A fanlisting is a place for fans of a certain subject to come together, and build the biggest listing of people, from all around the world, who are fans of that subject. I have several Michelle related fanlistings up. Check them out, and if you are a fan, join!

Michelle Kwan's Fields of Gold Fanlisting
Online since June 25, 2002. Probably my favorite, and most involved, fanlisting of those I've done. Besides, who isn't a fan of Fields of Gold?

Michelle Kwan's Rachmaninoff fanlisting
I do this fanlisting with my friend, Grace. It's been up since March 16, 2002

Figure Skating fanlisting
My first fanlisting, online since December 20, 2001. Over 680 members from over 50 countries listed! There, you can list your favorite figure skater.

Also, you can join the following Michelle related fanlistings done by others online:

Michelle Kwan fanlisting by teresa

Michelle Kwan's East of Eden Fanlisting by Melanie

Michelle Kwan's Winter Fanlisting by teresa

Michelle Kwan's Dante's Prayer Fanlisting by Prue

Michelle Kwan's Aranjuez Fanlisting by teresa

Last updated August 12, 2003

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