Michelle is the 2000 US National champion! Again, Michelle wasn't at her best, falling on a triple loop and not doing the 3x toe/3x toe combo, but she had enough to win. Hopefully she'll perform the perfect performance of Red Violin we all want to see at Worlds. :) Here are some pictures, articles, and movies from the long program:

Unfortunately, Michelle is in third place after the short program, due to a fall on the triple toe. She is still in position to win Nationals, though, if she wins the long program. The long program will be on live from 9-11 Saturday night. Check my TV schedule for more info. Here is the skate order for the final group in the long program:

  1. Sarah Hughes
  2. Angela Nikodinov
  3. Michelle Kwan
  4. Andrea Gardiner
  5. Sasha Cohen
  6. Naomi Nari Nam
Check out this mpg video of Michelle talking in the post skate press conference. Also, here are some pictures and articles from the short program:

Good luck to Michelle in the long program!

Michelle had a press conference from Nationals on Wednesday, February 9 where her deal with Chevrolet was announced. She also spoke about school, and having to "up the ante" among other things. Check out quotes from the press conference, plus the following pictures and clips from the press conference:

The article, Goebel seeks a little normalcy amid the chaos, states that Michelle will be arriving at Nationals late Tuesday because she had a midterm on Monday.

Also, Angela is attending Nationals, and has offered to do daily reports from the competition for my Nationals site, so be sure to check back!

Nationals start Sunday, Feb 6! Check out my 2000 Nationals page with articles, pictures, etc that will be updated throughout the week. I may be getting some daily reports, but it's not definite. Check back just in case! Also, there are several links to other's daily Nationals reports on my Nationals main page.

Already, the draw for the skating order has taken place. Michelle skates 12th out of 20 skaters. Here is the order for the top 4 skaters from last year:

No. Name
1 Angela Nikodinov
3 Naomi Nari Nam
12 Michelle Kwan
17 Sarah Hughes

Check out the full ladies short program starting order

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