Some interesting sightings in newspapers (though I can't find the articles online). In Tuesday's edition of USA Today, there was an article in the Sports section on the Top 98 of '98 (they do this every year.) Michelle is #30. The only other skater on the list is Tara (#13) The listing on Michelle says:

30. Michelle Kwan: Class of Olympic skating also graduates from high school with honors.

In my local paper (part of the Gannett news service, so it may be in your local paper, too), there was an article titled 1998 'Twas a very big year. The article is actually a calendar, with important events listed on the day it happened. The first day I looked at was January 10 (the day of the ladies long at Nationals, a day I will never forget!) To my surprise, it was there! Under January, here is what was listed:
10 Michelle Kwan wins U.S. skating prize
Only the day the Olympics opened were listed (Feb 7). The results of the Olympics weren't mentioned at all. No other skating events were listed. I was very happy that they listed Michelle winning Nationals!!

In the December 28, 1998-January 4, 1999 issue of Time Magazine, there is an article about Michelle! On page 159 is the article Lipinski and Kwan - VICTORY LAPS (Thanks to Arsenette for typing the article!.) A picture of Michelle doing a spiral in East of Eden at World Pros is with the article.
There is a picture of Michelle working out in the January 1999 issue of US Magazine! (Thanks Ginger!)

I got the magazine today. The picture of Michelle working out was in the November 17, 1997 issue of People magazine with the article Belle on the Ball. The actual picture is not online, though.

The caption reads "In L.A., ice princess Michelle Kwan shows how she keeps her figure." Michelle's picture is right in the middle of pictures of Brad Pitt (on ice skates!), Oprah, Sharon Stone, and other A class celebs!

Check out this article about Michelle from the December 9 issue of Beverly Hills 213 from Jenny's page. Includes scan of Michelle on the cover!(Thanks Jenny!)
Michelle is listed on the "The L.A. Sports Council's moments to remember" list. Here's what it says about Michelle:

4. Michelle Kwan of Torrance skates to a silver medal in the Nagano Olympics, then wins gold in the World Championships.

In the January/February 1999 issue of International Figure Skating Magazine, there is a color 18.5" by 28" COI poster. Michelle's picture is at the top of the poster.
Michelle is featured in the December/January issue of A. Magazine, the magazine for Asian Americans, as one of the 25 most influential Asian Americans. She's ranked number 12. It's on page 55. There is a picture of her elegantly sitting on steps of block-ice. (Thanks Schelle!) Check it out!

I bought this magazine today. In the picture, Michelle is wearing her 2nd Desdemona/1st Carmen costume. They list her name, age, title ("Ice Princess"), and her rank last year (unranked.) There's a nice little article about her with one mistake (they wrote that the USOC named her the Sportswoman of the year, but they didn't...she is the USOC figure skating sportswoman of the year.) It says the sportsmanship she displayed has made her "number one in the hearts of skating fans." Also, interesting to us Internet visitors, "Kwan currently boasts more than twice the number of Web fan pages than Lipinksi." It writes about everything she has won since the Olympics, and her endorsement deals.

Later in the magazine, they have a section called "Editors' picks: The best of 1998." On page 69, they list Sports in review, and they name Michelle as the best athlete! They also have a picture of Michelle at the Olympics (at the beginning of Lyra Angelica.)

Another magazine Michelle is in... In a magazine titled The National Sports Review, there are a lot of figure skating references. The magazine says it should be on the stands until May. There is a small pic of Tara on the cover. On page 9, there is a picture of Michelle doing a layback (and also one of Tara). They also list the top 100 newsmakers of 1998, and, on page 22, they list Michelle as #57. There is a section on important numbers, and, on page 116, there is a picture of Michelle at Nationals with the caption, "In Philadelphia, Michelle Kwan earns 15 perfect 6.0's, the most ever at a US national figure skating championship." On page 122, they list Michelle winning Nationals as a moment. Finally, there's a section titled Divas, and they have pictures of both Michelle and Tara on page 157. The caption under Michelle's picture says, "Michelle Kwan has matured into one of the reigning godesses of popular culture. Seen here at the Winter Olympic games, she is both the all-American girl and a stunning ice queen, favorably recalling the great beauties of earlier eras." There is also several references and pictures of Ilia in the magazine.

