nice angel posted the following on the MK Forum: (Thanks nice angel!)

Small MK mention in "The Mini Page"

I was looking through my local paper the other day and came across this section for kids. It was talking about what was popular with kids in 2002. I looked further down the paper and there was a list of "popular" athletes. As you can guess, I was pleasantly surprised to see Michelle's name on it.Other athletes that were mentioned were: Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan, Ichiro, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, & Shaq.

leon posted on the MK Forum that Michelle is mentioned in an article about Eva Cassidy in the December 2002 issue of Performing Songwriter. A summary of the article is online, but the quote about Michelle is not. Here is the quote mentioning Michelle: (Thanks leon!)

“In the spring of this year [2002], a whole new international audience discovered Fields of Gold when champion ice skater Michelle Kwan electrified the billions of watchers around the world with her gloriously expressive, emotional performance to it during the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics. Chris Biondo [Eva’s producer, bassist, boy friend and friend to the end] watched it on television and found Kwan’s interpretation of Eva’s vocals tremendously moving. “I cried like a baby,” he admits, “Then I called my mother; she was crying too. Everybody was crying.”
I received the December 2002 issue of Skating Magazine in the mail last week. Here are the mentions of Michelle in the magazine. (This magazine is only available by subscription.)

  • Article about Jimmy Disbrow passing away. Includes a picture of Michelle receiving the 1999 Readers' Choice Skater of the Year Award from 7
  • Article about Skate America. Also, in a box, under the header "What a Skate America this was!" one of the things listed is "Michelle Kwan stepping in at the last minute." Includes a picture of Michelle skating to Aranjuez...pages 16-21
  • "In the Spotlight" skater, Julie Tucker, is asked her favorite skaters. She starts her answer with, "I admire Michelle Kwan for her courage to believe she can do anything even without a coach." 68
  • ad, which contains a picture of the main picture on their home 75

Michelle is in the December 23, 2002 issue of People magazine! The article is on pages 126-127 and titled "Presents Past." It says "Celebs recall what made their holiday seasons bright back when Santa was real and stardom was somewhere down the wish list below Easy-Bake Ovens and baby dolls." Michelle is right in the middle of the two page spread (one of the pictures is over two pages.) The big picture is of her in 1992 wearing a Santa wig. The caption says "I was 11, and I was joking around dressing up as Santa Claus for the Christmas skating show at Lake Arrowhead, Calif. What fun!" Then, there is a circular inset picture of Michelle at the ABC Primetime Preview Weekend that looks like this picture.

The other celebrities listed are Shakira, Kenny Chesney, Donny Osmond, India.Arie, and Jamie-Lynn Sigler. (Thanks Heather A and graciesfriend!)

I received my November/December 2002 issue of Blades on Ice recently. The Michelle mentions in this magazine:

  • Article previewing the season, which starts off saying the biggest question mark is whether Michelle will skate or 18-19
  • 2002 Insert calendar. Michelle's picture from Fields of Gold at Worlds is in July.
  • Article about the 25th anniversay of the Champions on Ice tour. Includes the quote "Brian Boitano would help anyone. He really helped Michelle (Kwan) and so many others." Later in the article, it talks about remembering Harris Collins, and talks about his choices for the musical clips for each skater at the start of the show, "Over the years, some of Harris' gems ranged from the rather obvious...Itty-Bitty Pretty One for a young Michelle Kwan." 64-66
  • Ad for the book Champions on Ice: Twenty-Five Years of the World's Finest Figure Skaters, which contains Michelle on the cover...back cover

I forgot to post the magazine mentions of Michelle in the November 2002 issue of Skating Magazine. (This magazine is only available by subscription.) Sorry! Here they are...

  • Small article about Michelle working with Scott 10
  • Article about Timothy Goebel, which mentions that when the COI tour stopped in Florida, he and Michelle were grand marshals in the Walt Disney World parade. It says that they also had the chance to experience one of the parks new rides. Lynn Plage, spokeswoman for COI, said, "They had a blast."...pages 14-18
  • Article about the Campbell's International Figure Skating Classic. Includes a picture of Michelle skating to Aranjuez...pages 25-26
  • Article about figure skater and child actress Jenna Boyd, who says Michelle is one of her favorite skaters, "I like Michelle Kwan because she's a great skater, but she's a very good sport, too, and handles it well even when she doesn't win."...pages 71-72
  • Ad for ABC Sports coverage of figure skating that says in bold "Where Champions Make History." Underneath is a picture of Michelle and Sarah from the podium at 2002 Nationals...back cover

Another magazine mention! Michelle is in the December issue of American Legion magazine. shirleyprice1 posted the following on the MK Forum: (Thanks shirleyprice1!)

