage on all of the athletes.

Check out the pictures with the article!

Michelle is on the cover of the Feb. issue of Harvey magazine, but there is no mention of her in the magazine. Check out Michelle on the cover (Thanks Dave!).
Andy e-mailed me this. I couldn't find it online. I know that this question has been in several articles/magazines already. (Thanks Andy!)

In today's LA Times (01/14/99), in "The Kids' Reading Room", "Sports Illustrated for Kids Weekly", it said:

What do figure skaters do with all the flowers that fans throw onto the ice? Molly C., 12, Montclair, N.J.

Figure skaters often give away the flowers. Elvis Stojko of Canada donates his bouquets to hospitals and to homes for senior citizens. Fans of Michelle Kwan throw stuffed animals. At Christmas, Michelle takes the stuffed animals to patients at Children's Hospital, in Los Angeles.

Visit our web site at

There's a nice color picture of Michelle, which attracted my attention first as I turned the page, Michelle was holding up a bouquet after she skated, still long hair in the back.

There is an article about Michelle in the the February 1999 issue of Sports Illustrated for Kids! The article is three pages long, and includes 6 pictures. Also, there is a drawing of Michelle (with a gold medal around her neck) by a reader featured in the "Make a Wish" section. The caption says, "I want Michelle Kwan to win a gold medal in figure skating at the 2002 Winter Olympics." (Thanks Kat!)
In the January 7 edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer, there was a question about Michelle in the Kid's Talk section. The writer of the article e-mailed me the other day, asking me something about Michelle, so I couldn't wait to see it. :-) Also, this picture from Nationals is with the article.
In the February issue of Teen People, there is a small mention of Michelle. On page 42, there is a calendar for February. For Feb 13, it says, "Tune in to ABC for the State Farm U.S. Figure Skating Championships". Also, there is a picture of Michelle's head. (Thanks Chase!) Check it out! (Thanks WebmastrAS!)
In the January 8 issue of Entertainment Weekly, there is an article in the "Encore" section (the part that tells you what happened this week in a certain year) about the Nancy/Tonya situation. The article, Ice Follies, does not mention Michelle. But, there is a picture of the podium from 1994 Nationals, with Michelle smiling and waving with the silver medal around her neck. Check it out!
Melissa e-mailed me the following:

There is a SMALL pic of Michelle in this months issue of Jane Magazine (is has Gillian Anderson on the cover). I don't have the magazine in front of me, but the pic of her is on bottom right hand side in the magazine (Reader's Choice awards or something). (Thanks Melissa!)
Then, William wrote me about it:

It's on Page 91 of the January/February issue in an article entitled "The 10 Gutsiest Women of the Year (and a Few You Weren't Too Thrilled With)." In a small section of the article called "You Be the Judge," it says:

"GUTSIEST ATHLETE: Lisa Leslie and the WNBA turned out to be the biggest stories on your sports page, but you were also pretty verbal about your disgust for plus-que-perky Tara Lipinski's win over Michelle Kwan. Someone even voted for Tonya Harding, saying she was 'classy.' Er, yeah."

The picture with the article is this one from US Pros.

(Thanks William)

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