I got the December/January issue of Teen People today! The article (which is mostly just pics...the section is called "Photo Album") starts on pg 108. The title is "Ice Pack." The introductory paragraph is:

"It's the hottest show in town when the world's best skaters--among them Michelle Kwan, Tara Lipinski, Michael Weiss, Ilia Kulik, and Philippe Candeloro--take a break from competing to spend three months on the road with the John Hancock Champions on Ice tour. Teen people met up with them in Chicago for an exclusive look behind the glittering scenes. Parking-lot soccer games, backstage Ping-Ping, shopping sprees and death-defying triple lutzes were all part of the long day's work."

Check the following list for links to the pictures. The first picture I scanned in, and the other 3 are from Jenny's page (thanks Jenny!)

The Michelle items in the article:

  • A picture of Michelle doing a spiral in her Mulan 108 and 109
  • This quote from Michelle "On tour, we all help each other out because our coaches aren't there with us. I'm more loose and relaxed on the ice, but I still skate the best I can." 108
  • Picture of Michelle and Philippe at the wrap party with this caption: "after hours: Michelle (everyone calls her Chelle) and France's Philippe Candeloro take a time out at the tour's Ritz-Carlton wrap party. The next day, Michelle admitted, "I'm a little tired. It went on pretty late." 109
  • Picture of Michelle signing autographs with the caption: "after glow: On her way to the bus, Michelle spends half an hour signing autographs. "Only a year ago, I was that person in line," she says of fans." 112
  • Picture of Michelle running with the caption: "on the run: Michelle stays in shape out on the road with regular workouts." 115

Michelle is in the November 16 issue of Sports Illustrated! On page 36, under this picture, it says:

"Hair Lines
Michelle Kwan - Perhaps inspired by her role in a recent Disney skate-tacular, the Olympian has Mulanized from ice queen to warrior princess. GRADE: B"

They have 5 people including Michelle - comparing before and after pictures. (Thanks Arsenette!)

There is a two page article on Michelle in the December 1998 issue of American Cheerleader magazine. It is in the section "Other sports we love." There isn't really anything that we didn't know about before.
In the November 2 issue of People Magazine, Michelle is mentioned in the cover story, Altered States. The part with Michelle is in the last paragraph (you can go to that part of the article by going here, and then scrolling down.) Also, in the magazine, there is a before and after picture of Michelle. (Thanks Russell!) . Just a little side note. On Entertainment Tonight, they talked about this article, and I thought Michelle might be in it (because she had a recent makeover.) But, they didn't mention her, so I figured she wasn't in the article. They mentioned just about everyone else that was in the article. Now, why didn't they mention her? Oh well!

I got the magazine and scanned in the picture. Check it out! The caption above the picture reads, "Michelle Kwan. Kwan (below, in '97, and bottom, in September) says she "felt naked" when she first got her spiky do."

Michelle is in the November issue of Life Magazine (Christopher Reeve on the cover). In an article titled "100 best things about America now.." (a list to be thankful for during Thanksgiving) on page 72 (the article actually starts on page 66) #74 reads:

"74 Michelle Kwan. She may have lost the gold at the Olympics, but she has brought back grace and style to ice skating."

Also, this picture is in the magazine. (Thanks to Arsenette and Andy for this info!)

