The 2002 Great American Figure Skating Challenge took place on Tuesday, April 16. It was a USFSA team competition which put the ladies vs. the men. I won't post the results in case you want to wait to see it on TV in May. Michelle skated to Fields of Gold. You can read article, Hughes Skates in Hershey Challenge, to find out the results of the competition.

Check out the following pictures from the event:

In the Hershey's Kisses Figure Skating Challenge, which takes place December 7, Michelle will be on a team with Matt Savoie, Michael Weiss, and Dorothy Hamill. For more information, check out the USFSA's press release.

Michelle skated to Fields of Gold at the Hershey's Kisses Figure Skating Challenge. She wore the pink costume from East of Eden at Skate Canada. Don't forget to watch the competition on TV on Dec 8. Check out articles, reports, and pictures from the event:

Michelle competed in The Masters on Saturday, October 13. She skated to East of Eden for her short program and Fields of Gold for her interpretative free. I won't post the results here, in case you don't want to know the results before it is shown on TV on November 27 on TNT. Check out Jenny's pictures from the event:
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