Great American Figure Skating Challenge took place on Tuesday, April 10. I won't post the results here in case you don't want to know the results before they are shown on TV. Michelle was teamed up with Matthew Savoie. Here are some articles and reports on the competition:

The Hershey's Kisses Figure Skating Challenge took place on Sunday, December 10. It was a team competition of USA vs the World, though there were matchups between individual skaters. I won't post the results here, as always, before it is on TV. Check out the following articles, reports, and pictures from the event:

The Canadian Open took place on November 30 (the short program) and December 1 (interpretive free). Surprisingly, she skated to East of Eden in her On My Own costume for the short program. She skated to Beautiful World for her interpretive free. As always, I won't post the results on this page in case you want to wait to see it on TV. Check out Judy's report for the final results, which also gives the scores for the free program. Then, check out the following articles, reports, and pictures from the short and long program.

The Masters, Michelle's second competition of the year, took place Thursday. Since I don't post results on this page in case you don't want to be spoiled, you can check out an AP article about the competition to see the results of the Masters! Included in the article is a little about how Michelle skated, and a few quotes from her after the competition. Michelle debuted her new short program at this event. She skated to music from the movie Rush. I don't know which songs she skated to yet, but you can check out the soundtrack in the meantime (some of the songs listed have music clips.)

More info on Michelle's short program, which was skated at the Masters competition. Even though the article about the competition said the music was from the Rush soundtrack, apparently that is only half true. There are two songs used in her short program, both being instrumental Eric Clapton. The first song, which is the piece from the movie Rush, is "Tracks and Lines." According to davesato, the first 50 seconds of this song is the actual first 50 seconds of her program. The second song used in the short is "Bad Love." This song is not on the Rush soundtrack, but can be found on the album Journeyman. The part of this song that Michelle uses begins with the abrupt guitar solo about 3:20 into the song. The guitar solo is when Michelle's footwork starts in the program. Check out full real audio clips of the two songs:

Also, luenatic posted on the forum that Michelle's costume was "basically black. The top was a sheer fabrics and you can see the dress under the black sheer is neon pink/purple. Very beautiful. Her outfit has long sleeves. She could wear this outfit to a cocktail party!" (Thanks davesato and luenatic!)

Here are a few more reports from the competition.

I hope you caught the Masters on TV. They showed Michelle's new short program. I usually need a few viewings to get into Michelle's new programs, but I really liked this program! Check out some pictures screencaptures of the event on television :
The skating season has begun! The first competition of the year, the Keri Lotion Figure Skating Classic, took place on September 30. As always, I will not post results of the competition directly on this page, in case you want to wait to see the event on TV in a few weeks. Check out the results of the event, which includes how Michelle specifically did. iluvskating from the MK Forum gave her report of the competition on Skate Radio. She said that Michelle's program was "beautiful and heavenly," and later called it "just gorgeous and beautiful." She said she didn't know what song it was, but that it contained female vocals. Another reviewer said that she liked Michelle's costume, which was pink. She also described Michelle's music as "Pocahontaish". Check out skateforum for more on the competition. (Thanks iluvskating!)

Check out this group picture from the event, which includes Michelle. From what I can see in this picture, I really like this costume!

Now, onto her music. On the MK Forum, Shallah posted a song she found, where the opening lyrics matched those that davesato had posted earlier that he heard watching Michelle practice her Keri Lotion program. davesato listened to the song, and confirmed that it's the song that he heard Michelle skating to in practice! Others later said that this was the song she skated to in the competition. The song is "Beautiful World" sung by Sumi Jo. Listen to a real audio clip of the song, and check out the lyrics. The only difference between the clip and the music used in her program is that davesato said that when he heard the song during Michelle's practice, the tempo was a little faster. Also, the song is over 5 minutes long, and Michelle did not use the whole song for her program. (Thanks Shallah and davesato!)

Check out the following screencaptures, audio, and video from the 2000 Keri Lotion Figure Skating Classic.

More info on the Keri Lotion Figure Skating Classic, which takes place on September 30. The event will feature seven teams consisting of two members. The combined score of both skaters will count as the team score for the competition. The highest team score will win the competition. Michelle is teamed with Ryan Bradley. Read more about it in Keri Lotion Figure Skating Challenge to Feature US Stars.

Don't forget that Michelle will be competing in the Keri Lotion Figure Skating Classic this Saturday, September 30. I'll be posting info from the event as soon as I hear something about it after it takes place. The event will be shown on TV on October 8.

Some info on Michelle's Keri Lotion program from the MK Forum. CultureShock wrote the following:

She did a runthrough of what I believe is her interpretive program for Keri. From the structure of the program, it definitely was not her short, and from the descriptions of her long I doubt it was that either. Let me tell you this: I LOVE THIS PROGRAM. For those that say she only skates to "generic female ballads" can kiss the pavement that she walks on. It is very ethereal music, and has a female singing high octave operatic "oohs" and "ahhs" to compliment it, no words. It might be from an opera? Her elements (from what I observed) were: 2axel, 2loop, charlotte, 3lutz, flying camel, 3sal, reverse camel to camel-sit-martiniglass spin combo, inside spiral (half circle) to the kwan spiral, 3toe-2toe. There were LOTS of nice footwork, and she ends the program with the trademark chest-hugging layback. What struck my attention the most was that she was wearing a dress to rehearsals today, so I am assuming that this was a dress rehearsal runthrough. It was's pink! I don't think I have ever seen her in pink. The skirt is long and flowy; reminds me of a dress that Dorothy Hamill would wear. It looks good, and I have a feeling she might put her hair in a bun. The dress looks too nice for a ponytail, lol. But Michelle could probably get away with that too.

davesato also wrote that the beginning of the song for this program starts with the words "If I can change the world for just one day....." (Thanks CultureShock and davesato!)

Terri77 posted on the MK Forum that Michelle will be competing at the Canadian Open on November 30 and December 1. This is one of the ISU opens, like the Masters and the Keri Lotion. This is the first time Michelle will be competing at this event. Other women competing are Sarah Hughes, Nicole Bobek, Jennifer Robinson, and Josee Chouinard. The Canadian Open will be shown on TV on December 17. (Thanks Terri77!)
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