Some sort of report will be coming shortly! Check out my pictures from the event.

For now, I'll copy what I posted in the Seen and Heard section about giving a book of messages to Michelle:

We were sitting in the front row, by the kiss and cry. I'm not really a sign person, but we had great seats, and we wanted to show Michelle our support. My friend and I had a sign that said "Beware the Wrath of Kwan." Our other friends we were with had a sign as well. After she finished her program, we were holding our signs. And I decided to also hold the book out (the cover is beautiful), just in case.

She skated right over to us, and took the book. And then she hugged me. I said to her "you're wonderful" (I'm very witty in these situations, obviously.) I didn't hear it, but the rest of the gang said she responded "thank you." I had probably zoned out by then. While waiting for her marks, she had the book next to her. I later saw her give it to Rafael, before the skaters all took the ice after the competition.

Last updated April 8, 2005

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Photo Heather Winfield