My husband's "American Legion" mag. MK mention/pic:

In his December magazine today, there is an interview with co-founder of Children's Miracle Network, Mike Shannon and pics of several well known people with children. #1 has entertainer: John Schneider, #2: Former Olympic gymnasts: Mary Lou Retton and Keri Strug, #3: Ice Skater: Michelle Kwan, #4: NFL quarterback : Drew Bedsoe, #5: entertainer: Marie Osmond. Michelle has on a red v-neck cowl collar short sleeve sweater.She looks very pretty.

Two recent USA Today mentions. In the November 5, 2002 edition is a readers letter to the paper in response to one of their Skate America articles. The letter in on USA Today's website, but you have to scroll down to read it. Check out the letter Kwan overlooked.

Michelle was also mentioned in the paper on Halloween. I've been trying to find a link on their site, but I haven't been able to do so. The title of the article is "Out on a limb for Halloween." The article lists last minute costume ideas of sports celebrities. At the bottom of the page, they list the results of's poll which asked "What nationally known sports figure would you go trick or treating as this year?" Michelle was #8, with the quote next to her name, "Though flawed, she manages to be perfect."

I received my November/December 2002 issue of International Figure Skating in the mail recently. Here are the mentions of Michelle in the magazine (not many):

  • Ad for book "Frozen Assets" has this picture lightly in the 18
  • Picture of Michelle with John Zimmerman, Peter Tchernyshev, Elvis Stojko, Michael Weiss, and Tom Collins after dinner in Texas while on 47

greenwolf posted on the MK Forum that Michelle is in the December 2002/January 2003 issue of Cosmogirl. Michelle is one of the CosmoGIRL's of the year! greenwolf scaned in the article and picture. Check it out! (Thanks greenwolf!)
justsomechickhere posted the following magazine mention on the MK Forum: (Thanks justsomechickhere!)

Michelle in Nov Cosmo. On pg. 92, there is a picture of Michelle from the Teen Choice Awards. It is how to score fabulous abs and the caption reads "Michelle's midriff deserves a gold medal". It doesn't mentionher anywhere else but notice how her last name isn't even used....nothing about figure skater, just Michelle.....
Smellysu posted on the MK Forum that Michelle is in the October 17, 2002 issue of Women's Wear Daily, which is the trade newspaper for the retail industry that featured Michelle on its cover before the Olympics. Check out what Smellysu posted on the forum: (Thanks Smellysu!)

There's an article in today's Women's Wear Daily (the trade newspaper for the retail industry that featured Michelle on its cover before SLC) that lists the most popular celebrities.
Here's what it says about the calculations:

"Celebrity and fashion go hand in hand. Before investing a fortune to hire a celebrity pitch woman, companies scrutinize Q-ratings - an index of a star's commercial value. A sample of consumers nationwide is polled on the recognizability and likability of 1700 celebrities. By dividing the number of people who say a star is "one of my favorites" by the number who've heard of the celeb, a Q-rating (Q stands for quotient, as in IQ) is obtained for each celeb."

Michelle ranks number 17 (out of 1700!), with a Q Score of 28 (Julia Roberts, ranked first, had 36) and a familiarity score of 67 (Julia had 89).

Michelle is the ONLY athlete on the list. The rest are movie or tv actresses or singers. It says about her:

"Four-time world figure skating champion Michelle Kwan promoted Mattel's Star Skater Barbie in 2001. Kwan was featured on Star Skater Barbie doll's packaging and in the doll's commercials. Among the attributes Mattel saw in Kwan were a strong work ethic and dedication."

There's a picture of her from the Teen Choice Awards.

I received my October 2002 issue of Skating Magazine in the mail the other day. (This magazine is only available by subscription.) The Michelle mentions in this magazine:

  • Two articles. The top part of the page is an article about Michelle visiting the Chaska FSC. Includes a picture of Michelle signing an autograph for a young fan. On the bottom of the page is an article about Michelle winning the Teen Choice Award. Includes a picture of Michelle picture of Michelle with her award at the Teen Choice 14
  • ad, which contains a picture of the main picture on their home 63
  • "In the Spotlight" skater, Alyssa Kirsch, is asked her favorite skaters. She begins her answer with, "I admire Michelle Kwan for her beautiful artistry on the ice." 70
  • Skate America trivia questions. The second question asks, "Michelle Kwan's six Skate American titles are the most won by any skater. True or False." The answer reads, "True. Kwan won her sixth title in 2001." The extra credit question is, "All four winners at the Skate America '99 later won medals at the 2002 Olympic Winter Games." One of the answers is, of course, Michelle...pages 71-72
  • Ad for ABC Sports coverage of figure skating that says in bold "Where Champions Make History." Underneath is a picture of Michelle and Sarah from the podium at Nationals...back cover

Some magazine mentions. joniry e-mailed me the following: (Thanks joniry!)

