Japan Open-CTV broadcast

On Ice Time with Debbi Wilkes, there was a short clip of Michelle, with Debbi saying that Michelle has won her 9th consecutive competition. There was also a chart displaying history's world junior champions who ended up being world senior world champions. Michelle and Kristi Yamaguchi are the only two with more than 1 world title.

During the Sportsnet's coverage of Japan Open, Debbi Wilkes said that in Michelle's Fate of Carmen short program, a triple flip is scheduled, but that Michelle chose to do the toe loop at Tokyo. With regards to Michelle's doubling of the triple toe, Debbi thinks that it is an indication that Michelle is not getting any challenge. There was no interview with Michelle, but Debbi Wilkes and Rod Black had a long discussion about Michelle.

Debbi: I am completely thrilled to see Michelle skate and we've missed her in the amateur series.

Rod: Michelle is the epitome of this field. There aren't too many women on this planet who can do what Michelle can do on the blade.

D.W.: ...and off, she can still be brilliant. I don't want to seem too drippy, but there is a virtuosity in her movements that I think is art; I'm not just talking about artistic, but it is an artform, and something we rarely see in figure skating. Michelle has a passion for every edge; she treats it as if, in my opinion as if it's the last time she's ever going to skate. It has a freedom, a kind of spontanaety that is kind of impossible for me to understand knowing the hundreds of times she runs through the program. She appears so fresh everytime. It is part of her tremendous talent.

R.B.: May be something as simple as the purity and love for skating in her heart. Remember the 94 Olympics when Michelle was a little girl practicing as an alternate, she loved skating, and she still does.

D.W.: All you have to do is look at Michelle's face, watch her expression as she moves around the rink. She is so in tune with every edge where every muscle in her body must be placed to make it perfectly beautiful.

(Heather, this was confusing to understand when he was saying it)

R.B.: The ultimate tribute to someone like Michelle Kwan and when she soars and lands she's perfect is as you watch her- the video tape of M.K. should be copied and given to every skater because Michelle Kwan is the perfect model and once again untouchable.

Something they said that struck me was if "the Russian women can skate at Helsinki like they did here in Japan, may be a problem for Michelle."

(Thanks Valerie!)

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