The last few minutes of my long program, it was very emotional. Thereís not one moment where I donít see anything. And at the end, it was just an amazing feeling because you know you hit all your jumps, and you know you did all you can. And, when you finish, thatís when you can let loose, and just soak in everything.

(Clips of her during the long program at the Olympics is shown)

Itís a competition. You canít win all the time. And, itís a learning process. And, I think, even not bringing home the gold in that Olympics, it taught me lots of lessons. You know, you learn to take defeat, and you learn to win. And sometimes itís hard winning. When you didnít skate well, and you win. Itís not as meaningful.

(Clip of her before the long program at the Olympics is shown)

Win or lose, you know, youíve got to stand up tall.

(They show a clip of her as a 13 year old, which morphs into a clip of her winning 96 worlds.)

It was a very unbelievable moment for me, because everything I had done in my skating, the 12 years that Iíve skated, it all flashbacked. Like, flashed right in front of me. And, I saw my skating go ďwhoa, I canít believe what just happened. And, everything was worth it. Every moment of it, and that was why it was so special.

(They show a clip of doing a spiral at Lake Arrowhead.)

And, all those mornings when I had to get up at 5 oíclock, and all those days when I fell a thousand times, it was all worth that moment.

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