Hope you caught her new program, One More Time, at the Hershey's Kisses FS Challenge on ABC Sunday. She received 2 6.0s, and the only standing ovation of the night! Check out Diane's screenshots of the competition!

Check out Wayne's screenshots from Jenny's page of the competition!

Michelle skated to her new program, One More Time, at the Hershey's Kisses FS Challenge Tuesday. Make sure to watch it when it is on TV Sunday!

Also, Viki sent me this report (Thanks Viki!):

She received the only full standing ovation of the night.

The only skater's performance Michelle came out to watch was Kristi Yamaguchi's (I was right above the "kiss and cry" so I could see everything).

Michelle's program was exquisite!!!! Best of the night, by far.

Michelle won the Japan Open! Check out the full final results! Michelle skated to Carmen and East of Eden. Check out these pictures (no results):

Also, check out this article about the competition.

Valerie e-mailed me this information from the CTV broadcast of the Japan Open. Since it includes spoilers from the competition, I put it on a separate page. Check it out! (Thanks Valerie!)

My friend e-mailed me with complete marks from the Japan Open, and some other tidbits about Michelle while in Japan. Check them out! Also, something really interesting. Here's what she wrote. (Thanks Kookie!)

"After the competition, Michelle was chosen as the most favorite skater and she got a Honda Car (Honda Lev)."

I'm back from World Pros. And, wow! Michelle was amazing! For more, go to my World Pros page. If you just want to read about Michelle's new long program, Ariane, click here. My report for December 12 (artistic programs, medal ceremonies, and meeting the skaters at the hotel) will be up later this week. Check out my photos from the event! Also, I taped the music, and will try to put it on my page this weekend. So, check back then!!

I finished my report from December 12. check it out, or jump to the review on Michelle

On page 84 of the January 23-29 issue of the TV Guide, there is a closeup on the World Pros broadcast Saturday. (I was hoping for an ad as well, but, oh well.) The competition is also listed in the "Noteworthy Viewing" section for the night. The "Sports Closeup" includes a picture of Michelle jumping. I know I have seen the picture before (it's an AP picture), but I can't find a link to it online. Here's what the closeup says:

World Professional Championships

Artistic performances from the annual event, taped Dec. 11-12 in Washington, D.C.

With Olympic-eligible skaters joining the pros in this event for the first time this year (and bringing their own judges), commentator Sandra Bezic says that judging was a major concern. "The big difference in professional skating is that overall performance is judged more than in the amateur world," where the number and quality of jumps performed is much more important. And many pros felt they would be at a disadvantage under the new rules. Skaters include Michelle Kwan, Katarina Witt, Todd Eldredge, and Alexei Yagudin.

Michelle won the Masters! She did Carmen for her short, and East of Eden for her long. She had new costumes for both of her programs. Her Carmen costume is similiar to the old one (the Desdemona costume.) Her East of Eden costume is white. Carmen was clean, except for a shaky landing on her triple lutz. East of Eden was perfect. I love that program more every time I see it.

Check out Jenny's Masters page for a report of the competition and screen shots from the broadcast of the competition!

Also, during the broadcast of the Masters on TNT, they showed a preview of the Japan Open, and said that Michelle would be there!! This event will be shown on TNT Feb 6 and 7. Check my TV Schedule for more information. Then, in the post interview with Michelle, she said she still was undecided about her future, but that she was going back to Lake Arrowhead to work on a triple/triple, and a triple axel.

Michelle won the U.S. Professional FS Classic!

Several people have e-mailed me their reviews of the competition. Read their reviews! (Thanks William and Tess!) Also, check out these pictures and other reviews online:

The Keri Lotion Figure Skating Classic has taken place. Michelle did her new short program, Carmen, here. Her costume at the Keri Lotion Classic was the same costume she used for Dream of Desdemona (the black one...it was the second costume she used for that program.) Here's what Liz said about it (Thanks Liz!)

"Really very lovely. It's to a cut of music that I've never heard before (not that I've heard a lot of Carmen!). It's bound to be another classic. Maybe not as well liked as the Rachmaninoff, but definitely up to her usual standards. She's definitely been working on her axel technique because the double was huge - looks like she really is going to try for a triple eventually (but not in this program, obviously). That lovely spiral across the entire ice that she does is in there as well. I think once she's comfortable with the number it's going to be a stunner, not that it isn't already!"

For her interpretive free program, Michelle skated to Dante's Prayer.

Check out Julie's thoughts on Michelle's programs. (Thanks Julie!) Also, check out Liz's pics from the event! Thanks Liz!

Michelle advanced to the 2nd round of the Grand Slam! Michelle skated to Dante's Prayer. Check out this picture from the first round:

Michelle won the Grand Slam! Also, the program that Michelle skated to in the second round was "East of Eden." Check out this picture of her from the second round!

Check out Andrea's Grand Slam pictures of Michelle!

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