There is a picture of Michelle doing a layback at the Grand Slam in the October 12, 1998 issue of People magazine.
I hope you got the Thursday edition of the USA Today paper. Jenny scanned in some of the pictures with the article (there were 7 in all, though the one on the front page of the paper was just a crop of one of the other pictures.) BTW, these pictures were taken before Michelle's latest haircut. On the front page of the paper, in the upper right hand corner was this picture. Then, on the front page of the Olympic Glory section was a big picture of Michelle and Lori Nichol practicing a move on the ice. Next to that is a picture of Michelle, Frank, and Lori (this is the picture that is cropped for the front page). On the second page of this section is a tiny paragraph about the Keri Lotion Figure Skating Classic ("Nice 'n Easy" is no longer the sponser so, with a new sponser comes a new name.) The paragraph just says that Michelle and Todd will be there, and that it will be the USFSA's first major event of the 1998-1999 season. The article about Michelle continues on the 6th page with 4 color pictures! The top picture is of Michelle working on programs with Lori and Frank. The next picture is of Michelle lacing up her skates. The next picture is of Michelle's back (she is facing Lori), with her hand on her hip. The last picture is of Michelle looking at Frank on the ice, with the full length mirror reflecting their images. The article ends on page 7E. One extra bit of info that was in the paper, and not online (though it was already known), is that Michelle will be debuting her short program at the Keri Lotion Figure Skating Classic this weekend (an online friend will be sending back a report). It says that her new long program, Ariane, will be debuted at Michelle's "first Olympic-division competition of the new season. Which event that will be is yet to be determined." With Michelle having two new, competitive-style programs, I think this means she will be at Nationals and Worlds, though that still isn't confirmed.
Don't forget to get the Thursday edition of the USA Today paper! In the Olympic Glory section of the paper, there is the article The making of Kwan's new program. According to the article, her new short program will be The Fate of Carmen, and her new long program will be the opera Ariane, which is by the composer of Dream of Desdemona. The article in the paper will probably have pictures (though not of her new programs...probably of her practicing.) On USA Today's Olympic site is this collage.
I always get the USA Today paper, and was happy (though not too surprised since that paper seems to be one of the few that always writes about skating) to see 2 articles about the Grand Slam and Michelle in Monday's edition. With the articles is this picture (in black and white). Also, in the "sportsline" part on the front page of the sports section, there are a few lines to guide you to the articles on page 9. Only one article is online, though. The first, Professionals, amateurs share ice, doesn't have much new info on the competition, except to say that, "The biggest potential problem is the lack of depth in the women's field. Kwan clearly is better than anyone else in the world. But with a full competitive season ahead, she's expected to do only about three of these events." With the Grand Slam and the Nice and Easy Challenge (taking place this weekend), I wonder what other open event Michelle might do (though they said "about," so they could be wrong, and it could just be those two.)

The other article is titled "Kwan snips high-maintenance hair." The article states that, "the biggest news from the Grand Slam of Figure Skating might not have been the debut of open competition among amateur and professional skaters, but Michelle Kwan's hair...She's sporting a spiky, sophisticated cut by Los Angeles stylist Laurent D, the man who cuts Sharon Stone's hair." Also, Michelle said that she's been thinking of cutting her hair for years. "It took me two years to chop it off. I was tired of my mom having to work on my hair. My arms would get tired fixing it. I couldn't use bobby pins because I was afraid they'd fall out and somebody would get hurt." Finally, the article says that, after clipping 20 pictures out of magazines, Michelle found the "perfect cut" in the pages of People magazine.

Also, in Thursday's "Olympic Glory" section of the paper (a section published the first Thursday of every month), there will be an article about Michelle's makeover.

Michelle is the answer to #18 across on the United Feature Syndicate crossword puzzle, August 30 edition. Not only that, but the picture in the middle of the puzzle is of her! I originally heard that this crossword puzzle was in the Dallas Morning News, TV section. Then, I decided to look in my local TV papers, and I saw that the puzzle was in there too! So, check the TV paper that comes with your local Sunday might see the picture of Michelle in the puzzle! Check out the puzzle in the Dallas Morning News.
There is this picture of Michelle hosting a Happy Meal Picnic for Seattle School Children in the October issue of Teen People. (She's in this magazine two months in a row, now!) Usher is on the cover of the magazine. Also, Shanda sent me an e-mail with this suggestion:

"About 2 months ago, I wrote them a letter and e-mailed them about putting her in there [Teen People magazine]. I guess it worked she's been in there a lot recently!=) Can you mention on your site about that, and tell people to write the magazine to put more on her? Who knows, maybe one day she will end up on the cover of the mag! I wrote them and received a post card. Here's the address:"

P.O. Box 999
Radio City Station
New YORK, ny 10101-0999

or e-mail them

I got my copy of the September/October issue of International Figure Skating Magazine, with Michelle on the cover, today! It is a great article! There are 5 pictures, 4 with Michelle (I scanned them all in). One is a full page (with the other pics around it) of Michelle in her soldier costume. Another is one of Michelle, Pat Morita, and Philippe. The third is of Michelle doing a spiral during Reflections. The 4th, on the next page, is one in her soldier costume with Philippe and Michael Weiss. The article is a full page, and speaks very highly of the special. Here's a little summary of it...

