I saw the show on April 10, 2004 in Philadelphia, PA. I will post more on the show later. Michelle's new program, You Raise Me Up, is wonderful. She was really feeling the program, and you could see the emotion in her face. There is a part in the program where she kind of skips. A very simple move, but Michelle makes it something beautiful. Wish I could see it again! Hopefully she'll perform it next season, so it will be on TV! She did double two jumps (her toe and lutz), but several of the skaters had problems at the same end of the ice where she messed up one of the jumps (I think the toe?) But jumps didn't matter, the program was great! Hopefully everyone can catch it when the tour comes near them.

For some reason, my camera does not like the Philly COI show. I can get beautiful pictures of COI at the 3 other arenas I've seen the show at. I can get beautiful pictures of other skating shows at the same arena. But my Philly COI pics always come out not great. Oh well. In any case, I posted my pics. Check out my pictures from the show!

Last updated April 11, 2004

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Photo Heather Winfield