There is a brief mention of Michelle in the October issue of Sports Illustrated Women (p.28). "Rolfing, or structural integration, is having a resurgence among professional athletes, including figure skater Michelle Kwan. Certified Rolfers use their fingers or elbows to apply localized pressure and long, smooth motions to manipulate the fascia - the connective tissue enveloping the muscles, bones and joints. Unlike massage, Rolfing realigns the body."

Also, Grace e-mailed me a mention from the November 2002 issue of Cosmogirl. On page 107 is this picture of Michelle, as well as the following quote from Michelle: "If you have nothing in life but a great friend, you're rich"

I received my September/October 2002 issue of Blades on Ice the other day. The Michelle mentions in this magazine:

  • Two pictures of Michelle, Dick Button, and Tom Collins at the unveiling of the "Passion to Skate" exhibit at the World Figure Skating Museum and Hall of 71
  • Article about the Anaheim stop of the COI tour, which says that Michelle "skated to Eva Cassidy's Fields of Gold, her deep edges, lovely carriage, and effortless spirals carrying the number. Clearly the stars of the evening, both Hughes and Kwan received partial standing ovations from this California crowd." 75-77
(Thanks Pookybear19 for the picture!)
barby924 posted the following on the MK Forum about a small mention of Michelle in the October 2002 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine: (Thanks barby924!) Very Small MK mention in Oprah Magazine. I'm sorry if this has already been posted, but on page 238 of October's O The Oprah Magazine there is a cute MK mention. It is a layout of some really cute fall boots and for the final boot it says, "For your inner Michelle Kwan, try skaterlike leather boots with slimming seams and tasseled laces, $119, Nine West."
In the September 13-15, 2002 edition of USA Weekend, they printed some responses to a Q&A in the "Who's News" section from a few weeks ago about Sarah Hughes, where the writer wasn't complimentary of Michelle. I read this paper every week, and I can't remember ever seeing them print responses at all, let alone in this matter. It is along the whole bottom of the page, and includes a picture of Michelle doing a falling leaf during Scheherazade. You can see the responses online at Michelle Kwan vs. Sarah Hughes: your mail. The first three responses are nice. Don't bother reading the 4th your blood pressure. ;)
The following quote is on the front page of the money section in the September 9 edition of USA Today. The quote is from the article Anniversary of attacks 'not a normal day, in an article about what people around the country are going to do on September 11:

Gathering with family. After two hours of practice on the ice on Sept. 11, skater Michelle Kwan will cook dinner at her Manhattan Beach, Calif., home for her mother, father, sister and brother. ''Since 9/11,'' Kwan says, ''we say 'I love you' to each other more often.''
Another magazine mention of Michelle, but a really special one this least for me! In the October 2002 issue of Teddy Bear Review, there is an article about celebrities and teddy bears titled "Star Power: Armani, bears, and champagne--the ABC's of celebrity bear collecting." On the first page of the article is a picture of Michelle. In fact, it is my picture from the 1996 US Figure Skating Postal Service Challenge! If you remember, I hugged Michelle and was able to give Michelle a bear after her long program at the event (read my report from the competition for more information.) My mom couldn't get a picture of the hug, and could only get a picture of Michelle with the bear. Well, that is the picture that is in the magazine, towards the top of the page, right above a picture of Sarah Michelle Gellar. The caption says, "Michelle Kwan has received medals and mohair for her great skating routines."

I'm also quoted in the article (it's not exactly right...for example, I never say the "kiss and cry pen," or refer to a program as a "set" LOL, but close enough!) First the article talks about how Tara went into skating because of Care Bears, then has a paragraph about how figure skating and bears go together. Then comes the following part about Michelle:

Two-time Olympic medalist Michelle Kwan has received a herd of bears at the end of her spectacular skates, and the enormous number of teddies has prompted her to donate many to children's hospitals around the United Skates. She has shared her good fortune with children less fortunate.

