Music Info

Song: Finale
From: East of Eden (TV mini-series)
Composer: Lee Holdridge

Events skated in

1995 Elvis Tour
1995 Skate America
1995 Skate Canada
1995 Nations Cup
1996 Nationals
1996 Worlds
1998 Grand Slam
1998 Masters
1998 World Professional Championships
1999 Japan Open
1999 Winter COI Tour
1999 Nationals
2000 Canadian Open
2001 Nationals (Short Program and Exhibition)
2001 Grand Prix Final (Short Program and Exhibition)
2001 Worlds
2001 Goodwill Games (Short Program and Exhibition)
2001 Masters
2001 Skate America

2001 Skate Canada

Lori Nichol

midi Thanks Diane!

avi-2001 Nationals
avi-2001 Worlds
real video-2001 Nationals

real video-2001 Worlds
Video (from MaryJo's site)

Photo Gallery-East of Eden
Photo Gallery-'01 Nationals
Photo Gallery-'98 World Pros
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Last updated November 3, 2001

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Photo Sarah Hoffman