Yes, there was no skating today. But, I thought you would like to hear about our interesting encounter on the train going home. We decided to change to an earlier train then we were supposed to take. As we were waiting for the train, I thought I saw Maya. But then I thought, it couldnít be! Then, I saw Evgeny! Susan and I both turned to each other and couldnít believe it. We didnít know if we should go over and say something. Then, they left their suitcases, and went over to get coffee. They later came back (just as the train was boarding), and she had a McDonalds bag with her. :-) When we were walking to the train, they were just standing there. As we were walking to the train, we congratulated them, and told them how much we liked their skating. They looked pleasantly surprised, shocked actually, that someone knew who they were. They smiled, and thanked us. They didnít get in the same car we were in, though. It is so strange to me that no one recognized them! We were so excited that they were on our train, and no one else seemed to care! Guess that puts things in perspective.

Well, that was my weekend. Please check back later this week for the rest of my report and pictures from the competition!

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Photo © Heather Winfield