She was ushered into a top secret screening of Mulan just before Worlds in March (the movie opened June 19.) About the secret screening, Michelle said that, "No one could know about it. It was hard because it was such a great secret and I didn't want to keep it." In May, Sarah Kawahara started to choreograph the special. She said it was hard because there was so few time to preproduce, rehearse, and film the special because the skaters were on COI. Michael Weiss said that the filming was strange because it felt like the skaters were on a movie set, "It's something kind of foreign to figure skaters. We went out there, and it almost felt like we were shooting a movie because there were a lot of props and a lot of cameras."

The article states that Michelle has a new respect for actors. "I used to think that it's all glamorous and it's so easy. They just say a few lines. But, it's not. It's really hard work. I give them more credit. Even the crew. There's a lot of people behind the production." She also "got to express her new-found appreciation for thier craft" when Ming-Na Wen and B.D. Wong, the voices for Mulan and Shang, visited the set. Michelle was in shock when Ming-Na Wen asked for her autograph (she even brought her skates for Michelle to sign!) Michelle says that when she met B.D. wong, "It was very emotional. It was nice because I can't believe that people would react in such a way just to meet me."

The article also says that it was special for the Kwan family because Karen was in it as well. Karen wasn't used being told to smile by the director. It was also special for the Kuchiki family...the parents and their two daughters were in the special (that 5th picture that does not includ Michelle is a picture of them.)

The article also states that "although the ratings for the televised special were less than hoped for, Disney executives feel the special was a great success." Paul Villadolid, Disney's senior vice presient for specials and nonfiction programming said, "One of the promises we made to Michelle was that as a skater and as an artist, we were going to try to put her in the best vehicles that we could...I think that we really succeeded in showcasing a side of Michelle's personality that people who are accustomed to watching her in competition may not be familiar with. I think we allowed her to stretch. She does some performing, she does some acting. And she comes off wonderfully"

Several other Michelle items in this issue of the magazine:

  • Cover picture
  • Picture of Michelle from 8
  • In the "from the publisher" section, they say that Michelle's debut as an actress in her Mulan special was "met with critical acclaim. The next generation of skaters is here, and Kwan is creating the mold." 8
  • Picture of Michelle, Todd Eldredge, and Kazakova and Dmitriev at the 12
  • The article 'Reflections on Ice' Michelle Kwan's Debut Disney Special to the Music of 'Mulan' 18-19
  • A small article on choreographer Sarah Kawahara where she talks about working with Michelle on 55

You can now vote online for Michelle in the Teen People Celebrity Survey. (Although, for some reason, my vote never seems to go through. I'll keep trying!) Michelle is listed in question #19, "Favorite Female Athlete" and question #29 "Not everyone had a great '98. My sympathy vote goes to:" However, I think Michelle had a great '98, so I don't know why she is listed there. (Did you happen to win an Olympic silver medal? What about a National, World, GWG, and Ultimate Four title? Or, earn the most perfect scores ever awarded to a skater at the US Nationals? LOL...Need I go on?) You can also vote by filling out the survey in the September 1998 issue of the magazine.
On page 96 of the September issue of Shape Magazine, there is a little article on Michelle. Here's what Tin has to say about it. (Thanks Tin!):

The article asks six champions to share their secrets to being successful in sports, fitness, and other areas of life. Michelle said it was her focus. There's a black and white picture of her doing her beginning pose of "On My Own".

Vote for Michelle as the athlete of the year from Sports Illustrated for Kids magazine. The winner will be featured in a future issue of the magazine.

Also, Michelle is in the September issue of Teen People. There is a picture of her in the "True Beauty" section of the magazine, and also a poll where you can vote for her as your favorite female athlete. (I have heard you can also vote for her through AOL.)

