Since everyone can't wait to see Michelle's new Mulan program, I've decided to post a few of my friend's reviews here. Also, check out pictures of the program and hear the full song in the Michelle's Program Information section of my page.

New York

By Susan

The costume is gorgeous. It's red and black. The music is really pretty and Michelle really is so amazing in person...Onto Michelle's Mulan program. I really love it! It's really so beautiful. She did her famous spiral of course and she had varied positions on her spins so that it looks more "Asian" and fitted her character better. I know you must be like, well what does that mean? :) I am sorry, but I can't describe it better. I was reading someone's review about how her program wasn't up to par artistically because she fell on her salchow. NOT TRUE!!! I thought she was breathtaking. I love the music and the choreography is great too. And the costume is amazing! You can definitly tell that Michelle loves this music. She really is such an artist!


By Julie

It was a nice number, skated very cleanly (with one fall in Tampa) for such a new number. Michelle continues to impress. Most people donít have that kind of flow and confidence in such a new number. The stands were awash in the twinkle of flashbulbs, more than with any other skater, I feel. She had a variation on a layback that was marvelous. The costume was a beauty, black and red with a scale pattern on the top.


By Kathy

Michelle, Michelle, Michelle!! I love her new Mulan program. Personally I believe it is better than Dante's Prayer but I know not everyone will see it the way I did. The lyrics to the song went so well with the person Michelle is and tries to show in her skating. Her outfit was simply gorgeous. I believe it easily beats out the 2nd Dream of Desdemona outfit. Red in a netting pattern with long sleeves, it was just beautiful. She no longer does the camel to the right, it is a different spin also to the right. I don't know exactly which one it is, but it fits the music quite well. Her spiral brought gasps of joy to everyone seated in the arena. She didn't fall at all (I was so happy!!) Her only mistake was a two-footed landing on the triple salchow but hardly anyone noticed. You were right, she is definitely better in person!!!

Long Beach

By Jenny

Michelle's program -- I loved it. Beautiful. Elegant. Magical. Everything I had imagined it would be. I was just in awe. Her presence on the ice was extraordinary, and she did her spins and jumps with such grace and ease. The spiral was exquisite -- I felt like I was dreaming. The flaps on her costume didn't bother me at all, and the song has grown on me quite a bit since seeing her skating special and the movie. I was carried away by the music and her skating. At the end, the flashbulbs went like crazy as she stood at center ice. A wonderful, breath-taking performance.

Also, check out my COI review of the Philadelphia show (she skated to Dante's Prayer there)

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Photo © Heather Winfield