On Sunday on ABC, during the credits for the movie Jungle to Jungle (which was just before Millionaire), they showed an ad for Michelle's new special, Princess on Ice. They showed her in the black costume skating to "Body Rock." They also showed her in the white costume. I'm sure they showed her in a few other programs, but I turned it on after it started, and I was so excited to finally see some promotion for the special that I don't think I remember everything. They also showed Dorothy Hamill and Katarina Witt. Hopefully they will show this ad many more times this week before it is on Saturday.

More on Michelle's new Disney special, Michelle Kwan: Princess on Ice. Disney is auctioning off some of the items from the special through ebay. Items include costumes, sketches of costumes, and 6 pairs of skates signed by Michelle. The costumes are designed by Jef Billings. The auctions also include some pictures of Michelle from the special. Check out all the items up for auction on ebay.

Some information about her special, based on the auctions:

  • She skates to "'Before Me and You" by SHeDAISY. Check out a picture of Michelle and Ilia, with Michelle wearing the costume for the program. Also in the picture is a closeup of the costume itself, which is up for auction. The costume is described as a peach chiffon halter-style costume with "elaborate white eyelet lace on the laced-up bodice and zips down the back. A nude-colored 'modesty' panel has been added to the low neckline. Layers of peach chiffon make up the attached skirt."

  • She skates to the music of O-Town (which was already known), with the group on the ice judging by a photo of Michelle and the group. Check out her hair there! ;)

  • She skates to "Body Rock" wearing this 2-piece costume, which "includes a pair of black 'jeans' studded with hand appliqued Swaroski Austrian crystal rhinestones and stirrups. A black illusion long sleeved net top features rows of appliqued Swaroski Austrian crystal rhinestones across the bust."

  • Check out a picture of her skating to "A Whole New World" from "Aladdin."

  • The opening number is "Kiss the Girl" from "The Little Mermaid." Check out a picture of Michelle wearing the costume for this program. This is the program from which the picture was taken in the photo I posted yesterday.

  • The finale of the show is to "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" from "Cinderella." For this number, Michelle skates with Dorothy Hamill and Katarina Witt. Check out a picture of the three skaters wearing their costumes for this number. You can also check out another picture of Michelle from this program, plus a picture of the costume itself, which is up for auction.

Also, Valerie posted on the MK Forum that the special will be shown in Canada on CTV on January 20 at 7pm. (Thanks Valerie!)

On ABC's site, they list Michelle's new Disney special, Michelle Kwan: Princess on Ice, on their ABC-TV Specials page. There is a great picture of Michelle on the site from the special. Check it out!
Lots of information on Michelle's new Disney special, Michelle Kwan: Princess on Ice, in an ABC press release. Check it out! Also, I earlier posted clicktv's synopsis of the special. The following is TV Guide online's synopsis: The Olympic medalist salutes the regal ladies of Disney's classic tales, such as Aladdin, Cinderella and The Little Mermaid in a figure-skating showcase that also features Dorothy Hamill and Katarina Witt. Other performers include Ilia Kulik, Todd Sand and Jenni Meno, and musical groups O-Town and SHeDAISY.

A synopsis for Michelle's next Disney special, Michelle Kwan: Princess on Ice, from clicktv: Olympian Michelle Kwan takes to the ice as a fairy-tale princess. Featuring performances by Katarina Witt and Dorothy Hamill.

In her online chat, Michelle did mention that Ilia Kulik, Dorothy Hamill, Katarina Witt and Meno & Sand would be in the special. The special airs Saturday, January 20 from 8-9 on ABC, just before the ladies long program from Nationals.

A confirmation on the date of Michelle's new Disney special, titled "Michelle Kwan-Princess on Ice." According to an article about O-Town, Michelle's next Disney special will be on January 20. Since the ladies long program for Nationals is on ABC from 9-11 night, it is possible that Michelle's special would be on at 8. As I wrote about earlier, the special is possibly being taped this week.
Possible news about Michelle's next Disney special. Lisa e-mailed me about a chat Elvis Stojko had recently, where he was asked about his upcoming schedule:

Jacen: What are you doing after Improv-ice?

SPEAKER_Elvis_Stojko: Pro-Am competition on the 10th ..Going to LA for a Disney show with Michele Kwan and then a Christmas show at our rink in Astin called IceWorks.

I am assuming that by "going to LA for a Disney show" means that he is going to LA to tape Michelle's next Disney special, which is probably the show I wrote about earlier. Since the IceWorks show is on the 16th, that means the Disney special will be taped sometime between December 11 and 15. I'll let you know when I get anymore info (Thanks Lisa!)

Last updated March 21, 2001

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