My Report from ESPN the Weekend

My Pictures from ESPN the Weekend:

Pictures: Q&A with Michelle

Pictures: Dream Job *new*

Videos of Michelle at ESPN the Weekend

I happened to be in Florida for spring training at the same time as ESPN the Weekend at MGM Studios at Disney World. We always try to go to Disney World once during our spring training trip, and once I found out Michelle would be at ESPN the Weekend this year, there wasn't a question as to when we'd drive to Disney this year! I saw Michelle at two events that she did on Saturday, March 3: A Q&A on the main stage, and as a celebrity judge for "Dream Job." I took many pictures and also video. Update! Everything is up now! My report (which I wrote as soon as I got back to the hotel), pictures from both the Q&A and Dream Job experience (which was inside with bad lighting, so I had to play around with them before posting) and my video (all versions) have all been posted.

Last updated March 23, 2007

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