I Love Characters

Just a few guidelines about my character encounters:

  • I only count characters that are from Disney movies, TV shows, books, etc. I don't keep track of Streetmosphere characters, Holiday Storytellers, or Universal characters, for example, in my official count. But I still love meeting them, and they are listed in the Other section.
  • My official character count only keeps track of how many unique characters I've met. So if I met Minnie 25 times, she only counts once on my character count. I tried to only post one picture per character per outfit, since 10 pictures of Mickey in his regular outfit might have been a bit much!
  • A character only counts if I get a picture with them. I love taking pictures of characters in parades and shows, or even those I just missed meeting, but they don't count in my number or get listed on the site.

I love getting autographs from characters, so I've scanned all my autographs and have included them on each character page. I've also scanned in any autograph cards I have for the characters, and even extracted autographs from Photopass pictures for a few characters that don't sign.

I'm a scrapbooker, and I mostly scrap my Disney trips. Of course my favorite thing to scrap are my character encounters! I thought it might be fun to include the character layouts I've completed so far on the character pages. You can see how behind I am in my scrapping, since I have SO many more character layouts to still do!

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I've written several blog posts and taped a few podcasts with some character tips:

Many thanks to all the fellow character fans and hunters out there, whose tips and advice have helped me find many characters over the years...and made me feel like I wasn't alone in loving meeting characters! I didn't want to list the where, when, and how to meet characters on my site since there are already so many character resources. Here are a few of my favorite character sites:

Huge thanks to Britt of Britt-ish Designs for allowing me to use her Just Plain Fun kit in my layout design!

Also, thanks to Barrie Brewer for allowing me to use her picture of Sarge from an amazing AllEars event!

Finally, thanks to my friend, Tanya, for letting me bounce ideas off her, and helping me decide which of my thousands of pics to use for the site!

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