In the July 31 issue of Entertainment Weekly, there is a full page ad for the GWG with this picture of Michelle. (This is not the picture that was in the People magazine.) The ad is on page 47. Then, on page 67, in the TV listing for Thursday, July 31, there is this picture of Michelle, and a little about the ladies short program.
You probably read the article Goodwill Hunting listed on my Articles About Michelle section. There was also a picture with this article (from the July issue of the Cable Guide.) I just got the article, and I was able to scan in the picture. Check it out! Thanks so much to Teresa for sending me the article!
In the July 20, 1998 issue of People magazine, there is a Goodwill Games advertisement supplement. The first page of the supplement (page 103 of the magazine) is a picture of Michelle jumping in the air, but not looking in the camera. She is in her "On My Own" costume. If I get a chance, I will scan that picture in. Then, on the 5th page of the supplement (page 107), there is a thing on "Super Stars" of the Goodwill Games. They list Michelle, have a paragraph about her, and include this picture. Finally, on the 7th page of the supplement (page 109), there is a full TV schedule for the competition. On the sides of this page are photos of is a small picture of the Michelle (the same one that I linked to above.) Also, on these last two pages, there is a photo of Todd Eldredge. It is also in the July 27 issue of Time magazine.
In the Thursday-Sunday (July 2-5) edition of USA Today, there is an article about the Goodwill Games in the Olympic Glory section titled Keeping faith for Goodwill Games. It quotes Michelle. Also, on the back page of the section, there is a calendar of events for the month of July. There is a picture of Michelle in her On My Own costume, with the dates for the GWG.
There is a very positive review of Michelle’s autobiography in the July issue of Dance magazine. In the same issue, there is also a short article on Paul Wylie.
In the June 22 issue of Sports Illustrated, there is this picture of Michelle and her father, Danny. There is also this quote from Michelle:

"You have taught me how to see the lessons in a difficult experience. You know of my dream, and you dream it too."

Michelle has been named to International Figure Skating Magazine's 1997-1998 25 Most Influential Names in Figure Skating List! She also received this honor in the 95/96 season. The full list is in the July/August 1998 edition of the magazine. The profile of Michelle is on page 40. Here is what it says:

"This season Michelle Kwan demonstrated just how ethereal figure skating could be with her blissful performances at the US Nationals where she garnered 15 perfect marks of 6.0. She also continued to be a winner in the corporate marketplace, securing prominent endorsements with Walt Disney and Unilever's Caress. Her autobiography, Heart of a Champion, proved to be a great success which went into paperback shortly after the Olympic Winter Games. While the Olympic gold medal may have eluded Kwan in Nagano, she claimed her second World title in April and promised that she would compete in the eligible ranks until the 2002 Games.
'Hopefully what people are receiving from my skating [is]...I hope they believe in themselves in life and in anything they do,' Kwan said. 'I think that's the most important is believing in yourself that you can do it.'"

Several other Michelle items in this issue of the magazine:

  • An article about Michelle's Deal with Disney that includes a picture of her from the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards in 8
  • Picture with Steven Cousins and her sister, Karen, at the closing banquet at 14
  • An article on the 1998 World championships with a picture of Michelle during her long 16
  • A mini article about the future of Michelle's sister, 63

Michelle is on the cover of Miracles Magazine, which brings you the inspiring stories of Champions along with medical news and CMN events. Finally, if you go to CMN's homepage, you will see a great picture of Michelle. Also, there is an ad for the CMN telethon in the Friday, May 29 issue of the USA Today paper. With the two page ad is a huge picture of Michelle (the same picture that is on CMN's homepage.) Many places usually have the Friday edition of the USA Today paper throughout the weekend. So, you may be able to still get it! The ad is on pages 6E and 7E.
In the "Who's News" section of the USA Today Weekend, there will be a question about Michelle. I don't know if there will be a picture or not. This magazine comes with certain local newspapers. To see if your local paper carries this magazine, check out Newspapers by state. In my area, it is with the Sunday edition of the local paper. If you do not get this paper, you can read the question and answer in CELEBS: Who's News, 05/10/98, then scroll down to the 2nd to last question.
In the March 17 issue of Soap Opera Digest there is an article about Rebecca Herbst, an actress on General Hospital, who used to be a skater. On page 43, there is a picture of Michelle doing a spiral in her "Dream of Desdemona" costume and this article:

Before Rebecca Herbst was rubbing shoulders with celebs in the TV trade, she met some pretty cool people at the rink. Read on...