According to Heather Winfield, a devoted Kwan fan and keeper of her up-to-date Web site, "My first encounter with Michelle involved a bear, and it's something I'll never forget. As a present for my 17th birthday, my mom got me front-row seats to a figure skating challenge. I brought this huge bear with me, just hoping to give it to Michelle. I tried after her first routine, but she didn't notice me. Then after her second set, I had convinced all the people around me to shout out her name LOUD. She heard and came over to me. I gave her the bear, she hugged me, and the whole moment was shown on TV. Then when she went into the 'kiss and cry' pen, the place where they await their scores, she hugged the bear the whole time. It was so very exciting.
This issue even seems to be a special issue, for the 100 year birthday of Teddy Bears. On the spine of the magazine, it says "Collectors' Edition." This picture is one of my favorite pictures I've taken of Michelle, so the fact that it is in a magazine floors me! If you get a chance, I'd really recommend getting this magazine. The article is from pages 64-67. Other celebrities mentioned in the article are Kirsten Dunst, Britney Spears, Gillian Anderson, Charlotte Church, Cindy Crawford, Tom Snyder...the list goes on and on! There is even an inset listing some other celebrity teddy bear fans, and one listed is Katarina Witt. You can find this magazine in stores like Borders, Barnes and Noble, B. Daulton, etc.
Yenezie posted the following on the MK Forum about a small picture of Michelle in the September 9, 2002 issue of US Weekly: (Thanks Yenezie!) Michelle in the US magazine. Today I was skimming the US mag (Justine Timberlake on the cover, I think) and came across a small picture of Michelle waving to the crowd. The caption said (from memory) "Michelle Kwan sitting pretty at the ABC premiere", or something like that. She had sunglasses on her head and wearing a red tank top. And I think there was a Snow White - real person- on the corner. Just a FYI!

The picture is from ABC's Primetime Preview Weekend at Disney's California Adventure, which I wrote about earlier. The picture was taken during the parade. Check it out!

Michelle was in the Sunday, August 18, 2002 issue of Parade magazine, a weekly magazine included in your local Sunday newspaper. Michelle was in a question asked in Walter Scott's Personality Parade section, where readers ask questions about their favorite celebrities. Along with the question and answer is this picture of Michelle and Brad at the Pearl Harbor premiere. Above the picture is the caption "Skate mates Ference and Kwan: He's the only thing that she's decided on." Here is the question and answer in the magazine:

Q: What are Michelle Kwan's future plans on and off the ice?

A: Kwan, 22, has been on the road with John Hancock Champions on Ice, doing 93 shows in 85 cities. The tour ended Aug. 11, but Kwan has not decided if she'll return to UCLA to start her sophomore year. The Olympic bronze-medalist also hasn't decided if she'll pursue her dream of gold in 2006. One definite in her life is beau Brad Ference, 23, of the NHL's Florida Panthers.
Thanks Maggie222 for the heads up, and thanks to all the people that e-mailed me about this (I didn't get a chance to update the site during the weekend...sorry!) If I get a chance, I'll scan in the picture, so you can see it without the watermark from the online picture.
I received my September/October 2002 issue of International Figure Skating in the mail the other day. Here are the mentions of Michelle in the magazine:

  • Ad for book "Frozen Assets" has this picture lightly in the 18
  • Picture of Michelle with Sarah Hughes, Irina Slutskaya, Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour and her daughter Kim backstage on tour in New 43
  • Small article about Ice Castle being 47
  • Article about Toller Cranston's new book, about the 30 most interesting skaters in history. The article says, "He does clarify the selection process a bit. While he offered lavish praise for four-time World Women's Champion and two-time Olympic Medalist Michelle Kwan, he said she is not among the 30. 'I had to have a personal connection,' Cranston explained. 'I think Michelle Kwan and probably Alexei Yagudin are fabulous people with fabulous stories, but I don't know them, really. So I couldn't include them.'" 58

They say you've made it when you appear in tabloids, LOL. Once again, Michelle is mentioned in one of the tabloids, but it's a nice mention! shirleyprice1 posted the following on the MK Forum: (Thanks shirleyprice1!)

