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With Olympians, presenting jacket on April 29, 1998

Michelle, along with other 1998 US Winter Olympians, visited the White House on April 29, 1998. She also received the honor of presenting President Clinton with an Olympic Jacket. Picabo Street was actually chosen to present the jacket after a vote by the whole Olympic team, but she was injured and unable to make the trip. So, Michelle, who was the second choice in the balloting, gave the jacket to the president. At the end of his speech to the Olympians, he said, "Now I would like to introduce the athlete that has been chosen by her teammates to represent the Olympians here today, a person whose grace and excellence on the ice -- and I must say even more after the competition -- must have been a source of enormous joy and pride, not only to her teammates, but to all Americans. Ladies and gentlemen, Ms. Michelle Kwan." Check out a picture of her at the White House and a picture of her presenting the Olympic jacket to the president.
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White House's Official Dinner for the Chinese Premier on April 8, 1999

Michelle was a guest at the White House's Official Dinner for the Chinese Premier dinner on Thursday, April 8, 1999! The dinner was very prestigious, and it was only the 20th formal dinner during the Clinton presidency. Her agent, Shep Goldberg, was with her. During the receiving line before the dinner, Michelle greeted the president, first lady, Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji, and his wife. When she shook hands with President Clinton, they were both smiling, and he turned and introduced her to the Chinese Premier. During the actual dinner, Michelle was seated at a table right near the front of the room, where President Clinton and the Chinese Premier both gave toasts. The dinner was shown live on CSPAN. Check out my summary of the broadcast on my transcripts page! You can also read an article about the dinner, which lists everyone that was there. In Michelle's book, My Special Moments, there is a picture of Michelle shaking President Clinton's hand in the receiving line. Michelle wrote, "I was invited to the White House for an official state dinner. Wow! I met President Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton. It was such an honor, and the food was incredible." Also, for reference sake, check out this article about how prestigious it is to attend an official White House dinner.
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Korbel Celebration of Olympic Champions and Visit to the White House on April 22 and 23, 2002

Michelle attended the Korbel Celebration of Olympic Champions, a black-tie dinner and gala event, that paid tribute to the members of the 2002 US Olympic and Paralympic Teams, on Monday, April 22, 2002. The gala took place at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington, DC. It was the first time since the closing ceremonies that the US Olympic Delegation was together. Gary Heck, the President and Chairman of Korbel Champagne said, “We host the Korbel Celebration of Olympic Champions to honor the US Olympic athletes, who work hard to represent our nation during the 2002 Olympic Winter Games." In addition to the 217 athletes, others in attendance included former Olympians such as Brian Boitano, and celebrities Heidi Klum, Joshua Bell, and Krisitin Chenoweth. The event was broadcast on May 18 on NBC, the first time this event has ever been shown on television. The host for the evening, Dan Hicks, said the following about Michelle, when the focus turned to figure skating, "Michelle Kwan had long ago captured the heart of figure skating fans around the world. The four time world champion, and six time US Champion, is grace and artistry personified. In Salt Lake City, she captured the bronze, her second Olympic medal of her remarkable figure skating career." For more information about the broadcast, read the press release. Check out a picture of Michelle talking with Apolo Anton Ohno and Heidi Klum. Also, check out WireImages.com's collection of 28 pictures of Michelle at the event, which includes pictures of Michelle with Brian Boitano, Sarah Hughes, Apolo Anton Ohno, and Heidi Klum. Finally, check out amethystbatgirl's screen captures from the NBC broadcast.

The next day, April 23, Michelle, along with other members of the US Olympic team, visited the White House and met with President Bush. A Team USA breakfast was held earlier that day at 8 am. Michelle wore the Olympic team jacket (as did everyone else in attendance), black pants, black shoes, the beret (she was one of only a few who did so), and had a black purse with a gold-chain strap. Since there was a Champions on Ice show in Worcester, Mass. that night, Michelle and the other COI skaters in attendance had to leave early for the airport, while the other Olympians and Paralympians were taking a tour of the White House. The skaters stayed about 90 minutes. All the athletes in attendance stood in rows on the south lawn of the White House, and lined twin staircases leading up to a second-floor balcony as President Bush commended them for their achievements, and thanked them for inspiring the nation. While there aren't any pictures of Michelle at the White House, you can check out this picture, which is of the entire delegation at the White House with the president.
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White House's Luncheon honoring visiting Chinese President Hu Jintao on April 20, 2006

Michelle was a guest at the White House's luncheon honoring the visit of Chinese President Hu Jintao on April 20, 2006. The lunch took place in the East Room of the White House. Michelle was seated right next to President Bush. She was among the 200 guests at the lunch, which included celebrity chef Ming Tsai. During news clips of the event on CNN, MSNBC, and FOX News, the toasts from the presidents were shown from the luncheon, and Michelle was shown quite frequently in these clips. CSPAN also showed coverage of both toasts, and Michelle could also be seen in the footage. When CCTV News and Hong Kong TV showed the White House welcome ceremony, they both mentioned Michelle being invited to the luncheon. The Hong Kong reporter said, "Michelle Kwan, the queen of figure skating, is also invited," and the commentator of CCTV News talked about Michelle's international reputation and how famous she is in both US and China. You can also read an article about the luncheon, as well as the list of everyone who attended the luncheon. Check out the following pictures of Michelle at the White House luncheon: With President Bush, At the luncheon, Smiling during the toast, Another with Bush, Watching the toast, Another watching toast, Raising a glass, Raising a glass during the toast, Smiling, and Another smiling. Also, check out these two videos I made of Michelle at the luncheon: CSPAN coverage of the toast and several clips from CNN & MSNBC. Here are a few more articles about the luncheon: Michelle Kwan dines with Chinese, U.S. presidents, No effort spared for White House luncheon White House luncheon menu, A Midday Feast for Chinese Leader, Dean Woo dines with Bush, Chinese president, and Lunch Bunch.
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