Lots of Worlds pics are online! Check them out:

Michelle has a new exhibition! She skates to music from the Canadian movie The Red Violin. Check out a picture of her doing a spiral during the program during the Worlds exhibitions.

Now, a little about the movie. The original score, by John Corigliano, has won several awards. The movie is also known by Le Violon rouge. Here are some links about the movie:

Also, Valerie sent this to me about the exhibition broadcast on CTV. (Thanks Valerie!)

Elvis Stojko joined Barb Underhill and Rod black during Michelle's exhibition program to speak for CTV.

Michelle skated to "The Red Violin", a Gemini award winning Canadian film theme song. The music was powerful, dramatic, and the choreography was extraordinarily original. Wearing a dark bugandy velvet dress with a slit and golden beads, Michelle looked as elegant as ever. Here's what they said word for word:

Underhill (after a 3 sal, two 3 toes): Now, she looks more focused out here in her exhibition routine than she did in the competition. And I remember back in 97 when she lost her world title, she came back in 98 a very very different skater. And I think that will happen again next year.

Stojko (during MK's signature spiral): You can see the spark already. That performance she did the other night, just didn't have the Michelle Kwan spark and we're seeing it tonight. And I think this is the beginning of where it's going to be coming back for her. Like I said before, the silver medal spot is the hungry spot. You're always pushing up ahead and I think this is a perfect opportunity for her to keep that push.

Black: Certainly no one in the women's skating world touches her grace and elegance on the ice.

Stojko: Her speed and edge quality is unbelievable; her carriage, and its the same every time whether be on tour doing 40, 50 shows. It's unbelievable. It's magical.

Michelle has won the silver medal at Worlds! She wasn't at her best at this competition, but, like a true champion, she didn't give excuses. She didn't blame it on having a cold, or anything else. Check out the results of the free program, and the final results. Read articles about the competition by going to 1999 Worlds articles. Finally, check out some pictures from the long program, and of Michelle with her silver medal.
Check out the results of the short program. I won't post them here in case you want to wait until it is shown on TV. You can read articles about the competition (they all give the results) by going to the 1999 Worlds articles page. Also, check out some pictures from the short program.

In the long program, Michelle goes last! Check out the full starting order (also lists placement for the short.)

Michelle won her qualifying group! She wasn't perfect (was shaky on her triple salchow, and doubled her second lutz), but she was still way ahead in her group. She is now taking medication for her illness (I first read it was a cold, but now I've heard it might be the flu.) Hopefully, she will be better by Friday for the short program. Check out the full results for qualifying group A. There are lots of articles and pictures on my site from the qualifying round. In the short program, Michelle goes second to last (29 out of 30). Check out the full starting order for the long program.
Julia sent me these great scans of pictures of Michelle from Finland newspapers. Check them out! (Thanks Julia!)

Check out this clip of Michelle practicing at Worlds on Tuesday from Ritti's page. You need Real Player G2 to see the clip.
News from Michelle's first day at Worlds! In her qualifying round (group A), Michelle will go last! Check out the full starting order for group A and group B. Also, according to It figures: Kwan's ready for worlds, Michelle had a great practice. Then, check out pictures from the practice.
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