According to the USFSA's site, Michelle will be competing at the ABC Sports International Figure Skating Challenge on December 13 in Auburn Hills, Michigan. For more information, check out the USFSA press release.

Info on Michelle's first competition of the season, the 2002 Campbell's International Figure Skating Classic. As always, won't post the results until it's shown on TV, though you won't have to wait too airs Sunday on ABC (be sure to check your local listings though. In my area, Philadelphia, it won't be shown until 12:05am Monday morning!)

First, a great quote from Michelle. In the AP article from after the competition, Michelle was quoted as saying, "I feel really good right now. If I keep up this schedule, and the hard work and dedication, I'll be at nationals."

Now onto the competition...Michelle skated last, and wore a lemon yellow (or lime green, depending on reports) costume. I wonder if it's the same practice costume that she wore at the Olympics? I guess we'll see. Also, the biggest news is that Michelle skated to a new program, which contained the music Concerto de Aranjuez by Joaquin Rodrigo.

Janice from MKF was at the event, and sent telephone reports to Kwadruple, who then posted reports on MKF. Here's what Kwadruple posted about Michelle's program:

The program is new, and from what I can hear, it is all spanish, and at least part of it is from Concerto de Aranjuez. It has mostly violin and guitar playing the whole time. Janice says it has a very innovative footwork sequence with lots of directional changes.

In the same thread, ladyvuitton later posted the following:

I talked to Janice and confirmed about MK's music piece. Janice talked to Michelle and asked her what was her music this evening (this is after the show ... while signing autographs). Michelle said that her music is from [Red Violin] soundtrack but not from the movie. I guess ... coming from Michelle herself ... the info is definitely ... definitely true.

I then found this link that lists the piece, Red Violin (from Rodorigo "Concerto de Aranjuez"), by Ikuko Kawai. ladyvuitton posted on MKF, "Yes, Heather That's the One. That's the music she used tonight, Heather. MK said it ... so be it. Again, this info came from Janice after talking to Michelle." If this is the case, the Shizuka Arakawa also used this music during the 2000-01 season. Check out a clip of the song!

For more information on the competition, including results, check out the AP Article.

If you missed the debut of Michelle's new program, Concerto de Aranjuez, you can watch it online! Download the real video clip of the program, from MaryJo's site (you have to scroll down to get the link.) Only attempt this if you have a fast connection...the video is about 84MB!

Big news! Michelle will be competiting in Campbell's International Figure Skating Classic, which takes place on October 5 in Daytona Beach, Florida. For more information, check out the article Kwan Added to Campbell's International Figure Skating Classic.
Last updated November 3, 2003

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