My GWG report from Saturday is up! Check it out! I got my pictures back, and some came out blurry. :-( But, I did get some good ones, and most from the medal ceremony came out. In fact, most of my pictures of the other skaters didn't come out! But, don't worry, there are lots of Michelle. I will hopefully post them this week. I didn't meet Michelle this week, but, my good online friend did!! You can read about Susan's encounter, courtesy Jenny's page. Susan, you're so lucky! :-)

Michelle is the Goodwill Games Champion!! Her long program wasn't perfect, but none of the competitors were. Even so, her program was beautiful, and it received all 5.9s (which we know would have been all 6.0s if she hadn't fallen) for presentation. Obviously the best performance of the night. :-) For my full report, results, and links to lots of articles and pictures, go to my GWG site.
Michelle was amazing in the short program at the GWG!! For my full report, results, and lots of articles and pictures, go to my GWG site. One more thing. If you can, get the July 31 edition of NY Times. There is an article about Michelle there. (It is also linked on my Articles about Michelle section.
As I thought, they had a segment on Michelle on the July 28 coverage of the GWG. They brought back "The Cutting Edge" from the Olympics. Check out my transcript of the piece on Michelle. Also, check out the audio and some pictures from the segment from Jenny's page!

Some of you are e-mailing me, asking several questions about Michelle and the GWG. I'll answer them right here. :-) Michelle arrived in NY on Tuesday, July 28, and had a press conference. Check my Articles about Michelle section for some articles on this conference. Also, check out Daniel's notes from the press conference.(Thanks Daniel!). Michelle will be doing her programs from the past season (the programs she did in the Olympics), and her exhibition will be her Mulan number. The ladies short is on July 30, the long August 1, and the exhibitions August 2. Check my TV schedule for details on the television coverage of the events. I will be attending the ladies short and long programs, and will post full reports as soon as I can (I don't know how long it takes to drive back each night.) They will be posted on my GWG site, so check to see when it is updated!! Hope I answered all your questions!!

(Note: Two of Michelle's competitors at the GWG, Nicole Bobek and Tanja Szewczenko, have withdrawn. More information in articles found on the Articles About GWG section of my page.)

Michelle sighting on Thursday's GWG coverage. It was very quick, but, they were talking about ballet in NY. They said that, in many sports, the athletes use ballet as part of their training. They then said, "including figure skater Michelle Kwan." They showed a brief clip of her at Worlds.
During Tuesday's GWG coverage, they interviewed Michelle live from Lake Arrowhead. Read my transcript of the interview. Then, listen to the interview, courtesy Jenny's Page!
Mani saw an ad for the Goodwill Games with Michelle on TBS. Here's what she said about it:

"Michelle was wearing a silver velvet top and her hair was down like on the Jay Leno show. Michelle said "Come join me, Michelle Kwan, at the Goodwill Games" (I don't remember if she added that the games were in N.Y.C.). Then while the announcer described more about the games, they showed Michelle standing near a yellow taxi cab wearing a red skating dress with long sleeves and red sequins. The announcer finished by saying the Goodwill Games are in New York City and they go back to Michelle (wearing the silver top) who then says "where the world's best prove it". It looked like they were somewhere in downtown NYC."

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