I first visited Walt Disney World when I was 5, but I was too scared to meet any characters. Adult-me is angry at 5-year-old-me, because I wish I had that classic picture with Mickey when I was a child! Then, when I was in my early 20s, I took a few day trips to Disney, but I didn't know adults were even allowed to meet characters! It wasn't until researching for my first "real" trip to Disney in 2007 that I learned adults could meet characters, and I knew I had to meet some characters during that trip. After meeting 35 characters that first trip, I was hooked!!

So far, I've met 210 unique characters, and I'm always trying to find someone new each trip.

Take a look through my site to see pictures of all the characters I've met on my many Disney trips! You will find a picture of every outfit I've seen a character in, as well as if I've met them with other characters.

Updated with characters from May trip. I met 9 new characters!
Also added a new Character Meals section under Events

Characters added: Megara, Pain, Panic, Stromboli, Bowler Hat Guy, Asajj Ventress, Greedo, Mace Windu, and Wicket

Characters with new pictures added: Anna (no cloak, new pose), Aurra Sing (new pose), Boba Fett (new combo), Chewbacca (new combo), Chip (Ewok), Daisy (Pajamas, new pose), Dale (Ewok), Darth Maul (new pose), Darth Vader (new combo), Donald (Pajamas), Elsa (new pose), Goofy (Pajamas), Jawas (new combo), Kit Fisto (new combo), Leia Organa (new pose), Luke Skywalker (new pose), Mary Poppins (new pose), Mickey (Hawaiian, new combos), Mike Wazowski, Minnie (new combos), Pluto (Hawaiian), Queen Amidala, Stitch (Lei), Stormtroopers (new combo), Sulley, Tinker Bell, Tusken Raider (new pose), Zam Wessel (new pose), and Other (Ben Appetit, Daley Reels, Dara Vamp, Stone Granite, Hildegard Olivia Harding, Mayor, MiSiCi Stilt Walker, Royal Majesty Makers, Ashley Eckstein, and Cast Members)

Only list updated: Aurora, Lilo, Peter Pan and Snow White

Past Updates

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