for some reason I decided to buy a Star magazine today for Aug. 20; was I surprised to find "our" Queen in it on pg.6. Their is a beautiful 4 1/2 " by about 6'' high of Michelle holding her surfboard . The caption says, "SURFER GIRL winter Olympics star Michelle Kwan, who won for favorite female athlete, puts the figure in figure skating by getting into a revealing bikini and sarong to accept her award." Honestly folks, her face looks like a beautiful smiling china doll, and her hair is combed back off her face, so , the beauty shines through gloriously !
In the September/October 2002 issue of Modern Maturity, Michelle is one of the clues on the crossword puzzle! The puzzle is on page 102, and #50 Across reads "Skater Michelle." Answer, of course, is Kwan.
In the fall 2002 issue of People Extra: Style Watch (not the regular People magazine), there is a feature on female celebrities on late night talk shows. On page 18 is the article "Late-Night Flirting." It says the following:

Stars dress to impress Jay and Dave--and millions of viewers. The girly skirt, the hair toss, the down-to-there cleavage: On the talk show circuit, actresses have mastered the art of tele-seduction. "You want the star quality to come across," says Minneapolis-based flirting expert Jill Spiegel, autor of Flirting for Success, "but you also want to show you're funloving and approachable." Here, Spiegel reads the signals guests send.

On the bottom left hand of the page, is this picture of Michelle (smaller version) from her February appearance on Jay Leno. The caption reads:

Michelle Kwan
(Tonight Show) Her look tells viewers, "I'm not just the skater-next-door."

I received the August/September 2002 issue of Skating Magazine in the mail while I was away. (This magazine is only available by subscription.) The only mention of Michelle in the magazine is on the backcover, an ad for ABC sports. It's a picture of Michelle and Sarah from the podium at Nationals, and says "Where Champions Make History."
Michelle is in the September 2002 issue of YM magazine. lottafs posted the following on the MK Forum (Thanks lottafs!):

They have this test called "You're Smarter Than You Think". I didn't take it, I just looked at the results. Shelly's name was mentioned in Body Smarts:

Bodily/kinesthetic intelligence is the quality that lets your body do what your mind tells it to.....
Role models: Michelle Kwan, Kobe Bryant, Jim Carrey

Lucy 25 and CantoneseChik posted on the MK Forum that Michelle is in the August issue of Vogue magazine. Michelle is listed in an article about "stylish 20-somethings" on page 241.There's two pictures of Michelle, one from the Rookie premiere, and the other is of Michelle at the 1998 Woman's Sports Foundation Sportswoman of the Year awards, which Michelle won. Here's what the article says about Michelle:

On the ice, Kwan is nothing short of electric. Off-duty, the Olympic silver medalist appears every bit as radiant, thanks to clean lines and a refined palette that let the girl inside shine through. Livia (CantoneseChik) scanned in the picture from the magazine. Check it out! (Thanks Lucy 25 and CantoneseChik!)
CheekyMo posted the following on the MK Forum about Michelle being in the August issue of Marie Claire: (Thanks CheekyMo!)

I don't know if this was already mentioned but I just read the new marie claire magazine for August and was surprised to find a small picture of Michelle in it. It was in an article of these two women seeing how famous they can get in two weeks by their own wits. One of the women had a connection to get on the red carpet of "The Rookie" premiere and she took a picture w/ Michelle which is shown in the magazine.

I received my July/August 2002 issue of Blades on Ice the other day. The Michelle mentions in this magazine:

  • Article about the COI tour, which says that Michelle "mesmerized the crowd with her ethereal Fields of Gold program" 35
  • In the centerfold of the magazine, the article "Spotlight Michelle Kwan" which is about Michelle winning the Sullivan award. On the next page is a full page picture of Fields of Gold spiral at Worlds...pages 42-43
  • Article about Andrea Gardiner, which says, "Gardiner also has kind words for Michelle Kwan, whom she described as the strongest competitor at US Nationals. 'To go and not have a coach, and to have it up here,' she said, pointing to her head. 'Whatever works for her, she is doing a fantastic job.'"...pages 54-55
  • Article about Johnny Weir, where he talks about his experiences in his first year as a senior skater. He says, "You hear about (Alexei) Yagudin and (Evgeni) Plushenko staying away from each other but that's just because they're fighting for nubmer one. Individually they are both very nice to be around, as is Michelle Kwan, Sasha Cohen, and many of the other American skaters."...pages 56-57
  • Article titled "Kwan Popular as Ever," which starts off by saying that the disappointments of the past season are "tempered by the adoring response of figure skating fans around the country. 'It's pretty incredible. Every night on the Champions on Ice tour, I get a great ovation, even before I start my skating. It warms my heart,' said the 21-year old, who performs to Eva Cassidy's Fields of Gold in the show. 'It never gets old." Along with this article is a small press release that says Michelle won the Kids Choice Award. On the same page is a picture from 2001 Worlds press 71
  • Picture of Michelle signing autographs backstage on the Chicago stop of the Champions on Ice 79
  • Picture with Sylvia 81