"You know Michelle Kwan?" inquires Herbst with a smile, "who won the silver medal in the Olympics this year? I used to skate with her every morning; her and her sister." Marvels the actress, "Michelle is a few years younger than I am, so when we were actually skating together, she was a few levels below me. My mom remembers sitting in the bleachers with Michelle's dad, and he would always say, 'My girls are going to the Olympics. My girls are going to the Olympics.' My mom and I would always laugh, because we would look at these two skinny little girls - at the time, the Kwans were really young and tiny - and think how every parent used to say stuff like that. And lo and behold, here we are years later and Michelle did it! She's beautiful; she made it to the Olympics and she is great. Who knew?"

In response to Michelle being on the cover of the Olympic issue of Newsweek, the following letter was in the March 9 issue of the magazine:

I was so happy to see the beautiful picture of Michelle Kwan on the cover of Newsweek. She has real class, represents hard work and intelligence and is an excellent role model.

Loyal J. West
Ogden, Utah

The August 7th issue of the USA Today Paper debuts a new "Olympic Glory" section which will be published on the first Thursday of every month, even in off-Olympic years. In this issue, Michelle Kwan is on the front page of the paper, and the front page of the Olympic Glory Section. The front page article of the special section is about the rivalry between Tara Lipinski and Michelle. Michelle's coach, Frank Carroll, is quoted as saying about Michelle, "It will be interesting to see if Michelle is hungry or angry enough to go after it. I think she is." The article also says that Michelle and Tara are, "as competitive and athletic as figure skating has ever witnessed...They're changing the look of the sport, combining jumps and artistic skills that excite judges and fans alike..."
Another article, The tragedy of turning 20. Commentary by Christine Brennan, which you can find online, is about the problems encountered with growing up under intense pressure far too soon in front of the public. The article talks about Michelle, Nicole Bobek, Tara, Tonia Kwiatkowski, Oksana Baiul, and Nancy Kerrigan. The article states that Michelle, "the most dominant female skater the past two years, already has shown that she can be a performer for the ages. She skates with the grace reminiscent of Janet Lynn, the 1972 Olympic bronze medalist widely regarded as the most beautiful free skater ever. If Kwan is on, she almost certainly will win the gold in Nagano." The article then goes on to show what a difference the elimination of the compulsory figures has done for the sport. "There is no better way to show the effect...than to look at where Nancy Kerrigan was when she was 14, Tara's age in March while winning the World Championships." In 1984, Nancy was a novice-level skater who didn't even make it out of her regional competition. "It would be four years before she would compete at the senior level, and eight years before she would win her Olympic bronze medal, and nine years before she would win her National title." With the article are 5 pictures.
Then, in the center of the section, is a two page spread of Michelle. There are 11 pictures with the article. The article states that Michelle has "one other item on her agenda besides coming home with the Olympic gold medal: having fun." Michelle says, I just want to think about the thing I love to do most, skate. Who knows how much longer I'll do it? I want to appreciate it now while it's happening." She says that she has grown from the losses she experienced this year. "I've learned more about being a champion than any other time when I came in second at the US championships and the World championships. I was forced to re-evaluate my reason and drive for living so much of my life on the ice. What I discovered is that whether I win or lose isn't an important issue. Skating my best and having fun doing it is the most important issue. Once I remembered this, I felt like a champion again." The article says that she just got back from a vacation in Hawaii with her parents and sister, Karen. She's back at Lake Arrowhead perfecting her routines, which will remain a secret until Skate America. Finally, Michelle says that, "so far, 1996 is the most exciting time in my life. That's the time when I won the US title, the world championship, and got my driver's license...I can hardly explain my excitement about going to the Olympics in 1998. I'm sure that will be the most exciting time in my life."

There is a paragraph article about Michelle in Travel and Leisure Magazine. There is a picture of her with the 25 pound salmon she caught in Alaska while on the 1997 TOC. Michelle says that said that she would normally go fishing in Alaska with many of the other skaters. However, most of them didn't go because of the pouring rain. So only Todd Eldredge and Lloyd Eisler went with her. In 8 hours she was the only one who caught anything! Still, she refused to touch it.
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