I Love Characters

Street Performers

Citizens of Main Street

Mayor of Main Street
Dapper Dans
Beatrice Starr
Constance Purchase
Hildegard Olivia Harding
Victoria Trumpetto
Inga Depoint
Scoop Sanderson
Chief Smokey Miller
Noah Lott
Main Street Philharmonic
Disneyland Main Street Firefighters

Citizens of Hollywood

Alberto Dante
Ben Appetit
Betty Shambles
Chloe Canard
Daley Reels
Dara Vamp
Dorma Nesmond
Evie Starlight
Officer William Club
Officer Percival Peabody
Public Works: Sparky, Buddy & Lenny
Stone Granite
Vladimir Pooey

Citizens of Buena Vista Street

Donna the Dog Lady
Milly and Molly the Messengers
Officer Calvin Blue
Phi Phi the Photographer

Stilt Walkers and Living Statues

Mad T Party Flamingo Steed
Living Coral from Finding Nemo
World of Color Puppets
Mardi Gras Stilt Walkers
Living Statues - Festival of the Arts
Living Statue - Gold
Living Statue - Halloween
Living Statue - Mad Hatter
Disney Springs Holiday Stilt Walkers
The Edison Stilt Walkers
Holiday Stilt Circus

Other Street Performers

Royal Majesty Makers
Glass Slipper Tuxedo Handlers
Adventurers Club
Ivana Dream
Construction Workers
Elf Kandy Kane
Santa's Elves
Disneyland Banjo Player