I keep forgetting to post about this, but there is a new skating magazine out there, and the current issue has Michelle on the cover. It's Ice Skating Magazine and you can order it online or call (562) 856-7153 or 1 (866) 475-8464. The July issue has two covers (you flip the magazine over), and one of the covers is of Michelle, check it out. The cover story is "Michelle Kwan Countdown: Kwan's 15 Greatest Performances of All Time." The article is over 8 pages long. There are 8 pictures of Michelle with this article. There are 13 total pictures of Michelle in the magazine, plus the cover. For more information, check out a preview of the July issue. I'll write more about it after I receive the issue.
For the 6th time, Michelle has been named to International Figure Skating Magazine's 25 Most Influential Names in Figure Skating List, this time for the 2001-'02 season. The full list is in the July/August 2002 edition of the magazine. The profile of Michelle is on page 29. Here is what it says:

It wasn't the year Michelle Kwan had hoped for, but it was the year she learned beyond a shadow of a doubt the place she holds in the hearts of her fans. "The fans are really important to me, because they're there regardless of what happens," Kwan says. "They've been there when I've been down in the dumps and not skating that well. I lacked confidence, and they were there to support me." Among Kwan's fans are decision makers in the corporate sector, which use her in their campaigns. This year she was prominently featured in national print and television ads for Chevrolet and was the spokesperson for an Olympic edition of Barbie. Following the Olympics, Disney signed Kwan to a new contract that includes television specials and live appearances.

"People see Michelle as a good person and as a real role model," offers John LeFevre, executive director of the USFSA. "They are impressed how she handles herself off the ice and in other areas." This season Kwan certainly had a lot to contend with, as she took charge of her own skating after parting was with coach Frank Carroll. At the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Kwan, 22, seemed to come undone in the free skate, dropping to third place.

"It's a whole emotional roller coaster," Kwan says, who admits she didn't really plan hr season past that long program. But true to form, she picked up the pieces and trained for the World Championship. "There are a lot of things I like about competition,: she says. "There's the stress of 'Can she do it?' But you know, regardless of whether you land all your jumps in the four minutes, you've improved so much from all the hard work and preparation."

Several other Michelle items in this issue of the magazine:

  • Ad for Ice Castle, with a picture of Michelle from Song of the Black 7
  • Article Kwan Honored, about Michelle winning the Sullivan award, with a mention about winning the Kids Choice award. Includes a picture of her doing a spiral during Fields of Gold at Worlds, and 3 pictures of her at the Sullivan reception: With Dick Button, With the other 4 finalists, with AAU president and vice 15
  • Ad for book "Frozen Assets" has this picture lightly in the 18
  • Michelle on 25 Most Influential List. See above for what was said. Includes a picture of her laughing from the magazine's Feb 2002 cover shoot...pages 20-33
  • Article about Timothy Goebel. He said that he felt a little extra pressure at the Olympics because after Frank Carroll and Michelle parted ways because he wanted to "reaffirm that he si the great coach that he is." Tim also said that people who've been on tour longer are "great artists. When you look at people like Todd Eldredge and Michelle Kwan, who have been touring for years, I think the Champions on Ice tour is where they learned quite a bit of that."...pages 34-37
  • Picture with Peggy Fleming and Sarah Hughes at the 2002 Great American FS 42
  • Article about Fumie Suguri, where she talks about winning a medal at Worlds, "It felt great to win a medal, but I know very well that it is hard to keep it up and win a medal repeatedly, as Michelle Kwan and Irina Slutskaya have done for many years." Includes a picture of Michelle, Fumie, and Irina at the post-Worlds 45
  • Article about Worlds. Includes a picture of the podium...pages 52-53

Michelle is listed in the horoscopes section in two new magazines. First, she is in the horoscope section in the July 2002 issue of Glamour Magazine. CaraMora writes on the MK Forum that Michelle the first celebrity listed under "Star Cancers." Others listed are Princess Di, Helen Keller, Dear Abby, and Courtney Love. Glamour also listed Michelle in their horoscope in last year's issue! (Thanks CaraMora!)

Also, Michelle in the horoscope section in the July 2002 issue of InStyle Magazine. This time, there is a small picture of Michelle smiling at the Rookie premiere. Under the picture, it says "Michelle Kwan (7/7/80)." She is one of 3 pictures on the horoscope page, with the other two being Tom Cruise and Selma Blair.

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