Kind of off the topic of Michelle, but not really...I finally saw the movie Mulan today!! It was wonderful!! If you haven't seen it, I really suggest you go now! The first show we went to was sold out! I was happy about that (not that I couldn't get in, but that the movie did well.) We finally got into the later show (which was almost sold out.) It is a wonderful movie. I think I will see it again. It ranks up there as one of my favorite Disney movies. Now, I thought I would picture Michelle skating, or being Mulan during the movie...but I didn't! (That shows how much the movie captivated me.) OK, there were 3 parts I thought of her special. One was during the song "Reflection" the point she did the spiral in the special, I saw her skating to it...but that was it! Not even the whole song...I was just so into the movie! :-) Then, when they showed the villain, I just thought, "That's Michael Weiss!" (If you didn't see the special, he played the "bad guy" in's not that I think he is a villain in real life!) That was kind of strange! ;-) Finally, when they showed the scene that inspired the part in the special where they skated on the black ice (with P&S skating), I thought of the special for a brief second. :-) But that's it! I was happily surprised. :-)

The songs have really grown on me! I am so glad I bought the soundtrack. My favorite scene in the movie was during the "I'll make a man out of you" song.

BTW, I would suggest bringing tissues to the movie. I don't know why, but it was very emotional for my best friend and I...we cried a lot! Anytime she was with her father...I was just bawling my eyes out! But, we laughed a lot, too! Especially during Mushu's scenes. And the picture was just gorgeous! I got the chills from the scenery many times. Everyone in the theater enjoyed it. OK, since it was around 6:30 when it was over, I wanted to yell, "Go home and watch Michelle Kwan skate to the music from this movie!" But, I didn't...I restrained myself. :-) I got home in time to catch Michelle's special again, and I liked it more this time!

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Photo Heather Winfield