Hope you caught the exhibitions on Sunday afternoon. Michelle skated to Fields of Gold. I honestly can never get enough of that program! If you missed it, check out Moyesii's real video clip of the program, which is about 38MB, and hosted on MaryJo's site. Thanks so much Moyesii for getting all of Michelle's programs up online so fast this weekend!

Be sure to check out my Nationals articles page and my Links to Outside Photos section, since I updated both with more Nationals pics and articles! Also, check out amethystbatgirl's screencaptures from Nationals.

Congratulations to Michelle on her seventh National title! I only have one word to describe her performance Aranjuez: Effortless! One of Michelle's best performances ever. I'm still so excited about how she skated, and the fact that she won is just icing on the cake. :) Once again, congrats Michelle! Good luck at Worlds! Check out the ladies free skate and final results for full scores and ordinals.

Did you somehow miss Michelle's skate of Aranjuez at Nationals? Then check out Moyesii's real video clip of Aranjuez at Nationals! It's about 38MB, but well worth it! Moyesii also made another real video clip of The Feeling Begins, this one from the ABC feed (so no annoying ESPN2 bar on the bottom of the screen!) You can also find all these clips on Cruella De Kwan's site (scroll down.)

Check out many articles from Nationals on my Nationals article page. Also, check out the following pictures from Michelle's long program and of her on the podium:

Don't forget that the exhibitions take place Sunday afternoon, and will be shown later that day on ABC. Check out my TV schedule for more info. I wonder what program she'll skate to...will she skate to Fields of Gold, or have a new exhibition program?

Select ladies short programs will air during the ABC broadcast on Saturday. But if you missed it, check out Moyesii's real video clip of the program, which is about 20MB. You can find the clip on Cruella De Kwan's site (scroll down.)

As I wrote yesterday, for the long program, Michelle skates first in the final group. Check out the full long program skate order. Don't forget to watch the long program live on TV Saturday night!

The Dallas News also has a small article about what the skaters do about receiving stuffed animals at Nationals. The article, Suitcases stuffed with stuffed animals (scroll down), may contain some spoilers. Michelle is quoted in the article as saying, "I usually pack as light as I can so I have space to bring all the stuffed animals back."

Also, the article, "Kwan, Cohen and Hughes quite a trio," says that Michelle is now training in Paramount, California.

The short program at Nationals took place Thursday night. As always, I won't post the results here in case you want to wait until it's shown on TV on Friday. Michelle skated to The Feeling Begins, and had a new costume! Check out the ladies short program results! Then, check out the following pictures, articles, and reports of Michelle from the short program :

In the long program, Michelle skates first in the final group (yes, yet again!), Sasha skates 4th, and Sarah skates last.

The Dallas News also has a small article about Michelle's relationship with her former coach Frank Carroll. The article, After split, there are no hard feelings for Kwan (scroll down), may contain some spoilers. Here's the part about Michelle:

At events such as the U.S. Championships, four-time world champion Michelle Kwan's path crosses that of Frank Carroll the longtime coach she dismissed just months before the Salt Lake City Olympics. "We're still friends," Kwan said. "I gave him a Christmas gift. Ten years don't just go down the tubes." Scott Williams now coaches Kwan, who won a bronze medal at the 2002 Olympics, where she skated coachless.
Michelle had her first practice at Nationals on Wednesday. Her short program practice went well. In her long program practice, her runthrough for Aranjuez had the following jump pattern: 3L, 3Z/2T, 3F, 2A, 3S, 3T/2T 3Z (fallout), 3T.

HeatherC (sending reports from Dawn) reported on the Sale & Pelletier board (link contains spoilers) that "Dawn went into gushmode talking about Michelle's SP. She said and I quote, 'If she skates her SP clean, no one can beat her. It is *that* good!' Wow....I am SOOO happy to hear that! She had a pretty decent practice today too. She said the LP she isn't so sure about right now (seems to be lacking in something still, not sure what) but that could all change before Saturday. She was encouraged by her practice." taf2002 wrote the following report on the MK Forum (be sure to look through the whole thread, which also contains spoilers): "Aranjuez-3r, 3z/2t, 3f, 2a, 3s, 3t/2t, 3z(fallout), 3T. This wasn't a complete run-through. She did her flying camel but left out most of her spins and all of her in-betweens. She looked very fast and powerful. She worked very hard the entire practice. She got by far the most applause. She was wearing black pants and long-sleeved shirt and her hair was down with the top pulled back in a ponytail."

Check out some articles from Nationals (warning, articles may contain spoilers of other events.) Also, check out the following pictures from Michelle's first practice session at Nationals:

The short program takes place Thursday night, airs Friday night on ESPN. For more information, check out my TV Schedule.

Lots of fun stuff for Nationals on the DallasNews.com website. This includes a Michelle wallpaper (800x600 and 1024x768), a Michelle "autograph card," a Nationals screensaver, Nationals "trading cards," and skating online postcards. Go and check out the special section!
2003 Nationals start this week! The short program is on Thursday, and the long program is on Saturday, which will be shown live on TV. The draw for the short program skate order took place on Saturday Jan 11. Michelle will skate first in the last group, or 16th out of 21 skaters. Check out the full skate order.
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