Michelle is the 1999 US National Champion! Check out 1999 Nationals articles, and then check out these pictures:

If you don't want to wait until Friday to watch the ladies short program on ESPN, then check out the results for the ladies short program. There are also many articles in the 1999 Nationals articles section. For the long program, Michelle will skate 16th, 2nd in the final group.
In the article Pennington second after first day, it says that Michelle has been working on the triple Lutz-triple loop and triple salchow-triple loop combinations! But, it says she will only try the triple toe/triple toe at Nationals.
Nationals have begun! Michelle was not at the first ladies practice.
Michelle will skate 15th out of 20 skaters in the short program at Nationals! Check out the full skate order.
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Photo Jay Adeff