I saw the show on April 5, 2003 in Philadelphia, PA. This is just a very short review, and I will post an in depth review/report later this week. Check out my pictures from the show!

Michelle looked radiant in the opening. She wore a two piece red sparkly costume. They all were basically wearing the same costume, different colors, but I really liked hers. And the place went nuts when she came out. :) Oh, and when I came home, I saw the beginning of the local sports show, and they SHOWED Michelle! The show is filmed where the show takes place, but still, how cool! They showed her in the opening, and it was for a long time. We were too busy screaming "they're showing Michelle!" to clearly hear what they said, but it was something to the fact that people at the First Union center were happy because Michelle Kwan had just light up the Center. They even showed this piece during the 10pm broadcast, and I caught it on tape. At least I'll be able to have something from the show on tape!

Onto Michelle's Fallin' program. She just lights up the arena. Her costume is this cute two piece brown number. She wore her hair down, like for FOG. The program was very different for her, kind of sultry. Lots of moves with her arms, lunges, etc. And the look on her face at parts of the program, very cute. The girls in front of me were singing along to the song at the beginning. Her jumps were spot on, but of course that's not the reason we are there. It was obvious that she was only doing this program for the second time, but I still liked it. I gave her a standing ovation, not for the program, but because she's Michelle. :) I saw my friend leon standing, but we probably were the only ones. Oh well, I don't care. ;)

The closing was a bit odd. It was cute though. At one point Tim is waiting to go on, and he was dancing along with the music. Then Irina comes over to him, and when it's his turn, she pushes him out there (that's part of the choreography I assume, but it was just cute to see.) On that note, Irina's hair is *red*, wow. Um, and Michelle wore this pants thing that was green and with crisscroses down one of her legs. Kind of odd looking, but all of the costumes were. At the end, instead of the fireworks of last year, streamers come down from the ceiling. Would be fine other than one of them got in front of my camera just as I was taking a picture of Michelle. ;)

I wasn't really planning to, but after the show, we waited near the buses to see the skaters come out. We saw Scott Williams, and someone yelled to him. I said yelled out "congratulations" to him. It was cute, at one point, Michael and his daughter came out. These people were waving to Michael, and his daughter waved back. :) We saw Evgeni, Elena (I cheered loud for her, since not many there seemed to know who she was *sigh*), P&S, Naomi, Nicole, Dan (who came out with Michael), and probably someone I'm forgetting. Then, Irina and Michelle came out together. Michelle waved, and someone asked for a picture. She turned back around and waved again, then got on the bus. Most of the pictures I got were of her back, LOL, but I got one good one.

A good, fun show. Too bad it's not being taped.And someone needs to go through all the programs and cross out four-time World champ, and write five-time World champ above it.

Check out my pictures from the show!

Last updated April 6, 2003

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Photo Heather Winfield